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Are You a Superstitious Bruins Fan?

It’s that beautiful time of year, when Boston’s beloved Bruins take to the ice. Fans everywhere cheer on the best hockey team in the world, because we know the 2013-14 season is our year. This is the year the Bruins will take home the Stanley Cup again. The Bruins have high chances, especially if you consider our recent track record.

  • We won the Cup in 2011
  • The last 3 seasons we made it to a pair of Cup Finals
  • We have a stacked team, with incredible players, including Chris Kelly, Patrice Bergeron and Shawn Thornton.

Do Superstitious Fans Help Our Bruins Win?

It’s customary for Bruins fans to be superstitious. Joe Gill, author of “Being a Bruins Fan: Those Crazy Superstitions to Please the Hockey Gods,” admits to calling a friend “after the Bruins went down 4-1 to vent and stayed on the party prayer line until the ‘Miracle on the Causeway’ was complete..”

“We didn’t speak on the phone again until Game 5 versus the Rangers,” says Gill. “We have now dubbed ourselves the ‘Klose Out Kidz.’”

Gill is convinced that his superstitious strategies have resulted in many Bruins’ wins. Like others, Gill has been known to grow playoff beards and wears lucky clothing, like his Bruins’ bracelet. Although science would declare that these wins are only coincidental, hardcore Bruins’ fans truly believe their superstitions help their team win again and again.

How to Please the Hockey Gods

It’s all about tradition. If you were doing something when the Bruins won or scored, then you should keep doing that until it makes them score again. Tradition is the heart of superstition.

One such tradition does not allow for wearing our competitors colors on game day. You never wear the Buffalo Saber’s blue, when the Bruins are scheduled to defeat them. Wearing the other team’s color is a surefire way to break a true fan’s superstitious belief.

A lot of people believe that being with their best friends and fellow Bruins’ fans ensures that the team will win. The indelible spirit of the Bruins’ biggest fans blends together to create an atmosphere of positivity, wherein the team is guaranteed to win. These types of superstitious get-togethers are hosted on game day and can take place anywhere. If your group is large, consider hosting it at a local party venue, like the Hampshire House. Go big for the home team.

The Boston Bruins Have the Best Fans in the NHL

An infographic by TicketCity expresses that the Bruins are the number four team among the Top 10 Most Active Fan Bases in the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs took the number 1 spot, but we take that as a sort of competition.

Boston Bruins’ fans are encouraged to step up their fandom this year, even if it means getting more superstitious. We know we’re the greatest hockey team and the best fans, so it’s time we proved this. This year, if winning means never taking off your Bruin’s scarf, you’re going to have one warm neck.

Be As Superstitious as You Want to Be

Superstitious Bruins fans are encouraged to keep donning their Bruins’ gear. They’re encouraged to follow those habits they think are working, throw those parties and do what they can to help drive the positive vibes right into our goal. No matter what science suggests, what you’re doing may be working. There’s really no knowing for sure, but perhaps superstitions work. They’re not hurting anyone, so we say bring it on.



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