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Connelly’s Top Ten: Tebow Bad, Red Sox Too Long, Franklin Park Zoo Race 9/22

1. Red Sox:

* Dempster not getting thrown out for drilling A-Rod is absurd

* The second inning started at 8:35

* Red Sox have played ONE game under 2:30 this year

* Red Sox haven’t lost more than three games in a row the entire year

* Red Sox are 23-3 against Seattle, Indians, Colorado, San Diego and Houston

* Schilling did a good job in the ESPN booth

* Denzel filming his movie in Boston should be a little more reserved

* It’s 11:05 and the 7th inning – good night

2. Patriots:

* Stats of the three QB’s so far:

Brady: 18-20 / 2 TD – 0 INT / 0 Sacks / QB rating of 135.8
Mallett: – 21-38 / 1 TD / 0 Sacks / Rating of 82.6
Tebow: 5-19 / 0 TD to 1 INT / 3 sacks / 17.7 rating

* Tom Brady getting hurt in pre-season the other day brought back the sick feeling when Larry Bird landed on his back in Marshfield playing with the rookies and costing 33 at least two or three years

* Back to the first scrimmage – the run by LeGarrette Blount is the greatest run in Patriots history

* Six different players with sacks – BRING PRESSURE!

3. Around the MLB:

* The Royals-Tigers game Sunday featured two staring pitchers (Scherzer / Chen) with a combined 23-1 record

* The Royals had their best day in 25 years Friday sweeping the Tigers and then Tejada gets suspended for drugs and they lose two straight

* Burnett with Yankees and after

* Phillies played Dodgers – the two teams combined payroll $375mm

* Oakland played Cleveland Sunday with a combined record of 136-111 and combined payroll of $150mm

* Angels played Houston and they had a difference in payroll $118mm

* Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera have combined for 205 RBI already

* Only one pitcher in baseball will win 20 games this year – Scherzer

* Why would you retire if you are Mariano Rivera – 35 saves

4. Look at the ages of top eight hitters in American League – 6 at least 30 years of age:

Cabrera – 30

Trout – 22

Beltre – 34

Ortiz – 37

Mauer – 30

Loney – 29

Hunter – 38

Peralta – 31

5. Yaz:

Yaz played at least 140 games in 17 of his first 19 seasons

6. Game Times of important Red Sox games:

* Game 7 – 1946: 2:17

* Last game of season vs. Twins 1967 – 2:25

* Game 7 – 1967 – 2:23

* Game 7 – 1975 – 2:52

* Playoff game – 1978 – 2:52

* Game 7 – 1986 – 3:11

* Game 7 vs Yankees – 2003 – 3:56

* Game 4 vs. St. Louis – 2004 – 3:14

* Game 4 vs Colorado – 3:35

7. Old School:

Red Sox pitcher Dick Newsome

* Rookie year was 1941 when he was 31

* Finished 19-10 was 9th in MVP voting

* Next two years was 16-23

* After three years left baseball for the service

* Killed in car accident at 56

8. Amazing Stat:

Red Sox have three pitchers in their history with at least 50 wins / 50 saves:

* Bob Stanley – 115 wins / 132 saves

* Ellis Kinder – 86 wins / 91 saves

* Derek Lowe – 70 wins / 85 saves

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

From – Sports Movies that have won Oscars:

The Fighter / Pride of the Yankees / The Champ / Breaking Away / The Hustler / Chariots of Fire / Jerry McGuire / Rocky / Raging Bull

10. Randomocity:

* I’m not decided in the Boston mayor’s race but did you see the absurd three-pointing shooting by candidate Rob Consalvo

* YouTube Ashton Kutcher’s speech at Teen Choice awards – very strong effort

* Not quite sure why non-Americans were participating in the US Amateurb

* Great event at the Franklin Park Zoo Saturday – Brew in the Zoo with 40 breweries and more than 2,000 people

* Speaking of the Zoo, road race 9/22 with a portion of the benefits going to the Blanket Fund / St. Francis House

* Watched the Bobby V. documentary Pelotero on baseball in Dominican academies – a strong B

* Every time a kids cries during the Little League World Series – ESPN should have to donate $1,000 to a child abuse program

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Tebow Bad, Red Sox Too Long, Franklin Park Zoo Race 9/22”

  1. I wish umps had thrown Dempster out. Sox might have won. Or that Farrell had hooked him when he should have in the sixth, after the ARod homer, or at least when the lefty hitter came up with a runner on first after that. No way should Dempster have faced that batter.

    REPLY – MPC – I remember a day time playoff game against Cleveland and the Sox were lighting up Gooden and he got tossed and the other guy came in and shut them down (Brantley maybe)

    Posted by vermont k | August 19, 2013, 8:37 am
  2. I wish Dempster had not drilled A Rod in the first place. That was wrong.

    REPLY – MPC – Very few reasons to drill a guy

    Posted by Alan | August 19, 2013, 9:34 am
  3. If Dempster is going to throw at ARod because he’s a cheater, doesn’t Dempster have to do that to all the cheaters? Pick and choose mentality, don’t like that.

    If you’re going to throw at him, nail him with the first pitch.

    Ironic that Dempster is involved because he is having a “charity race” with Yankee reliever David Robertson.

    Nunez always running around without his helmet.

    Red Sox get lucky this weekend vs LA, no Kershaw and Grienke.

    Will Beltre make the Hall of Fame? Putting up some big numbers and is tremendous at third.

    I cannot believe the year Loney is having at the plate. I didn’t think he would hit above .280 this year. He has one of the best if not the best road average in baseball.

    REPLY – MPC – I agree on Loney I would have never kept him – Beltre definitely in (juicer?) / Dodgers – Giants is fun tour

    Posted by Brian | August 19, 2013, 12:22 pm

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