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Connelly’s Top Ten: Game 3 and Patriots Win

Check later post for World Series Game 4 thoughts…

1. Patriots:


* Another terrible game – at least five bad throws including the first of the game behind Gronk
* He looked grumpy again and distant from teammates
* Tore into Dobson after his drop to start second half
* Was yelling at Amendola, but it was a bad pass


* I’m actually surprised when the ball doesn’t bounce off Dobson’s shoulder pads
* Patriots had eight drives of three plays or less
* Mankins’ worst season
* McDaniels is looking like one of the most overrated / uncreative coaches in the league
* Extra knee to Brady’s head by Odrick — someone has to deal with that (Great Santini – “take him down or don’t come home”)


* I have been saying for five years for this team to blitz more – adopt a Buddy Ryan defense and let these average quarterbacks beat you
* Marquise Cole burnt for two TD’s and then came on with interception
* Miami – 10 rushes of five yards or more
* Dolphins did a good job isolating McCourty in coverage, which is his worst attribute
* Logan Ryan has the knack for coming off the edge – 2 sacks
* By the end of the game – you had no Mayo, Wilfork, Kelly, Talib, Arrington
* Denard is a Pro Bowler


* Patriots miserable on third down again 2-10
* Whiner Mike Wallace was targeted ten times but only three catches
* Dolphins ten more minutes in possession


* Need to trade for a receiver before deadline – Patriots have TEN million dollars in cap space
* Lot of empty red seats the whole game today
* Bob Kraft shown with 0:30 left in the second quarter (still just NFL Network hasn’t shown him)
* Patriots are EASILY in the top five in the league in talent level
* Someone from CBS called Jim Nantz because they changed their stance on the batting of the ball penalty
* Can’t know which animal I want to come to a brutal death the Geico geico or the Afflack duck
* Jim Furyk can’t win the big one in golf or coach the Dolphins to playoffs
* Ridley isn’t nutty enough to be wearing a mohawk
* Gostkowski on pace for best kicking year in Patriot history
* When do the Patriots retire Vinatieri’s number?
* The Patriots have been awful and are on pace to go 12-4

2. Red Sox:

The Play (Game 3)

* First of all, the play was called wrong – the baserunner left the baseline that was available for him to run to cut inside and created contact with Middlebrooks
* The runner took two steps in the direction of second base, which means he should have had to retag third
* Jim Joyce wasn’t watching the play so how does he know – he just saw contact
* Amazing play by Pedroia on what was an in-between hop
* Amazing play by Nava to back up and a great tag by Salty
* Middlebrooks has to kill himself to catch that ball


* Farrell is coaching so scared right now – never more evident than not starting Ellsbury against Molina
* Why didn’t you walk the bases loaded?
* Kevin Millar said it last night – the game in the National League is going fast for him right now
* With Nava on third in a tie game in the 8th why do you let Salty hit over Napoli with Ross the better defender (and better hitter right now( on the bench?


* I don’t care if you are the worst hitter in the game – Workman has to at least compete in the batters box
* Middlebrooks made three bad plays Saturday night – ball to his glove side and he stops and lets Bogaerts get it but infield single / double by Holliday down the line was two feet to his right / not catching the ball from Salty
* The strikeout swing by Drew where one hand came off the bat was sad
* Is Cards third base coach Oquendo really wearing a hooded coat under his uniform?
* Umpire Demuth is really struggling – where is the accountabilty? He blew the call at second in the first game and then was crazy inconsistent behind the plate Saturday
* Dustin Pedroia took the first strike in all four at bats – all four fastballs down the middle of the plate
* Victorino gets so mad when Ellsbury calls him off
* Breslow throwing up on himself right now
* Dubront caused them trouble

3. Around the NFL:

* Calvin Johnson goes off for 329 yards (only 99 receivers in Patriot history had more yards than that in their CAREER)
* Dez Bryant is out of control – thought Witten or Ware might kill him for quitting
* Dolphins, Buffalo and Jets all lose – whats the magic number?
* Jets are 4-3 after beating the Patriots dating back to 2001
* Crazy how many injuries in an NFL game now – death on the field is coming real soon

4. Around College Football:

* With Maryland covering against Clemson – I’m 4-0 this year with my lock picks
* Current 8 game playoff would look like Alabama vs. Auburn / Oregon vs. Miami / Florida State vs. Stanford / Ohio State vs. Baylor
* The sound of money going out the window – After eight games Clowney had 24 tackles and 2 sacks

5. Amendola’s projected stats compared to Welker:

Amendola –37 receptions / 363 yards / 0 TD / $ per catch $94,919
Welker – 100 receptions / 1,110 yards / 18 TD / $ per catch $41,500

6. Larry Fitzgerald on trading block?

Mallet and first round pick and bring back Tebow (got Pitt and then off-week to acclimate)

7. Amazing Stats:

From Fox – Alex Smith is 27-5-1 as a starter dating back to 2011

8. Old School:

Fran Tarkenton’s bumming

* Tom Brady and Drew Brees passed Tarkenton for career TD passes Sunday – 343 / 343 / 342

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Patriots are 21st in payroll at $104mm

10. Randomocity:

* Mickey Ward – Arturo Gatti documentary on their Trilogy on HBO made me ooh and aah yet again even though I’ve seen the fights countless times – warriors!!
* Celtics have two first round picks the next five years (how much do they get for Rondo?)
* Amazing Halloween here already – hope a certain punt returner stays home
* Why isn’t the flag flying at the cemetery in Normandy – what does the shut down have to do with respect?

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Game 3 and Patriots Win”

  1. i don’t think they are moving rondo. i would like them to… not sure they will do it.

    good turnaround in g4. red sox are deeper than cardinals, and their lineup seems to gradually wake up as game progresses.

    papi will walk 4 times tonight… the lineup needs to show up in full in the 1st inning

    REPLY – MPC – they are an amazing come from behind team / Rondo is wasted with no one to feed

    Posted by tronburger | October 28, 2013, 8:32 am
  2. Ortiz will get the Barry Bonds treatment from the Cardinals, not only tonight, but the rest of the series.

    Peavy and Buchholz had short outings, but they kept their team in the game.

    Doubront has been money the last two games. Does Morales and Dempster bring their gloves to the game? If so, why?

    Great call by Jim Joyce last night. Risky play by Drew, but it paid off.

    Nantz and Simms are brutal. Very boring, and they say nothing.

    No way Cardinals trade Fitzgerald.

    Jared Allen???

    REPLY – MPC – I’d take Allen / I don’t mind Nantz and Simms but they are too out of their way down the middle / McCarver and Buck never offered an opinion on the obstruction / Dempster could have nothing on under his sweatsuit if it was baskebtall – I agree good call by Joyce but as a second baseman I’m not pleased with that slide

    Posted by Brian | October 28, 2013, 10:58 am
  3. Taking everything into consideration, Chris Jones 80 for 80 defensive snaps and Joe Vellano 71 of 80 defensive snaps are playing pretty good.

    Seems quite a few of the injuries are directly related to “turf fields”. Seem guys cleats are getting stuck trying to cut or change direction.

    This could be the worst umpiring crew to ever work a World Series. Awful.

    Also, said something similar about Brady being detached from his teammates. Somethings off

    REPLY – MPC – I agree on umpiring they can be proud of that effort on biggest stage / turf could be

    Posted by Margo Adams | October 28, 2013, 1:14 pm

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