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Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins in Right Direction

1. Red Sox:

* This Drew thing is insane – he is on pace for 120 games, which is $75,000 per
* Did JD give him a list of movie houses and lunch spots to frequent while on the DL
* Daniel Nava has an incredible seven assists already (I presume they are all outfield)
* Gomes and Napoli separated at birth

2. Jose Iglesias:

Iglesias is hitting .403 in his first 150 at bats. How did Red Sox greats do in their first 150 at bats of their best year?

Wade Boggs (1985)……….43-152 = .282 (finished .368)
Nomar (2000)……………….56-152 = .368 (finished .372)

3. Wimbledon:

* Great game to end the men’s final on Sunday
* How about the BBC calling women’s champ, Marion Bartolo, “not a looker”
* Wimbledon on my bucket list

4. NHL hockey:

* Why Columbus Blue Jackets stink (what a terrible name) – 22 points in 43 games for Nathan Horton and they hand him $37mm (that’s million dollars for a guy one concussion away from the clown room)
* Bruins significantly better with defense depth, Erickson and Igilna
* Amazing story by Steve Harris in Herald about Seguin being locked in hotel room with security trapping him in
* Seguin is going to rue the day he didn’t play well enough to play in Boston for longer

5. Around the MLB:

* The 13 top players in errors are either a shortstop or third baseman (Pedro Alvarez has 15 errors to lead)
* Catcher Jeff Mathis has thrown out 11 of 18 would-be stealers
* Aceves is leading baseball with 2 balks
* Matt Holiday has hit into 22 double plays and has a chance to break Rice’s record of 36
* Yankees are 48-40 but are third to last in runs
* Six MLB teams are playing below .350 baseball on the road – they should lose hotel benefits until they win at least 40%

6. Hernandez:

Amazing to see how much investigators are sharing with the media on the Hernandez case:

* Leaked Ortiz is talking to get the second guy to flip on Hernandez
* Leaked the W Hotel receipt to get the fiancée mad and flip on her honey
* Guy with face shot talking to grand jury – yikes

7. Amazing Stat:

How much money has Scott Boras cost Jacoby Ellsbury by not leveraging 2011 for a new contract or trade:

2011 – 212 hits / 32 HR / 105 RBI / 119 runs / 39 SB
2012 – 82 hits / 4 HR / 26 RBI / 43 runs / 14 SB
2013 (pace) – 193 hits / 4 HR / 52 RBI / 99 runs / 65 SB

8. Just a Little Bit Outside primer:

Best seaport towns in Massachusetts but not on the Cape:

1. Scituate
2. Newburyport
3. Cohasset
4. Marblehead
5. Duxbury
6. Manchester by the Sea
7. Swampscott
8. Nahant
9. Rockport
10. Salem

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac outsold the Eagles Hotel California – 40mm album to 32mm album

10. Randomocity:

* Wicked hot this weekend – lot of people with sunburns
* How about Rondo and two protected first round picks to Houston for Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik (who is demanding trade)
* Look out for the best long distance runner since Prefontaine – Mary Cain of Bronxville
* Captain Crunch under-rated
* Now’s you can’t leave!

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