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Connelly’s Top Ten: Spoiled by Brady, Red Sox Second Half, Celtics Lack of Pedigree

Jose Iglesias (Boston Herald Photo by Matthew West)

1. Red Sox second half questions:

* Can Iglesias hit .240 the rest of the year, which is good enough?
* Never mind 200 innings… can Buchholz throw 140?
* Jon Lester for Garza and prospect
* Can Big Papi stay healthy?
* Will the Drew family buy stock in ice bags and ace bandages?
* What deal will Ben pull off?
* Ellsbury story – I would trade him and get value
* Any way Nava even approaches 80 RBI for season?
* Can they repair the bullpen? (Papelbon?)

2. How about some Tom Brady fun facts:

* Other than 2008, Tom Brady hasn’t missed a regular season game since he took over Drew Bledsoe.
* Over the last five years (not counting 2008) – TB has thrown 187 touchdowns in 80 games
* In 2010, he threw 4 interceptions in 492 attempts
* In 2009, in 565 attempts he was only sacked 16 times
* Over the last nine seasons he has averaged 13 wins a season
* The last two years he has thrown for 10,062 yards which would be 174th in NFL history for a career

3. Not great pedigree on Celtic roster – their individual draft position:

Jeff Green 5th
Chris Wilcox 8th
Kelly Olynyk 13th
Kris Humphries 14th
Avery Bradley 19th
Rajon Rondo 21st
Jared Sullinger 21st
Fab Melo 22nd
Courtney Lee 22nd
Gerard Wallace 25th
Marshon Brooks 25th
Jordan Crawford 27th
Brandon Bass 35th
Keith Bogans 46th
Colton Iverson 55th
Shavlik Randolph – not drafted

4. NBA team with most championships in a decade back to 1970’s

* 1950’s = Lakers – 4
* 1960’s = Celtics – 9
* 1970’s = Celtics and Knicks – 2
* 1980’s = Lakers – 5
* 1990’s = Bulls – 6
* 2000’s = Lakers – 4

5. Mariano Rivera:

Someone explain to me the logic of Mariano Rivera not pitching the 9th inning in the All Star game, save opportunity or not? – the 8th inning isn’t a save opportunity

6. Top ten most pennants by a manager:

1. John McGraw……..10
2. Casey Stengal……..10
3. Joe McCarthy……..9
4. Connie Mack………9
5. Walter Alston……..7
6. Tony La Russa………6
7. Harry Wright………6
8. Joe Torre…………….6
9. Miller Huggins……..6
10. Bobby Cox…………5

7. Amazing Stat:

British Open fun fact: Tom Morris (greenskeeper) won the Open in 1867 at age 46 – his son Tom Jr. won the next year, 1868, at age 17

8. Old School:

Marty Barrett had a .514 OBP in the World Series in 35 plate appearances

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Johnny Manziel is having a whole lot of fun – imagine if these guys played sports during this age of cell phones and social media:

* Joe Namath
* Ken Stabler
* Max McGee
* Eddie Shack
* Dave Shultz
* Marvin Barnes
* Derek Sanderson

10. Randomocity:

* I know British Open isn’t at St. Andrews, but it’s on my bucket list
* Have I mentioned traffic lately
* I wonder if Brooklyn has a seismograph for Paul Pierce’s buzzer beater brick jobs? (love how some fans are already exaggerating his clutch-ness)
* John Henry good points on EEI – talking about pace of the game and his opinion for either DH in both or pitcher hit in both
* Should Steve Grogan’s number be retired?
* Speaking of WEEI – paper the other day said it was a blowout in ratings by Sports Hub and questioned the decisions being made over there (I presume he is talking about Salk)
* Rest in Peace Top Ten reader Michael B. – Centre Street won’t be the same without you!

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Spoiled by Brady, Red Sox Second Half, Celtics Lack of Pedigree”

  1. Michael, if Rivera doesn’t pitch 8th, NL takes the lead in the bottom of the inning, AL gets shut down in the top of the 9th, Rivera never pitches in New York in his final all-star appearance. That’s why Leyland played it safe and put No. 42 in for the 8th inning. Also allowed for the empty field run-in after Neil Diamond. It was done right.
    Also, I wouldn’t touch Papelbon and his declining K rate and inability to protect one-run leads – look it up – with a barge pole.
    Like the Lester-Garza deal, though.

    REPLY – MPC – Good help on Rivera

    Posted by Vermont k | July 19, 2013, 8:41 am
  2. No on Papelbon. Watched him pitched vs the White Sox, and he didn’t get above 92 mph on his fastball. His best years are behind him.

    Will Buchholz throw another pitch this year? I’m thinking Boston grabs another starter and a bullpen arm (righty)and a backup infielder come trading deadline.

    Marty Barrett also made the last out in the 1986 World Series.

    Vermontk explained what you need to know about Rivera. It’s just that simple. Leyland did the right thing.

    Johnny Football will not last the entire season.He’ll take too many hits. He will get hurt. Guaranteed! You heard it hear first.

    REPLY – MPC – Johnny Football might not get out of the tailgates / good point on Barrett last at bat – I can still see Orosco throwing his glove in the air / Interesting on Papelbon – then who?

    Posted by Brian | July 19, 2013, 9:23 am
  3. MPC,

    Crain from the White Sox? Tigers are in the hunt for a closer as well. Dombrowski(Detroit GM) one of the best when it comes to adding pieces to his team in late July.

    Tazawa concerns me. Looks like a different pitcher lately.

    REPLY – MPC – Dombroski has done a great job

    Posted by Brian | July 19, 2013, 11:05 am

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