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Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady, Julian and Pray for Rain

1. Misc:

* That receiving game sent the NFL back to 1940 – disgusting
* Welker is loving this (whats the odds Brady calls him after the game and complains?)
* Denard must be a huge Mickey Rivers fans throwing three punches in that fight – he is a time bomb
* Last time I saw rain like that in Foxboro – Joe Washington was lighting up the Patriots
* Last time I saw an opponent ejected at Foxboro it was OJ (who has something in comparison with a former Patriot)
* Do you think that warden gives Aaron Hernandez a telestrator to break down plays for the other inmates?
* Not for nothing but at this point in his career Slater shouldn’t be falling for the fake fair catch allowing the ball to go into the end zone
* Mesko is sitting at home saying “I can do that”
* How many fans went out to the parking lot to see their grills and gear soaked and washed away

2. Brady:

* Brady is going to pay Sean Connery to break out Hernandez
* Brady could pull a backstair visit to the Krafts like the PAts used to do to Bobby Grier on Pete Carroll
* Dobson shouldn’t be on the field at this point
* They were going so bad – that at the end of the first half instead of taking a shot in the end zone – Brady positioned for a field goal which they missed
* Brady is 48-91 so far this year – fantasy owners are out of their minds right now

3. Offense:

* Thompkins first catch he jumped up and signaled first down and he ended up being short – idiot
* Thompkins catch down the sideline should have been a TD, but he ran out of bounds
* Don’t yell but you literally could have used Tebow as a weapon in that game
* No screens?
* Tebow is your best tight end right now and he’s not even on the team

4. Defense:

* Top three players on defense – Gregory, Nickovich, Hightower
* Vince Wilfork looks heavy and slow – teams are using mostly one guy on him right now
* Hope Bill tells Chandler Jones that you should play a whole season before you start dancing
* Nice job by Nickovich holding his edge and staying home
* Steve Gregory is two games away from a bad concussion
* Counting the last exhibition game – Talib has been burnt three times now
* Why not blitz all the time?
* Talib has to take a knee after the last interception
* Was Spikes busy doing another movie?

5. Coaching:

* Two great designs by McDaniels on the first drive – Brady missed Edelman for a TD then hit Dobson for a TD
* Why are you pitching the ball to Ridley with two minutes left in the game?

6. Kraft sighting?

Wow I didn’t see him – NFL Network throwing down the gauntlet – have to wait for CBS

7. Jets:

* Why wouldn’t the Jets triple team Edelman?
* Rex looks all weird with the weight loss
* #66 head butted Denard
* 8 penalties on Jets

8. Stats:

* Patriots were 4-18 on third down
* Dobson and Thompkins targeted 17 times caught 5 of them
* Patriots 0-3 in Red Zone

9. Red Sox:

* Red Sox win another series
* Red Sox could make $100,000 for the Jimmy Fund shaving beards at end of season
* This season is like the 1967 season and 1969 Celtic season –unexpected

10. Randomocity:

* Yet another idiot dropped the ball before the end zone – this time at Texas Tech
* Harry Ellis Dickerson, Arthur Fiedler, Keith Lockhart, John Williams combined for 126 years as conductor of Pops
* How did no one go to jail in the Big Dig?
* Rondo must be dreading the season

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady, Julian and Pray for Rain”

  1. I don’t blame Brady for being angry with BB &/or “Mr. Kraft”. He redid his contract & then watched them let Welker walk away for relatively short money, & then stay way under the cap (good-bye, Zoltan Kesko).

    His receivers are definitely over their head at this point. However, Brady’s outburst on the sideline after Dobson ran the wrong route was over the top. Give a quick yell at the guy fine. But these prolonged Brady outbursts are counter productive. What kind of leadership is that?

    It’s starting to feel like these tantrums are little staged, too. In other words, ‘In case you had any doubt, I’m a HOF QB, & these receivers suck. I didn’t scew-up, they did.’

    I think another example of this was against Buffalo. Brady fumbled the snap on 4th-&-goal on the goal-line. All the analysts said Brady pulled out too soon, but when he was asked about it after the game, Brady said “WE have to look at the film”, & “WE have to execute better”. In other words, it was center Ryan Wendell’s fault. That’s bad form & horrible leadership. Even if it was Wendell’s fault (& it wasn’t), Brady should have taken the bullet. Brady is acting like a diva & should cut it out.

    REPLY – MPC – tantrums are a passive aggressive at Belichick – he is mad and can never be the bad solider – he owes the receivers an apology and he should publically say he did that and was out of line

    Posted by Bob T. | September 13, 2013, 12:46 pm
  2. I disagree with your statement that Brady can “never be the bad soldier”. I think throwing Ryan Wendell under the bus when Brady caused the fumble is a prime example. It was completely unnecessary, as I don’t ever recall it happening before. I don’t think anybody would have crucified Brady for 1-mistake with a snap. But trying to shift the blame the center is pathetic.

    REPLY – MPC – I was saying in his mind he can’t be a bad solider – I agree with you its not what leaders do

    Posted by Bob T. | September 14, 2013, 11:25 am

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