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From Wide Receiver to Movie Theater: Ex-Pat Brandon Lloyd Chooses Acting Over NFL

Annnnd action! Former Patriot receiver Brandon Lloyd chooses movie career over NFL. (Photo courtesy of USA Today)

With the New England Patriots’ rookie wide receivers suffering from a case of the dropsies, Bill Belichick (as well as a number of other NFL teams) reportedly reached out to former Patriot Brandon Lloyd about a comeback tour. Last year’s somewhat disappointing receiver rejected all offers, apparently “neither physically nor mentally ready to continue,” according to a report on NBC Sports.

Well, now we know why.

Rather than restart his NFL career after being released by the Patriots this past offseason, Lloyd decided to star (sorry, “star”) in a movie and try his hand at acting. Titled After Effect, the movie centers on a zombie apocalypse (because of course it does), with the 2010 league leader in receiving yards playing Sergeant Chuck Lloyd. Yes, obviously this movie is of the straight-to-DVD variety. And yes, there’s a sneak preview after the break.

The decision is somewhat startling considering Lloyd is only three years removed from leading the NFL in receiving yards with 1,443 in 2010, to go with 11 touchdown catches. (Though to be fair, with this on his resume, what would stop him from going into acting?) He even managed 911 yards and 4 TDs on 74 catches last year with the Patriots, though he wasn’t nearly as effective an outside threat as Belichick, Tom Brady, and Patriots fan hoped and expected.

Lloyd will star “star” opposite Daniel Baldwin, who apparently shares DNA with Alec (this is news to me). IMBD tells me that a bunch of college students sign up for an experiment that turns out to be them turning over their bodies to the U.S. government (as “human collateral,” whatever that means besides cuing the Twilight Zone music).

Sadly, Lloyd didn’t really have much of a choice when you think about it – lately, the New England offense hasn’t been showing much more life than the undead.

The movie comes out October 8th, so mark your calendars, everyone. In case you’re dying (sorry, no pun intended) for a sneak peek (I mean, aloof college kids, flesh-eating zombies, Lloyd toting a gun – what’s not to like?), well, it’s your lucky day. Enjoy:

(Video courtesy of David McElroy and SBNation)

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