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2013 MLB Expert Picks Results

"Pro Wrestling," NES

The MLB season is over, and the final ten teams have been decided. A tiebreaker game kicked Texas out of the equation in favor of Tampa. The Red Sox soared to the top of the standings. The Dodgers won their division, but didn’t run away with things they way some may have thought. Toronto’s blockbuster trade did almost nothing for them except drive up salary. And the Pirates finally did something with themselves.

The Nationals and Angels were each projected to do well, but missed the playoffs entirely. The Reds, a projected division winner, also limited the points of many of our experts by relegating themselves to the second wildcard spot. Indeed, this was a particularly tough year to predict.

So who emerged from the dust with the win amongst our panel? Without further ado, the winner of the 2013 MLB Playoffs Pick ‘Em is … me. I can thank the Cardinals and Braves for winning their divisions, and for finishing with the one and two seeds respectively at that. Having the Indians as a good measure point helped as well. Matt was the only other one to pick a seed correctly, having the Dodgers as the NL’s #3 and securing the silver.

So there you have it. The complete results are below, as are the final standings. Check below to see all that, and check back shortly for the playoff picks.

Rank Name Points
#1 John 18
#2 Matt 11
#3 Mike 8
#4 Matthew 7
#5 KC 3
Name John KC Matt Matthew Mike
#1 Tigers Angels Angels Tigers Rays
#2 Angels White Sox Tigers Angels Tigers
#3 Yankees Yankees Rays Blue Jays Athletics
#W1 Rangers Rangers Rangers Red Sox Angels
#W2 Indians Blue Jays Red Sox Rangers Blue Jays
#1 Cardinals (5) Nationals Nationals Dodgers Nationals
#2 Braves (4) Reds Reds Nationals Reds
#3 Giants Giants Dodgers (3) Reds Diamondbacks
#W1 Nationals Braves Phillies Braves Braves
#W2 Phillies Dodgers Pirates Diamondbacks Cardinals
Best Record Cardinals Nationals Nationals Dodgers Nationals
Tiebreaker Worst
Mets Astros Astros Astros Astros
2nd Worst
Astros Marlins Marlins Marlins Rockies
3rd Worst
Marlins Twins Mets Twins Cubs
Total Points 18 3 11 7 8

Table Legend

  • Two-point picks are bolded.
  • One-point picks are italicized.
  • Zero-point picks are crossed out.
  • A number (in parentheses) after a pick indicates bonus points earned by that pick.

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