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Connelly Top Ten: Random Game 4 Thoughts

Game 4 Random Thoughts

* Pedroia and Ortiz are on the way to the Hall of Fame
* Pedroia in the top five second basemen of all time (Alomar, Morgan, Wagner, ???)
* Buchholz not wanted to pitch was like Don Knotts in the movie the Reluctant Astronaut
* Victorino – hope he passed the Patrice Bergeron test before not suiting up
* McCarver is getting old and babbling at times without point leaving Buck to clean up
* Buchholz should have watched Pedro’s performance in Cleveland playoffs while hurt
* Ellsbury another error
* Red Sox will now go the whole season with three game losing streak being their worst
* Not happy with the slide past second base by Jay cleaning out Pedroia
* Lot of Red Sox fans there – “Lets Go Red Sox!”
* Drew is steady at short
* Pretty cool Ortiz rallying everyone in the dugout and Gomes stepping up
* What did Breslow intend to give you that Dubront couldn’t
* Ortiz one of the greatest postseason hitters ever
* Good job by Lackey not letting error and pass ball get to him
* Call of Duty commercials are creative
* Can Drew bunt for a hit?
* Go to Game 5 all tied – cool

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One comment for “Connelly Top Ten: Random Game 4 Thoughts”

  1. Ryne Sandberg is one of the best second basemen I have seen. Resides in Cooperstown.

    Whether you like him or not, Robinson Cano is high on that list.

    I would assume we’ll see Victorino in rf tonight, and Gomes in left.

    Ross looked like Salty on that passed ball in the 8th. Weak attempt by Ross, surprised me. Didn’t expect that from him.

    Remember when Joe Sambito picked off Rickey Henderson at first base to end a game at Fenway? June of 1986, Al Nipper’s first start after his knee injury.

    Matt Holliday got picked off in the World Series, game 2 at Fenway.

    Ortiz is amazing, on the field and off the field. EF Hutton

    REPLY – MPC – That Nipper game one the gutiest against Yankees correct / Ross was lazy no to slide over on that / Sandberg one of my favorite players – yes Cano in the conversation

    Posted by Brian | October 28, 2013, 12:54 pm

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