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Should Tim Tebow Make the Patriot’s Final 53-Man Roster?

Tim Tebow has done very little to convince the Patriots he deserves to make the team.

Third string quarterback Tim Tebow has received plenty of attention and scrutiny this preseason as a member of the Patriots. As one of the most polarizing players in the league, some are rooting for Tebow to make the team while others are repulsed by the idea of Tebow playing quarterback in the NFL. Now it is decision time for the Patriots and they must decide if Tebow has proven enough during training camp and preseason to earn himself a spot on the final roster.

Should Tebow Make the Patriot’s Final Roster?

Should Tebow make the final 53-man roster? Absolutely not. He did not do enough to solidify his chances of making the team and his preseason numbers back that up. Just taking a look at his preseason statistics, it makes me shiver imagining Tebow running the Patriot offense in a real game (which he will never get a chance to do anyways as long as Brady is healthy). Tebow is not a quarterback because as everyone can see, he simply cannot throw the ball, which is the number one requisite for a successful quarterback in the league.

Tebow foolishly believes he is improving in terms of learning the offense, “understanding more decision making” and getting in rhythm with his teammates. Really? Am I the only one who has not seen this from Tebow? Is my disdain for Tebow blinding me from all his “improvements?” His preseason numbers, however, tell a completely different story.

Tebow’s Terrible Preseason Performances

Just call him Tim Terrible. Tebow had atrocious performances in his first two preseason games (remember his laughable -1 yards against Tampa Bay?) and did not perform much better in the final preseason game. In the three preseason games he played, Tebow was a combined 11 out of 40 for completed passes, with as many interceptions as touchdowns. Out of 115 quarterbacks, Tebow ranked a horrendous 112th in completion percentage and 109th in passer rating, which really comes at no surprise to anyone. He also ranked an awful 89th in pass yards. Are these really the type of numbers the Patriots are looking for in a quarterback? I really hope not.

Tebow did crack the top ten in one category, and that was sacks. He was sacked 8th most in the preseason. A little bit had to do with his offensive line but the majority of the blame belonged to Tebow’s indecision, inability to read defenses and inability to get rid of the ball in time, patting the ball like his life depended on it. On top of his indecision, Tebow cannot throw the ball. He has demonstrated time after time he cannot make an accurate throw on a consistent basis. He overthrew wide open receivers and it seemed he threw the ball to the ground and his opponents more than to his receivers.

It is important to remember that Tebow played against second and third string defenders and his lack of success in the preseason speaks volumes about his quarterbacking abilities, or lack there of.

Could Tebow Actually Make the Team?

As much as I believe Tebow does not deserve to make the team, something in my gut tells me we will be seeing him in a Patriots uniform this season as a bench warmer. As we watched Tebow survive the first cuts to a 75-man roster, my hopes of him being cut from the final roster diminished.

Unfortunately, I believe despite logical reasoning, Tebow will make the Patriot’s final roster cut. It definitely will not be because of his quarterbacking abilities, rather it will be because of his “good kid” persona and character. It seems he has established great relationships with the right personnel as Robert Kraft recently admitted he was “rooting for Tebow” but the decision was ultimately up to coach Bill Belichick, who has also praised Tebow for his hard work.

Advocates of Tebow argue his intangibles for justifying him making the team. They argue his versatility, ability to run the spread option and ability to run as reasons for why Tebow should make the team. Sure, Tebow can run the ball and could be used in situations where he is not required to throw the ball but at the end of the day, the Patriots are looking for a quarterback, not a fullback or tight end, and quarterback is just something Tebow is not.

Then there is the Patriot’s pride. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been the biggest proponent of Tebow, since he was the one that drafted him. It is hard to imagine McDaniels will give up his project in Tebow, even though it has clearly been a failure.

It is time for the Patriots to make the best decision for the team and cut ties with Tebow. The Patriots should just cut their losses and start focusing on the regular season, with two quarterbacks on their roster.

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