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Connelly’s Top Ten: Weekend is here and no Patriots Again

If you missed Marching On based on my book The President’s Team – its one again Friday at 3:00 and multiple times after CBS Sports

1. What’s up:

* Ainge has to be able to pull one of the top five trades in Celtic history in the next ten months
* Hate non Sunday Patriot games
* See you later Ellsbury
* Good thing is that Rondo hasn’t thrown a ball at a ref yet this year
* MLS Soccer equals Single A baseball
* That was not obstruction
* Bucky Dent can’t beat you

2. Around College Football:

* Lock is Back – Under Florida State – Syracuse 38
* Game of the week – Stanford (let down game after Oregon) against red hot USC – I like USC
* When was the last time you saw Boston College a seven point favorite in conference?

3. Updated odds to win the Super Bowl:

* Denver 16-5
* Seahawks 7-2
* Saints 15-2
* 49ers 10-1
* Pats 10-1

4. Jeremy Lin:

You can’t hold down winners – bet on them everytime – just like Jeremy Lin has rekindled memories of Madison Square Garden with back to back to back games of 21 / 34 / 31. I always knew Flutie could do it which is a proven fact so will Tebow

5. Baseball Ballot Voting:

If you are going to hold a grudge and not vote for a player or coach for an award because emotion that forfeit your right to have a ballot. In 1999 Pedro lost out to juicer Pudge Rodriguez for mvp. Pedro had a 23-4 record / 313 K to 37 BB / 2.07 ERA /

6. Saltalamacchia:

Jarrod Salty against good pitching: Verlander, Felix Hernandez, Price, James Shield, Zack Greinke – 9-80 = .112

7. Amazing Stats:

Lester World Series 3-0 / 0.43 ERA / 0.762 WHIP

8. Old School:

Koufax World Series: 4-3 / 0.95 ERA / 0.825 WHIP

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

TV Shows so far

* Walking Dead C
* Boardwalk Empire A-
* Amazing Race B+
* Homeland B-
* Survivor – C

10. Randomocity:

* Redundancy Alert – Traffic used to be bad every third day – its bad every day now
* Do you think the Kool Aid guy was on the juice crashing through the walls like that or just an anger management problem
* Bill Maher not welcomed in Boston anymore!
* Was Epstein ever on time for school?
* Shouldn’t we start a campaign for Dwight Evans at least getting put on ballot of Hall of Fame

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  1. Are you sure Pedro was a non-juicer? Can you trust anyone from that period?

    REPLY – MPC – No I am not sure and if I was in Vegas it kills me to say it but most likely he was

    Posted by fred burford | November 15, 2013, 2:13 pm

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