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Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Off, Celtics Need to Lose, Red Sox 100 Days to Spring Training

Thursday Night 8:00 PM – CBS Sports Channel – Documentary Marching On based mostly on my book The President’s Team

1. Around the NFL:

* Why not to bet – Rams 38-8 over Colts / Jaguars over Titans
* Big win for Patriots with Ravens beating Bengals, who have a tiebreaker over Pats
* Giants, Steelers, Falcons and Packers are 13-23
* How does Megatron not get double coverage every game?
* Tavon Austin on the Rams had 314 total yards
* Racist Riley Cooper is on pace for 12 TD’s this year

2. Around College Football:

* Texas talked about firing their coach and USC did – now they are both in the mix
* UCLA Linebacker Myles Jack had 8 tackles and fumble recovery and then got forced into action as running back went for 120 yards one six carries / 1 TD
* Hats off to Boston College they are going to a bowl when this things all over
* Duke scored three TD’s in 26 seconds – Devon Edwards two TD’s off interceptions and one return TD

3. Red Sox suggested moves:

Would you trade Will Middlebrooks and Clay Buchholz for Troy Tulotwitski / Sign Carlos Ruiz, Beltran and Napoli

4. Easy schedules in College football:

The rank of schedule strength of some top 20 teams:”

124. North Illinois – 20
111. Fresno State – 16
86. Louisville -19
69. Michigan State-14
55. Oklahoma State – 12
49. Ohio State – 3
39. Florida State – 2
38. Missouri – 9
35. Clemson –8
30. Baylor – 4

5. Some Tom Brady TD fun facts:

* Most obscure receivers to catch TD – Matthew Mulligan / Tom Ashworth / Dedric Ward / Cam Cleeland
* Most TD catches – Gronk / Moss both at 39
* Only has 1 overtime TD pass

6. Krug:

Krug has played in 31 games as a Bruin since last spring and scored 10 goals, which would equate to 27 goals over an 82 game season:”

High Goals in a season by great Bruins defenders

Orr – 46
Bourque – 31
Park – 22

7. Amazing Stats:

Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker have 14 combined TD’s / Amendola, Dobson, Thompkins, Edelman, Gronk have 13 TD’s

8. Old School:

And Carl Crawford thought he was treated badly for $21mm a year – From 1939 to 1948 there are eight different articles in the Globe about Ted Williams being booed at Fenway and that he was twice benched by Joe Cronin for lack of hustle along with being fined and being hit by a hot dog by a fan

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Teddy Roosevelt was posthumously presented the Medal of Honor in 2001. He was nominated for after the Battle of San Juan Hill but it was denied

10. Randomocity:

* Weird that Red Sox fans now have to root for A Rod to win his appeal for juice so that the Yankees are forced to pay him his $32mm
* Fighting Henry’s in Liverpool at 7-2-2 in second place
* Falls are definitely longer and springs shorter – April is what March used to be
* Celtics are ruining their draft picks with these wins

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One comment for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Patriots Off, Celtics Need to Lose, Red Sox 100 Days to Spring Training”

  1. Those Rams and Jaguar victories decimated my suicide pool, including me. There were 31 entries left at the start of Sunday, and now only 4.

    Cs are killing me with these wins.

    The Red Sox would snap up that trade in a second, but CO isn’t trading their franchise player.

    How about Fred Coleman, against the Jets, taking it like 50 yards for an obscure Brady TD? I think he had 2 career NFL receptions.

    Posted by tronburger | November 12, 2013, 9:42 am

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