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Aaron Hernandez’s Heavy Angel Dust Use Jeapordized his Life

Former Patriot's tight end Aaron Hernandez may have been a heavy angel dust user, jeopardizing everything he has because of the drug.

As the weeks go by, we are learning more and more about the darker side of former Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez. This time, we are learning shocking details about his heavy angel dust use and withdrawal from family and friends. We are also learning about former first class coaches aware of his drug use and even one coach going as far as covering up failed drug tests, according to Rolling Stone. All these factors combined to jeopardize not just his career but his life.

The story, written by Paul Solotaroff, who interviewed Hernandez’s family friends, high school teammates and NFL sources, offered explanations as to why Hernandez immersed himself in a life of drugs and violence despite a luxurious career, eventually leading to his downfall and murder indictment.

According to the article, Hernandez was already in jeopardy of loosing his job with the Patriots even before the murder investigation began due to heavy angel dust use. The drug, also known as PCP, a powerful hallucinogen, resulted in paranoia so severe Hernandez carried a gun with him at all times. As a result of his drug use,  Hernandez cut off relationships with his family and teammates only to surround himself with a “cohort of thugs,” which ultimately factored into his downfall.

Hernandez’s heavy drug also interfered with his professional career as he was just “one misstep from being cut” from the Patriots due to missed practices and “thug-life stunts” that infuriated head coach Bill Belichick.

One coach that supposedly had Hernandez’s back was his college coach, Urban Meyer, who allegedly “helped cover up failed drug tests, along with two violent incidents” during Hernandez’s time with the Florida Gators. Meyer has vehemently refuted those claims in past statements saying he does not feel responsible for any decisions Hernandez made post college and that Hernadnez was subject to the same kind of drug tests as all the other players.

Hernandez was no stranger to drugs as both his parents had criminal records and it has been reported his mom spent time in prison for drugs when he was a child. This type of instability may have set the foundation for poor choices he would later make in life. It seems Hernandez just never could pull his life together to live a positive, productive life.

Hernandez has plead not guilty to first-degree murder and weapons charges in connection to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd back in June. He is being held without bail and waiting for his arraignment set for Sept. 6.

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