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Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Magic?

Red Sox

1a. Could this be one of those Magical years?

* Yet another walkoff
* Gomes has kept his mouth shut about at bats and keeps helping this team
* Victorino was pissed at Drew telling him to slide at the plate with no throw to the plate
* Someone is going to get hurt in one of those walkoff celebrations and shirt ripoffs
* Felix Hernandez got “Slocumb-ed”
* Holt Has 9 RBI in twelve games
* Matches Mother’s Day Miracle

1b. Most Electric Boston Sports Performers:

1. Bobby Orr
2. Pedro
3. Luis Tiant
4. Cousy
5. Doug Flutie
6. Marvin Hagler
7. Rondo
8. Nomar
9. Rick Middleton
10. Robbie Ftorek

Honorable Mention – Mack Herron, Danny Ainge, Papelbon, Irving Fryar

2. BJ Upton:

Since his break out playoff series against the Red Sox (.321 / 4 HR / 11 RBI), Upton is hitting .234 (588 / 2,506) with 748 strikeouts, or one every 3 at bats.

3. Pedro Alavarz and Chris Davis figuring out how to hit????

* Pedro Alvarez – 4th year age 26 – at bats per HR last three years 2011 – 58.8 / 2012 – 17.5 / 2013 – 13.3
* Chris Davis – 6th year age 27 – at bats per HR last five years 2010 – 120 / 2011 – 39.8 / 2012 – 15.6 / 2013 – 10.2

4. Awards by juicers update:

Now that Ryan Braun is a punk drug abuser and Matt Kemp wants the MVP – what other rumored juicers won MVP and who was voted second:

* 1986 – Roger Clemens (Mattingly)
* 1988 – Jose Canseco (Greenwell)
* 1990 – Barry Bonds (Bonilla)
* 1992 – Barry Bonds (Pendleton)
* 1993 – Barry Bonds – (Dykstra user)
* 1995 – Mo Vaughn (Albert Belle)
* 1996 – Juan Gonzalez (A Rod user)
* 1996 – Ken Caminiti (Piazza??)
* 1998 – Sammy Sosa (Mark McGwire – user)
* 1998 – Juan Gonzalez (Nomar)
* 1999 – Ivan Rodriguez (Pedro)
* 2000 – Jason Giambi – (Frank Thomas)
* 2001 – Barry Bonds (Sosa – user)
* 2002 – Barry Bonds (Pujols)
* 2002 – Miguel Tejada (A Rod – user)
* 2003 – A Rod (Carlos Delgado)
* 2003 – Barry Bonds (Pujols)
* 2004 – Barry Bonds (Sheffield – user)
* 2005 – A Rod (David Ortiz – user)
* 2007 – A Rod (Magglio Ordonez)
* 2011 – Ryan Braun (Matt Kemp)

5. Buchholz-Tiant:

In Seven seasons – Clay Buchholz has thrown 720 innings (6 complete games) / in four seasons (1973-1976) Luis Tiant threw 1,132 innings (87 complete games)

6. How about in honor of Clay Buchholz – softest players in Boston sports history:

1. Tony Eason (what a polar opposite from Grogan)
2. JD Drew and family
3. Out of Service Pervis Ellison
4. Gronk
5. Edelman
6. Patrick Pass
7. Ras I Dowling
8. Peter McNabb

7. Amazing Stat:

Getting bang for their buck?

Luis Tiant (1975) – Threw 260 innings which means that he was paid $711 an inning ($185,000)
Clay Buchholz (2013) – on pace to throw 125 innings, which means he would be paid $44,000 an inning ($5.5mm)

8. Old School:

What made the 99-win 1978 Red Sox fun as a fan is that you were invested in the players as part of the team and not mercenaries that wore the uniform (similar to this year’s Bruins) – Number of years the starters were with the team:



9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Reggie Lewis Documentary by CSN:

* Good effort for a local station – professional production
* Bizzare no gravestone at site
* Didn’t know that Reggie’s son has a difibulator inserted in his heart already
* Good interviews with Jackie McMullan, Bob Ryan, Mugsy Bogues
* He was crazy active with more energy than I had ever seen him in that game he collapsed

10. Randomocity:

* I’m putting director John Hughes in my top ten to have beers with (dead or alive Churchill #1 / Michael Collins #2)
* Everyone had Patriot Armond Armstead in Canton and he can’t get on the field
* Best Eagles song – I Can’t Tell You Why
* That clown Clemens comes into town like he’s welcome?
* By the way – the Red Sox could only get 5 players back from Morgan Magic? No Benzinger, Kevin Romine,
* Underrated 70’s bank Ambrosia
* Who was a better GM – Dick O’Connell or Danny Ainge?
* If the recent steroid news proves anything is that Major League baseball testing ISN’T working – none of them tested positive but they were all using
* Why doesn’t WEEI hire back Ordway at a lower dollar number and put him with Neumeir and hire back Dale and put him with Holley and try to salvage something?
* Papelbon – 6th blow save
* RIP Boomer!

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8 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Sox Magic?”

  1. in what terms do you define “soft”? i only ask because i truly don’t think gronk is mentally soft, as you could make the case of for the ilk of the drews, buchholz, never nervous pervis and tony eason.

    gronk’s body is clearly somewhat brittle, but i do think he’s tough. he played in that SB and gave them pretty much everything he had with a severe ankle injury. he missed the ravens game because his arm broke. i mean, these aren’t “soft” injuries… a la buchholz’s, what… stiff neck???

    that clemens thing was really strange. like… so under the radar odd… then he gives a press conference??? bizarre move by Sox allowing him a forum.

    REPLY – MPC – I agree on your Gronk thoughts – soft is a stretch in the sense he wants to be out there – problem is is that he isn’t

    Posted by tronburger | August 2, 2013, 8:45 am
  2. Morales broke his leg with the Angels during a walkoff a few years back.

    Boston leads baseball with 11 walkoffs this year.

    Tito and his Tribe are having some exciting wins. Most overlooked team in baseball.

    Braves signed Upton to 75 million/5 years. TB hasn’t missed a beat since he left. In fact, they’re better without him.

    Morgan Magic, insane season. Will Peavy have a Boddicker impact?

    Papelbon rips apart the Phillies organization and then blows another save. Look in the mirror Papelbon.

    REPLY – MPC – Boddicker was great addition worth the Brady Anderson and Schilling / Papelbon in big trouble – he should shut it down for six months / good point on Tampa and Upton

    Posted by Brian | August 2, 2013, 9:08 am
  3. -What’s your definition of “electric?” No Bird?
    -Best Eagles song is an oxymoron.
    -Papelbon 6th blown save. I wonder if someone said “We didn’t sign you for this…”
    -Luis Tiant stats on pitches thrown, innings, thrown, complete games. I cannot get enough of them. My all-time fav, those were the days when ballplayers were ballplayers for me.
    -RIP Boomer indeed. Another throw back guy that I loved!
    -Thanks to Seattle acting Manager Robby Thompson for last night! Can’t recall seeing that before.

    rEPLY – MPC – hope Eric Wedge wasnt watching – Phillies can sure say that / not a huge Eagles fan / you know I love Bird – I think he made the crowd electric with amazing feats but not end to end ice rushes like Orr

    Posted by Orange Julius | August 2, 2013, 9:16 am
  4. Calling Bonds a “rumored juicer” is like calling Lenin a “rumored Communist!”

    Nice to see some of those names on the electric list, and agree with the top two, but I have to say Bird is No. 3.

    REPLY – MPC – Bird I weighed and electric to me was fast and immediatley exciting – I would say Bird’s amazing play made the crowd electric – arguement could be made either way / By the way wasn’t Lenin a Marxist

    Posted by vermont k | August 2, 2013, 9:46 am
  5. Gronk is not soft but he sure is injury prone. He has played through some tough injuries and that isn’t the definition of “soft.” Agree with tronburger, brittle.

    REPLY – MPC – What is the definition – ability to stay on the field? recover fast? Won’t play with injury? All to interpretation – worthy of both sides

    Posted by Brian | August 2, 2013, 9:47 am
  6. 6. Craig Janney

    Posted by Mike | August 2, 2013, 11:05 am
  7. MPC,

    Soft is when someone is able to play but will not take the field, court, ice. Basically comes to do interpretation as you say.

    Posted by Brian | August 2, 2013, 11:11 am
  8. **Liked your electric list.
    – Bird #3
    – Yaz did it all in 67
    – Tony C on his way (hard for position players to make the list)
    – Rondo? What have you done with Michael? He does belong!
    **As a lifelong Boston sports fan but transplanted to Calif I hate that CSNNE blacks out specials like the Reggie Lewis one. I pay for the DTV sports channels. Why not black out Tanquay and give me Reggie. What do they gain by blacking me out?
    **RIP Boomer!

    Posted by mfcurtis | August 2, 2013, 7:16 pm

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