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Connelly’s Top Ten – And the Momentum Switches

1. Red Sox
* Now that a Jonny Gomes start has lost in the playoffs – give Nava a start – he’s earned it
* Farrell can’t take the sacrifice off and let Automatic Out Drew hit away
* Why isn’t Ellsbury running?
* Time for Victorino to go back to lefty – he is overswinging and swinging over the top of everything
* Drew is now 4 for 42 in post season and one of the hits is the pop up St. Louis let drop
Defense / Pitching
* Lackey can’t tip his cap
* Maybe Farrell knows that Lackey is a 90 pitch pitcher – he comes out walk, single to start the inning
* Good scouting by Cardinals to know they could run on Breslow
* Salty drops exchange on the steal and then doesn’t catch throw from Gomes
* Gomes has to throw him out from 160 feet away
* Red Sox felt bad about their ceremony for Mariano Rivera so they bring him and his family out for pre-game?
* Is Captain Binghamton coaching first base for Red Sox?
* Hats off to McCarver by capturing Ortiz’s groove prior to home run
* My Comcast DVR menu had Red Sox game to tape 8 – 10:30 – there hasn’t been a 2:30 game since they were selling war bonds
* I’m a huge James Taylor fan but he is a buzz kill
2. Patriots
* Brady is the 26th ranked QB – are you f-ing kidding me the best QB of all time and it’s come to this?
* Tom Brady’s is on pace to throw 18 TD / Wes Welker is on pace to score 20 TD
3. College Lock of the Week – Maryland getting 16 against Clemson
4. Tom Brady vs. Geno Smith
* Brady – Compl % 55 / TD passes 8 / yards 1708 / QB rating 75.3
* Smith –  Compl % 58 / TD passes 8 / yards 1723 / QB rating 75.3
5. Bruins
* Iginla finally scores – need 25 from him
* Bruins were outshot 16-3 in first period and 39-17 and won
6. If you work out the Celtics 2-6 preseason over an 82 game season that equals 20-62 – ugh!
7. Amazing Stats – Charlie Weis record before and after his smug 60 Minutes interview:
Before – 19-6
After – 19-36
8. Old School – Red Sox After Two Games in the World Series
2007 – 2-0 vs. Rockies
2004 – 2-0 vs. Cardinals
1986 – 1-4 vs. Mets
1975 – 2-3 vs. Reds
1967 – 2-3 vs. Cardinals
1946 –  2-3 vs. (guess who) Cardinals
9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Saw three videos recently –
Internship with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn – B+ / Admission with Tina Fey C+ / Mud B – but the kid star Tye Sheridan should get nomination
10. Randomocity
* In retrospect for that FG call in overtime – Kraft should be on the phone with the league office and raise hell
* Traffic is insane – I need George Jetson’s car
* Sadly Homeland is off to a terrible third season start

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  1. Edit on first two games of World Series

    2007 – 2-0
    2004 – 2-0
    1986 – 2-0
    1975 – 1-1
    1967 – 1-1
    1946 – 1-1

    Posted by Michael | October 25, 2013, 9:43 am

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