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Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Playoffs, Patriots Undefeated, Bruins 82-0 Pace

1. Red Sox Playoff Preview:

* Comes down to Lackey – can he earn his pay right now (ie. JD Drew grand slam)
* How the hell did the Herald give Stephen Drew a B for this year – $9mm for .253 and 13 HR

2. Patriots-Bengals Preview:

* Some sites have Patriots – Bengals even
* Brady continue to trend up with receivers
* Patriots 20-13
* Vince had to be hurt because he was having his worst game before the injury
* Talib and Denard are all pro’s right now (love Denard in run game support)

3. College Football:

* Game of the week
* Amazing Alabama is favored by 56 points this week and the over under is 58.5 – give me Georgia State
* Picks Air Force getting 11 against Navy / Western Kentucky giving 7 over Louisiana Monroe / Illinois getting 9.5 over Nebraska / Minnesota getting 19 over Michigan
* Lock of the week BC – Army over 51
* Penn State in trouble against Indiana

4. Red Sox Playoff Rivals:

Oakland – 2-2
Cleveland – 2-2
Cardinals – 1-2

5. My Red Sox preview from 4/1/13:

* Over / Under in wins for the Sox in Vegas 79.5 – I’ll take under
* American League Pennant odds 15 to 1 (8th) / World Series Odds 30 to 1 (15th)
* Will JD in 2011 (81 games) and brother Stephen in 2013 play a combined 162?
* Over / under games by Ortiz for $13mm a year – I say under 100
* Free agents Gomes, Napoli, Drew and Victorino hit .244 (42-172) with 5 HR / 25 RBI in spring training
* Will Tom Werner assemble a focus group of pink hats to see if the Red Sox pants are tight enough?
* The way Pedroia plays, will he turn into a 130-game a season player as he gets older?
* ERA will go down with Farrell scaring the pitchers
* Perfect the Red Sox starting their season on April Fools
* How many games is Scott Boras telling Ellsbury to play?

6. Around MLB:

* Only three MLB players had 30 HR / 100 RBI / .300 average: David Ortiz / Miguel Cabrera / Paul Goldschmidt
* Houston Astros finished 45 games out of first
* Played all 162 games – Prince Fielder, hunter Pence, Billy Butler, Joey Votto

7. 1952 BU Football Team:

By 1967, seven players had died from the 1952 BU Football team, including Harry Agganis.

8. Bruins offseason prior to their great 1969-1970 run:

Article in Globe by Tom Fitzgerald “Sanderson’s Locks Draw Schmidts Wrath – Just look at the guy he doesn’t look like an athlete / Espo holdout / Hodge Appendectomy / mckenzie hold out

9. Bruins:

* Off to a good start
* Lucic not sleepwalking yet – scores goal
* Chara 24 minutes
* Campbell played – what a warrior
* Bergeron survived a head on accident and is back in three months
* No Seguin coasting around looking for girls in the crowd and counting down the seconds to when he can dance on a bar

10. Randomocity:

* Great line by Sean McDonough the other day doing the BC game after someone tripped on the field – “Looks like the fans coming in from Shea Field”
* Thoughts on California: * There can’t be a better college setting in the world than Pepperdine / Santa Barbara is like a Hollywood studio / * Said it before the Big Sur is the most amazing sites in America / * Lot of skateboard parks / * Threat of earthquakes keeps all 49 states from moving there (I would miss the seasons)

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Playoffs, Patriots Undefeated, Bruins 82-0 Pace”

  1. seguin a minus-1 last night and only 2 shots on goal.

    a not-so-subtle point of the iginla signing, to me, is to prevent lucic and krejci from coasting as much. iginla has lost a step, but he was the face of a franchise for a decade plus, so he brings it every night.

    REPLY – MPC – Interesting point

    Posted by tronburger | October 4, 2013, 8:44 am
  2. The Herald grades for the Sox were a joke. Glad to see you re-print your 4/1/13 stuff, just shows what an amazing year they have had. Agree 100% Lackey is key, but really tough match up Saturday night

    REPLY – MPC – they were lucky to get Price on short rest he wasn’t the same pitcher

    Posted by Kevin R | October 4, 2013, 9:59 am
  3. In the Bay Area we have change of seasons just not as dramatic and harsh(thankfully). Rain instead of snow, leaves change color but not as many trees, 20 ft base powder snow 2.5 hours away in the Sierras (then can easily escape), May through October no rain…every day a picnic day, six pro teams and direct TV gets us lots of exposure to boston sports, 75 member Pats fan club meets in my hometown (Danville)to watch every game and most Sox yanks and playoff games, lobster flown in fresh everyday from New England. It’s OK I guess.

    REPLY – MPC – Its a good gig

    Posted by mfcurtis | October 4, 2013, 11:21 am

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