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2013 NFL Regular Season Expert Picks

Wes Welker left Tom Brady for Peyton Manning; how will this affect the dynamics of the AFC? (

The NFL season is finally here, which means it’s time for our annual Pick ‘Em competition. With some big free agent moves and a veritable coaching carousel, things have really been shaken up across the league. What will that mean for the standings following Week 17? That’s what we’re here to bring to you.

Our group of experts has selected their choices for the top six teams in each conference. For scoring, we each get one point for correctly guessing a team to make the playoffs, or two points for guessing a division winner instead. Getting the #1 seed exactly is worth six points, then five points for #2, and so on. Guessing the top team in the whole league is worth two points. In the event of a tie, we’re also selecting which team will wind up with the #1 draft pick, then #2 pick, then #3.

It’s a diverse set of picks, with several teams in an early position as favorites. Defending champion Baltimore look to have a tough time after losing some big defensive names, while New Orleans looks to get back in the playoffs after getting their head coach back. Seattle and San Francisco are still going strong, as are Denver and New England (despite the complete overhaul of Tom Brady’s weapons). On the flip side, the Jets and Jaguars are looking to have a very difficult year, and the Raiders aren’t getting any love either (Matt Fynn just can’t seem to win a starting job to save his life).

So there you have it. The complete pick sets are below, and the results will be given at the season’s conclusion. Until then, you can scope out the picks below, and feel free to add your two cents in the comments section.

Name John KC Michael Nick Pete Steve Ying
AFC #1 Broncos Broncos Broncos Patriots Patriots Texans Broncos
#2 Patriots Patriots Texans Broncos Texans Patriots Patriots
#3 Texans Colts Patriots Texans Broncos Broncos Texans
#4 Bengals Steelers Bengals Ravens Bengals Ravens Bengals
#5 Steelers Texans Steelers Bengals Ravens Bengals Colts
#6 Colts Chargers Chiefs Steelers Chiefs Colts Steelers
NFC #1 Seahawks Packers Falcons Packers Falcons Falcons 49ers
#2 Falcons 49ers Packers Falcons Packers Seahawks Packers
#3 Packers Falcons 49ers 49ers Seahawks Redskins Falcons
#4 Redskins Giants Giants Giants Giants Packers Redskins
#5 49ers Saints Saints Seahawks Saints 49ers Seahawks
#6 Saints Seahawks Seahawks Eagles 49ers Saints Saints
Best Record Seahawks Broncos Falcons Patriots Patriots Falcons Broncos
Tiebreaker Worst team Jets Jaguars Chargers Raiders Cardinals Jets Jaguars
2nd Worst Team Jaguars Jets Jets Jaguars Raiders Raiders Raiders
3rd Worst Team Eagles Bills Jaguars Cardinals Browns Lions Jets

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