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Connelly’s Top Ten – At Half of Pats

1. Patriots First Half

* Brady starting to get there with receivers

* Nice Half for Tallinn

2. Red Sox

* Does Ben have someone in the nerd group checking out historically how teams have fared resting guys or playing hard and focused

* Good Buchholz lost before the playoffs – see Gary Anderson’s perfect field goal streak going into the playoffs a while back

* Jonny Gomes punting beers into the crowd – ouch

3. Around the NFL

* Cleveland off to good start without Richardson

4. Around College Football

* I was 3 out of 6 with my picks – but had my lock which makes me 2-0 on locks

* Ohio State, Louisville, Florida State, Miami, Washington, Baylor won by a combined scores of 405-20

* Michigan State was robbed by back judge the whole game against ND

* Tennessee football since they ran Phil Fulmer out of town: 25-28

5. Around MLB

* All Star game loss

* Reds are 9-1 when Billy Hamilton steals a base

* Lowrie on pace to play 155 games

* Harper/Trout argument doesn’t exist right now (Harper at this point is the most over-rated player in baseball)

* Wil Myers was 0-8 Friday – his average went from 87-290 .300 to .292

* Saturday’s crowds for wildcard teams: Tampa 23,835 / Oakland 26,393 / Cleveland 26,611

6. Ellsbury vs. Damon

* Games 712 /597

* Average .297 /.295

* .OBP .350 / .362

* OPS .789 / .803

* Runs 473 / 461

* Triples 31 / 29

* Assists 19 / 23

7. Surprising triple numbers: George Scott 38 /Troy O’leary had 37 triples?/ Babe Ruth 30

8. Old School – In a 1964 Will McDonough article, Bruins GM Lynn Patrick assessed his best prospect 15 year old Bobby Orr – “Orr could still play four more years as a junior, but we feel he’ll be in Boston when he’s 18 years old. He can do everything, and he’ll have good size when he reaches maturity.”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside: Did you see former Patriots Brian Holloway house in Connecticut was ruined by teenagers – when he asked them to help clean it only one kid and his parents showed up – look at Theodore Roosevelt’s famous speech in Paris – the Man in the Arena – and can’t help but think this is what this country lacks and will pay the price eventually: “Self-restraint, self-mastery, common sense, the power of accepting individual responsibility and yet of acting in conjunction with others, courage and resolution—these are the qualities which mark a masterful people.”

10. Randomocity

* In November of 1959, three Massachusetts high school football players died in the same month

* I can watch the soliloquy by Quint in Jaws about the Indianapolis 1,000 times amazing story, pace to telling the story, tangents that rush through to the point

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