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Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Phone in Series Win

David Ortiz

1. Red Sox:

* If I was Pedroia, I would be furious with Ortiz for his crybaby act the other night – he should be suspended (If Yaz did 5% of what Ortiz has done he would be booed out of Fenway)
* In honor of Ortiz – New Edition had a great song – Mr. Telephone Man
* Red Sox on pace for 96 wins
* I would have traded Stephen Drew when he stepped on home plate with his second home run Saturday
* Inglesias is hitting .208 in July
* Ortiz, Ellsbury, Gomes and Napoli are hitting 25-47 with the bases loaded
* Red Sox nine hitter, including pitchers, are hitting a combined .253
* Relievers are 18-13
* Felix Dubront was 3-1 in July

2. Patriots:

* The Patriots drafted two wide receivers in 2013 – the last time they did that and the players made the roster it was 1993:

Rookie Year Vincent Brisby – 45 receptions / 626 yards / 2 tD
Rookie Year Troy Brown – 2 receptions / 22 yards

3. Celtics:

I hope we’re not going here – for the eight seasons from 1993 to 2001 the Celtics average record was 30-52

4. Bruins:

In every Bruins career record category, only one current Bruins player is in the top ten of any: Patrice Bergeron is 10th in shots with 1,557 – top nine:

1. Bourque – 5,947
2. Esposito – 3,224
3. Orr – 2,722
4. Middleton – 2,010
5. Neely – 1,810
6. Hodge – 1,778
7. Cashman – 1,745
8. Bucyk – 1,723
9. Glen Murray – 1,583

5. Paulina Gretzky:

Golfer Dustin Johnson was ranked 11th in the world rankings in 2012 – since dating Paulina Gretzky, he’s at 25th

6. Around the MLB:

* With the winning run on second in the ninth, Tampa walked Jeter to set up a double play – if that is your approach then you have to bring in a 5th infielder – Yankees and Blue Jays won on Sunday on weak ground balls
* Miguel Cabrera over his last two years (projecting through end of this year: .341 avg / 90 HR / 293 RBI
* On Saturday there were seven shutouts in baseball with an average time of 2:45
* Cubs still have to pay $20mm + for Alfonzo Soriano and only got a below average prospect?
* Oakland is 11-1 vs Houston
* When was the last time that the Royals (51-51) and Pirates (61-42) were not under .500

7. Amazing Stats:

Is Joe Maddon doing the greatest coaching job in baseball history in Tampa Bay:

* Record with Maddon (8 years) – 647-591 (.523%)
* Record before Maddon (8 years) – 518-775 (.391%)

* Also note Maddon was 127-197 in his first two years meaning the last six he is 520-394

8. Old School:

NFL completion % on the turn of each decade

2010 – 60.8%
2000 – 58.2%
1990 – 56.0%
1980 – 56.2%
1970 – 51.1%
1960 – 50.2%
1950 – 46.6%
1940 – 42.9%
1932 – 35.6%

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

General George Patton reclaimed and liberated over 10,000 miles of Europe in 1944-1945.

10. Randomocity:

* See the crazy video of Jack Nicklaus’ grandson being hit while on his motorcycle into a bus?
* Can movies get any worse?
* Eighteen year old Revolution striker Diego Fagundez now has 7 goals
* No way Johnny Manziel makes it to his junior year (thrown out of a Texas frat party this week)
* Carrie Underwood’s rendition of How Great Thou Art has had 19,314,342 hits on Youtube
* Before the previews the other night at the movies – there was an advertisement for Burials at Sea
* Amazing how much money Fox is pouring into soccer
* According to Wikipedia – American Idol has generated $6.4 billion in the first eight years

PS – Road race coming up 9/22 inside Franklin Park Zoo with some of the proceeds going to the Blanket Fund – will bring you more details

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4 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Phone in Series Win”

  1. * I would have traded Stephen Drew when he stepped on home plate with his second home run Saturday
    * Inglesias is hitting .208 in July

    Um, maybe you don’t do the first thing because of the second thing? Iglesias is coming back to earth fast, Drew might well be a better option at SS for the rest of the season, with Bogaerts at 3B.

    Also it is weird to see Fox backing soccer so big because of the political angle: Hugely popular sport for immigrants, and the in the bigger picture Fox ownership is not too immigrant-friendly.

    REPLY – MPC – Kids in Connecticut love soccer

    Posted by Vermont k | July 29, 2013, 9:01 am
  2. Nick O’Leary is lucky he didn’t get seriously hurt or killed.

    Agree about adding the 5th infielder, especially when you have speed on second (Ichiro). Any ball in the outfield, he’ll score easily.

    Not only is Maddon doing a solid job, the Rays’ front office is one of the best in the game. Great trades, pickups, etc.

    Prediction for tonight: Lavarnway goes deep!

    Iglesias not hitting and not drawing any walks. He has returned to earth, but his glove is top notch.

    I have mixed feelings about Drew. Solid glove at short. I think his bat will get cranking. Just a hunch.

    Not sure about Nava moving forward.

    REPLY – MPC – Iglesias love the trade high value / Lavarnway I will hold on that prediction / crazy motor cycle accident

    Posted by Brian | July 29, 2013, 9:51 am
  3. i certainly don’t want them to be there for 8 seasons, but everyone should be rooting for the Cs to be horrible the next 2 years. if they end up 40-42 and an 8 seed, it is without question worse than sucking full-time and getting a high draft pick.

    agree on papi. that flipout was an all-timer and a low moment. he should certainly be grateful the club brought in guys like napoli and gomes, who easily made light of the situation yesterday.

    REPLY – MPC – Ortiz is a selfish guy – evidence is there / Celts could be ugly but I’m predicting 40 wins

    Posted by tronburger | July 29, 2013, 9:58 am
  4. – Papi – Roid rage?

    – I’d take that trade-off if I’m Dustin Johnson.

    REPLY – MPC – Never seen a golfer smile so much

    Posted by Mike | July 29, 2013, 10:51 am

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