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Connelly’s Top Ten: King of the Baseball World – Again!

1. Title Town – 8 championships in eleven years
2. Offense
* Red Sox won the championship and hit .226 for the postseason
* Red Sox struck out 165 times in 15 games or 11 times a game
* Red Sox won last night with a four and five hitter (Napoli and Gomes) who hit a combined 17 for 88 (.193) during postseason
* Napoli 4 K
* Bogaerts and Pedroia overanxious at plate
3. Defense
* Surprised how lazy Ross was with blocking balls last two games
* Pedroia error at second could have been huge
4. Pitching
* Great postseason for Lackey – see the value of getting in shape and respecting your paycheck – glad he tipped his cap
* Farrell played with fire going against his instinct and leaving him in against Holliday
* Lackey, Uehara and Workman 26-36 first pitch strikes
* Lester and Lackey combined to go 7-2 in postseason
* Buchholz and Peavy finished 0-1 with a 5.43 ERA
5. Coaching
* Farrell played with fire leaving Lackey in – but overall A is the grade
6. Fox
* I was furious they didn’t show Shipping Up to Boston with the crowd all revved up
* Felt bad for Nava when Gomes and Erin Andrews are talking about 10-1 record when he starts
* Tim McCarver see ya
7. Titles by decade
1900-1909 – 1
1910-1919 – 3
1920-1929 – 1
1930-1939 – 1
1940-1949 – 1
1950-1959 – 2
1960-1969 – 9
1970-1979 – 4
1980-1989 –  3
1990-1999 – 0
2000-2009 – 6
2010-2013 –  2
8. Cardinals
* They have some electric arms but last night Wacha went from Otter to Flounder
* Very average line up
* Molina was arguing that Gomes was out while Victorino took third
* I don’t think Molina tried one pick off the whole series at first
* Bad 24 hours from the tarmac for their charter to not showing up for clincher
9. Next year
* I do not give big money extension to Lester – last two years 24-22
* Drew I offer two years at $13mm combined or send him on his way
* Victorino slides over to center to take Ellsbury position (Jackie Bradley never plays for Red Sox going forward)
* Napoli loved playing here – he should take $20mm for two years or let him go
* Starting rotation next year is locked in: Lester, Lackey, Buchholz, Peavy, Dubront, Dempster, Morales are all locked in
* Nava is gone, Salty I let walk
10. Randomocity
* That’s the loudest I’ve heard a home crowd
* Celtics are on pace to go 0-82
* What a fun day for Obama to visit Boston – Celtics opener and Red Sox clincher
* Good job by Jim Joyce behind plate after he blew obstruction call Saturday
* Why not to bet reason #60,213 – what would be the odds that the Fenway crowd would be chanting Lackey following his clinching World Series win?
* Easy win in clincher at home reminded me of the Celtics destroying the Lakers at the Garden five years ago

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One comment for “Connelly’s Top Ten: King of the Baseball World – Again!”

  1. Starting rotation next year: Workman has to be one of the five.

    Cards were done before it started. Boston was like a shark in water going into that game.


    Erin Andrews is brutal.

    Agree about Ross behind the plate, looked like Salty on a couple of those plays. Unlike Ross.

    Salty punched his ticket out of Boston.

    Posted by Brian | October 31, 2013, 8:41 am

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