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Connelly’s Top Ten: Heat Wave Ovah!

1. Red Sox vs. Yankees:

* Game times 2:55 / 3:12 / I’m going to bed its heading toward 4 hours
* Dempster is Just Another Guy as Bill Parcells would say (5.1 inning is not enough)
* Nice of Stephen Drew to make an appearance – he’s used up his medical deductible with Blue Cross I bet
* Sox looking at Peavy
* Great play by Yankee catcher Chris Stewart leaping in the stands Saturday looking like Carlton Fisk
* If Jonny Gomes had better hand and eye coordination he would hit .300 with his quick and short to the ball swing

2. British Open:

* Big finish for Phil
* From ESPN – Tiger over last six majors: 11 under first two rounds / 23 over the second two rounds
* More from ESPN – Tiger in Majors from 2005-2011: 60 under last two rounds / 29 weekend rounds under par from 2005-2011 – 2 from 2011-2013
* Lee Westwood looked fat
* Ian Poulter looked like a bill board or race car with all the endorsements he was wearing
* Was it me or was the crowd scarce?

3. Contestants since the Home Run Derby (other than David Wright):

* Cespedes (hurt)
* Cuddeyer (3-10)
* Harper 3-12
* Davis 3-13 (hurt)
* Alvarez 0-13
* Cano 4-10
* Fielder 4-12

**** That’s 16-69 (.223) with 0 HR’s

4. Around MLB:

* Mets at home – 19-28 home / away 24-23
* See Matt Kemp get hurt dogging it?
* Eric Bedard pulled a Summer Catch
* Astros on pace for 105 losses

5. Some attendance numbers from Saturday night:

* Red Sox 37,601
* Major League Soccer Saturday averaged 23,873
* Pawtucket 8,943 / Portland 5,599
* WNBA averaged 6,936

6. Most overpaid players from Forbes list of Top 50 Paid Athletes:

8. David Beckham – $47.2mm
18. A Rod – $30.3mm
24. Tony Romo – $28.8mm
32. Dale Earnhardt – $26mm
34. Johan Santana – $25.5mm
36. Derek Jeter – $25.4mm
38. Dwayne Bowe – $24.9mm
39. Josh Hamilton – $24.7mm
45. Vincent Jackson $23.4mm
47. Cliff Lee – $22.9mm
47. Mark Teixeira – $22.9mm
49. Cole Hamels – $22.7mm
50. Matt Schaub – $22.3mm

7. Amazing Stats:

From George Will’s book Men at Work, on September 12, 1984, 19 year old Dwight Gooden struck out 16 Pirates on 120 pitches of which only 28 were balls (no three ball counts).

8. Old School:

Twenty one Red Sox have hit at least .300 with over 1,500 at bats: Surprising on that list – Reggie Jefferson at .316 / surprising not on that list – Jim Rice, Dom DiMaggio, Bobby Doerr

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Summer injuries and afflictions:

* Stub toes running in bear feet
* Sunburns – back of legs and top of feet worst
* Water in the ear
* Bug bites
* Poison Ivy
* Allergies
* Burn hands on steering wheel

10. Randomocity:

* Remember punks as a kid / Flashlight tag / kick the can / home when street lights come on / sledding on streets / hydrants open / ice cream truck meant something / sprinklers on / water from bubbler at fields was like heaven / riding your bike / automatics / off the wall / new pack of baseball cards………
* Hottest week I can remember
* Favorite sports books: Final Rounds / Junction Boys / Season on the Brink
* Don’t get the Dos Equis commercial campaign – I rarely drink beer but when I do…. Why have a guy that isn’t a beer drinker pushing your beer?

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Heat Wave Ovah!”

  1. Fans need to help out Pedroia and make sure Stewart doesn’t make that catch.

    Poor baserunning by the Red Sox on Saturday and it cost them a game.

    Put a fork in the Yankees, they’re done. NY has a lineup of outs. Cano is the only real threat. Girardi doing a good job.

    Sabathia looked 40 years old last night. Throwing meatballs.

    AL East is a three team race. TB is the most complete team among the three.

    REPLY – MPC – I think Tampa has a terrible lineup – Toronto most complete unless Baltimore goes and gets a #2 / good point – imagine a fan could bat that ball away

    Posted by Brian | July 22, 2013, 11:37 am
  2. TB has a terrible lineup? Are you serious?

    Toronto..most complete team? No way. Their pitching is suspect.

    If the Orioles got a solid starter, I’ll go with them as division champs. If they don’t, TB wins that division.

    REPLY – MPC – Lot of holes in that lineup and they are getting it done

    Posted by Brian | July 26, 2013, 8:19 am

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