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Connelly’s Top Ten: Let the Leaves Fall, Buses Stop and NFL Season Commence

1. Patriots:

* Interesting the Zoltan Mesko change – hats off to him he was working hard in the community
* I’m not giving up on Tebow but he deserved to be cut
* Over – Under for combined games for Edelman and Amendola – 21
* You know Wilfork is starting to depreciate when he starts jumping offsides

2. Red Sox:

* It was tough listening to Don Orsillo trying to laugh at John Rish’s goofy jokes
* The Tigers actually upgraded at shortstop from Jhonny Peralta
* Has Fielder got fat or what
* I think people have grossly overrated Jackie Bradley
* I’m guessing (will work on for Friday) that Stephen Drew has the lowest SS average for Red Sox since Luis Rivera, but is the highest paid

3. College football:

* Long year for Boston College ahead
* Two months after a near fatal motorcycle accident Florida State, tight end Nick O’leary started the season with 3 TD’s
* Manziel will not being playing in college next year – Canada
* Game times of college football now exceed 3.30 – ugh
* Don’t mess with Vegas – Spread for Wisconsin-UMass was 44 – final score 45-0

4. Tony Conigliaro getting hit by pitches:

* Hamilton quote after game: “I’ve not hit anyone all year, I certainly wasn’t throwing at him. I was just trying to get the ball over. Tony stands right on top of the plate”
* Yaz was infuriated with Hamilton after he had heard Hamilton state that Tony C would not get a hit off him
* In 8 at bats vs. Hamilton – Tony C had 2 hits no home runs
* 5/24/64 – Tony hit by Moe Drambowski fracturing his wrist
* 7/26/64 – Tony hit by Pedro Ramos breaking his arm
* 7/28/65 – Tony hit by Wes Stock breaking his hand
* Upon news to his injury girls showed up at Sancta Maria Hospital to hold a vigil
* Before the injury he was hit 20 times in 1,832 at bats / after the injury he was hit 13 times in 1,389 at bats
* Misc – Tony had 5 home runs off Sonny Siebert / 3 off Luis Tiant

5. Bard:

Red Sox ruined Daniel Bard making him a starter.

Look at him in 2011 as reliever – WHIP 0.959 / K to BB 3.08 / 74 K in 73 innings

6. Liverpool:

Don’t look now but the Fighting Henry’s in Liverpool are in first place after upsetting Manchester United this weekend

7. Old School:

In 1964, Dick Radatz had 17 relief appearances of at least 3 innings

8. Amazing Stat:

As the number one pick in the draft in 1982 – Ken Sims signed a $400,000 contract

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

We are lucky fans in New England – the best

* Bobby Orr the greatest hockey player
* Ted Williams the greatest hitter
* Bill Rodgers the greatest marathon runner
* Pedro the greatest pitcher of all time
* Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time
* John Hannah the greatest offensive line man of all time
* Bill Belichick the greatest football coach of all time
* Celtics the greatest decade – 1960’s
* Bill Russell the greatest team player of all time
* Kevin McHale the greatest low post player of all time
* Marvin Hagler the greatest middleweight of all time
* Red Auerbach the greatest coach / administrator of all time
* The Country Club hosted the greatest Ryder Cup
* Game 6 1975 considered by many the greatest baseball game
* 1985 Celtics considered the greatest team of all time
* The Brady- Moss combination was the greatest ever
* The best and longest continousouly run marathon

10. Randomocity:

* Why don’t Ordway, Neumeir, Jason Wolfe, Sean Grande, Dale Arnold defect?
* Good call and amazing run between Beardsley and Salazar in the Duel in the Sun except for horse and motorcycles – go to the 6:50 mark
* Almost ready to do my Top Ten about how wrong I was in my Red Sox predictions
* Wicked muggy
* School buses are back
* Looked like small crowds for PGA tourney in Norton
* US Open Tennis is cool

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Let the Leaves Fall, Buses Stop and NFL Season Commence”

  1. I thought Edgar Rent-an-error was paid over 10 a year and wasn’t Lugo over 10? but agree Drew is not the best. They would do it again, because the unknown was potentially worse. We are the LUCKIEST city and the Greatest

    REPLY – MPC – I know that they paid someone to take Renteria which isn’t a good thing – Lugo too maybe so they were long deals

    Posted by Kevin | September 3, 2013, 11:17 am
  2. Re: “Interesting the Zoltan Mesko change – hats off to him he was working hard in the community.”

    Did anyone think the Pats had a punting problem after last season ended? This move was driven completely by money. They saved $900K by whacking Mesko. Ryan Allen may have a “big leg”, but he did not out-perform Mesko in the pre-season games. Interesting that someone who is supposed to be as fanatically detailed oriented as Belichick, would use a rookie punter as his holder, even though he has never held in his life, including the pre-season that just ended.

    Depending upon who says it, the Pats are under the cap from anywhere from $10M-to-$13M. It’s always said in a matter of fact manner. Where’s the criticism? Brady must be thrilled that he re-worked his deal for this. Theoretically, the Pats had plenty of cash to re-sign Welker, let Edleman walk away, & then sign Amendola if they wanted to (supposedly, he can play on the outside). The window is closing on Brady. What are they waiting for???

    My guess is that “Mr. Kraft” is using the money saved from the team to produce more audition tapes for his “pal”, Ricki Lander. Anyone smell an Oscar?

    REPLY – MPC – I think you are right it was strictly money – he was coming up on contract at end of the year – hope the holding on kicks isn’t a problem

    Posted by Bob T. | September 3, 2013, 4:16 pm

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