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Connelly’s Top Ten: Yikes – Patriots Fumble, Stumble, Humble to Win

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1. Patriots:


* Thompkins one of the worst games I ever saw a receiver have – falling to the ground on catches (including slant that should have been TD before Brady fumble) / not getting his feet in bounds / being muscled by McKelvin / not reversing field in the back of the end zone / tripping coming out of his break (as did Sudfeld, leading to an interception)
* AMAZING STAT WARNING – Thompkins was targeted 14 times and caught four balls
* Brandon Lloyd a lonely Patriot Nation turns its lonely eyes to you (I would sign him)
* Great game by Amendola but watching his health is like watching Pedro’s pitch count
* With both starting running backs benched – Fred Jackson and Shane Vereen combined for 264 total yards
* Danny Connolly can’t take that penalty
* As soon as Ridley fumbles he must dread film day
* Why were the receivers cutting the bubble screen back to the middle where the pursuit was coming from
* No separation for receivers or tight ends
* Blount looked slow
* Has anyone seen Patrick Pass and Steven Ridley in the same place?
* Trick or Treat with Edelman


* Brady got knocked down a lot
* Brady is the greatest QB sneaker of all time and they decide to run something outside on the one and he fumbles?
* Thought Brady failed to recognize some defenses, both blitzes and defenders dropping back into coverage
* I’ve never seen Brady throw so many fastballs
* Brady 2 for 5 in the Red Zone – has to be one of his worst ever


* Was it me or did I see Denard push the referees hand away from him after his stupid 15 yard penalty?
* Did Bianca have Vince laying mulch – I didn’t see him
* When is Hightower gonna step up his game?
* As usual for Mayo – a lot of tackles – 15 – but you don’t see many game changers
* Best players on the defense – Gregory, Arrington, Kelly


* What a start a kickoff return to the 13 yard line – bring back Raymond Clayborn
* Zoltan Mesko must be sitting at home wondering what happened
* I was nervous watching Ryan Allen hold for the winner
* Great game by Gostkowski on field goals but also kick offs that were deep and directional


* Huge drop by big mouth Steven Johnson (love the reaction of his coach)
* First play of the game was a penalty for the Bills – finished with 10 for 75 yards
* Defense was formidable


8:35 of the third quarter


* Brady QB Rating 76.4 / Manuel 105.5
* Pats 89 plays to Bills 61 plays
* Time of possession: Pats 37:43 to 22:17
* Total Yards: Pats 431 to Bills 286


* No Patriots picking up teammates
* More replays for refs are you kidding me – what’s wrong with the college system?
* How about pay per view duel between Brady and Wilfork in 40 yard dash?

2. Red Sox:

* Sox on pace to win 97 games with a very average line up and average bullpen, other than the closer
* How cool is it that we can start talking Magic Number soon
* Bogaerts hit an absolute bomb on Saturday and then made a great bandhanded play
* In the span of five batters Sunday – Stephen Drew didn’t make four plays that Inglesias would have made all of them
* With all of these beards – doesn’t ZZ Top have to sing the national anthem in the playoffs (She’s Got Legs – great video)
* Sunday Globe – Nick Carfardo is still obsessed with Bobby V
* Now that you have built up Middlebrooks trade value do you trade him and Lester in a blockbuster this offseason – move Bogaerts to third and sign a shortstop for a year until Maerro is ready?
* Game times 4:32 / 4:00 / 3:32 / 3:15

3. Around the NFL:

* Jets in first place!
* Bad karma for Pouncey wearing the Hernandez hat – out for the season
* Adrian Peterson ran for 78 yards on his first carry and then 15 on his next 17 carries
* Anquan Boldin for a sixth pick 208 yards – Patriots couldn’t have offered a 4th round pick?

4. Around College Football:

* My picks Friday – won the lock – the over in Navy game / was 1-4 on the others got Washington State over USC / Western Kentucky did turnover the ball 5 of their first 6 plays
* Nate Sudfeld’s brother of Patriot threw for 363 yards and four TD’s for Indiana against Navy
* Clowney overhyped, out of shape and now whining about schemes
* Fire Kiffin chant heard at USC Coliseum

5. Around MLB:

* Hunter Pence was playing too deep with two outs in the 9th of a potential perfect game Friday
* Not old school baseball – Dwight Evans would have blown up this shortstop
* Despite a turn around year – the Indians are averaging 42 more fans a game from last year
* The Cubs need to win 81 next year in Theo’s third year – they are on pace to win 64 games this season four more than last year
* The decision by Washington not to pitch Strasburg last year proves to be a mistake – win when you can
* Most over-rated player in baseball Giancarlo Stanton who is a career .266 hitter and hits a home run every 15 at bats and strikes out every 3.22 at bats
* Philadelphia Phillies used a different closer Sunday after Papelbon blew his 7th save Saturday

6. More College:

Wisconsin football in two games (against bad teams) has yet to give up a point – the 1939 Tennessee Volunteers outscored opponents 212-0 for the entire season.

7. Old School:

Sadly Tennis / boxing are two dead sports – remember the 70’s and 80’s:

Tennis – Borg, Connors, McInroe, Lendel, Becker, Graf, Martina, Everett, Seles, Edberg, Hingis, Wilander, Vilas,
Boxing – Ali, Hagler, Leonard, Benitez, Duran, Hearns, Forman, Norton, Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier, Alexis Arguello,

8. Amazing Stat:

Jacoby Ellsbury broken foot? Scott Boras must be throwing up in his mouth – should have shaken down Red Sox after 2011: 119 runs / 212 hits / 83 extra base hits including 32 home runs / 105 RBI / 39 stolen bases

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Steroid user Melky Cabrera had a tumor removed from his spine – look at all of these super human athletes have heart issues, cancer, strokes etc – for the good of teenagers – there has to be definitive news that steroids is bad for you, like Barry Bonds head explodes

10. Randomocity:

* Sad to see McCoy Stadium empty in the Pawtucket playoff series win Sunday
* Very good career in MLB: 1,500 hits / 150 wins
* I wouldn’t drink a Heineken if it was free
* USA soccer vs Mexico in Mexico Tuesday night
* Great semi final US Open match between Djokovic and Wawrinka and great second set Sunday between Serena and Azarenka
* 1939 Connecticut pass the Bill of Rights 147 years after presented
* I wonder if Mary Carillo and Johnny Mac get along – fighting for air time
* Advantage to eating bad – ice cream, Ruffles and $100,000 bars don’t come with fruit flies

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Yikes – Patriots Fumble, Stumble, Humble to Win”

  1. AFC North: everyone is 0-1, are they tied for first or last?

    Will Boras allow Ellsbury to play again this year?

    Good call on Wash. State, but Ga. won between the hedges. Where was the defense in that game?

    How did Virginia beat BYU? BYU ran through and around Texas.

    Are the Canes back?

    Keep Middlebrooks and Lester. No reason to trade them away.

    Long season for the Steelers.

    Tough play for Pence. My heart goes out to that pitcher.

    REPLY – MPC – Miami part of me wants them back / then Middlebrooks to first now? / I almost like the Steelers glad I didn’t say it / Good call on Hedges / Anyway Mac Brown loses his job?

    Posted by Brian | September 9, 2013, 9:12 am
  2. if the patriots offered a 1st rounder, the ravens would have rejected it. it is highly unlikely those 2 teams would ever trade with each other.

    REPLY – MPC – in theory correct they would take a first though – never understood how an established nfl player gets traded for such low picks

    Posted by tronburger | September 10, 2013, 11:15 am
  3. When discussing the Red Sox “average lineup” have you not considered that the Red Sox are 2nd in all of MLB in batting average, 2nd in hits, first in RBIs and first in Runs? Do you mean that the players are over producing compared to what you thought they would do? Seems like they are doing pretty well this year!

    REPLY – MPC – I think the lineup is well constructed and maximize run opportunities – by Napoli, Gomes, Carp, Drew, Salty, etc are average at best as their stats prove out over history – but they are playing great ball

    Posted by Brian Colella | September 12, 2013, 2:09 pm

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