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Stephen Drew, Scott Boras Decline Red Sox Qualifying Offer – Why?

Stephen Drew/ProvidenceJournal.com

Scott Boras and Stephen Drew are on a shopping spree. Boras and Drew have rejected the $14.1 million qualifying offer made by the Red Sox. Now the player and agent are out shopping for a better deal – a multi-year deal.

Running the Numbers

Boras must be living in fantasyland. Does he realize that Drew held a batting average slightly below .100 for most of the post season, or that in 124 games in which he played, he struck out approximately once per game? Boras has the gall to say to cbssports.com that “Drew is in the top five offensively and defensively at his position. You can’t find a guy with that package.” I can agree with the defensive part of the statement, but the statistics do not support Boras’ offensive claims. Drew’s line for the 2013 season was .253/.333/.443. It was a line that was average at best. 

Thin Market

The one thing mentioned in the cbssports.com article that could help Drew is that the market for shortstops “is thin.” The Red Sox have few possibilities from within the organization. Xander Bogaerts and Double-A player Deven Marrero are all the franchise has at this point. Drew added stellar performances and value on the field. He saved Red Sox’ pitchers from racking up a number of earned runs in the post season.

Possible Teams

A smaller market, with money to spend on a shortstop, may give Drew a multi-year deal. Perhaps, one of the California teams would be the best fit. He could join other ex-Red Sox players on the Dodgers. The Yankees could be a viable option on the East Coast. They have the money and their hearts set on Derek Jeter (to the tune of $12 million) retiring in a Yankee uniform. New York knows that Jeter will not play every day. Why not have Drew and Jeter platoon at shortstop (with Jeter splitting time at DH)? Really the question is: do the Yankees have the deep pockets to make this fantasy come true?

Boras’ shopping spree is not over yet.  It won’t be until Drew holds a multi-year contract, and Boras’s wallet is full.

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