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Connelly’s Top Ten: When Brady Smiles – All of Patriot Nation Smiles

1. Patriots:


* First time I have seen him smile all year
* He is taking a lot of hits (never seen so many guys running free at him – hello Dante???)
* Brady has been using PA
* Brady not QB sneaking anymore at goal line?
* Brady pass to Dobson for 81 yards was his best long pass in a long while (Dobson put his hand up like Moss)


* Edelman was a go-to guy to an afterthought
* How bad was Ballard that he couldn’t make this team
* Drops by Dobson, Edelman and Hoow.
* I hate that stretch play left in the run game
* Ridley spins off contact
* Ridley fumble led to two Steeler TD’s
* Everytime Gronk gets tackled I hold my breath
* Lot of penalties for Mankins this year
* Great effort by Blount for his TD and hanging out with Patriot guys with muskets
* Three Pats with over 100 yards in receiving – Amendola, Dobson, Gronk


* Amazing move by Chandler Jones to get to QB
* Good day in coverage for Hightower
* Patriots lost Nickovich and Gregory to go along with Wilfork, Kelley, Talib
* Talib, Dennard and Arrington make the best secondary in Patriots history – when they are on the field together

Kraft Shown:

* 6:03 in second quarter
* 3:51 in second quarter
* 5:15 in the fourth quarter
* 2:41 in the fourth quarter


* Amazed how many empty seats I see – especially beginning of second half – red seats 98% empty
* During a skirmish between players the DJ at Foxboro put on Rocky song
* If Roethlisberger wasn’t fat he could tuck in his shirt and wouldn’t have got sacked


* Letting Gronk beat you in the pass game is like pitching to Big Papi with first open
* They look like a sad team
* Seeing Clark reminds me of the hit on Welker


* Pats 7-12 on third down – finally

2. Red Sox recap:

* Napoli had a giant ice bag on his head Sunday morning – hope you find your shirt man
* Cool at the Marathon finish line – wish it could have been a little more organized
* Amazed by the size of the crowed for the third World Series

3. Around the NFL:

* Rex Ryan doing a good job – his brother is a fraud – get a hair cut tough guy
* Chiefs win again – Mercury Morris is throwing up in his mouth
* Nick Foles had seven TD passes Sunday – he had 12 for his career prior to the game

4. Around College Football:

* I was 0-2 on locks – 3 for 3 on other picks
* Sad to see Navy lose on the last play after ND ran it up on them last year in Dublin
* BCS mess – 17 teams have one loss or none

5. Celtics / Bruins:

* Bruins have our full attention now – not a good effort Saturday
* Marchand on pace for 6 goals this year
* Celts off to the perfect start – on pace to go 0-82
* Faverini with 18 rebounds Friday
* Glad the Globe refrained from yet another 5,000 word article on Brad Stevens

6. Country of the recent Marathon winners:

* Boston – Kenya
* New York – Kenya
* Chicago – Kenya
* LA – Kenya

7. Amazing Stats:

As a taxpayer do I have a say? U Mass football over two years:

* Record 2-19
* Points scored – 256
* Points allowed – 776

8. Old School:

The Rolling Rally is a long way from 1980 Larry Bird – Moses Malone does eat shi*

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Brandon Meriweather at it against with his mouth – is he one of the worst citizens that played sports in Boston:

* Aaron Hernandez
* Wil Cordero
* Merriweather
* Terry Glenn
* Curtis Rowe

10. Randomocity:

* Curious about the Wall Street Journals headline for the New York Marathon in light of the bombs in Boston “American Marathon Man Still Has Legs
* Abigal Johnson of Fidelity is worth $17 billion – yikes
* From 60 Minutes – Ford makes 23,000 cars a day / Lamborgjini makes 11
* Can’t believe the money video games are paying for commercial and the production of the commercial

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  1. video games are big business! particularly those military ones.

    brady is getting destroyed the last 4 games or so. not good for long-term health. also, good spot on not using brady on sneaks… likely again because of health.

    i get your point on the pats corners and how talented they are, but those pats secondaries that included law, milloy (and then rodney), otis “my man” smith… were better, and came up huge in critical spots to secure championships.

    Posted by tronburger | November 4, 2013, 8:39 am

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