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Connelly’s Top Ten: Brady-Manning, Please Cheer Welker, James Henry Superhero!

1. Patriots-Denver Preview:

* Patriots are 18-25 vs. Denver 10-9 at home

* Hope those Idiots that boo Vinatieri are in the beer line when Wes Welker takes the field (what is Welker’s life expectancy?) youtube – Ryan Clark hit / Brandon Browner hit / Eric Smith hit / Troy Polamalu hit

* Denver’s top four receivers: 220 receptions / 2,944 yards / 31 TD

* Patriots top four receivers: 151 receptions / 1,727 yards / 11 TD

* Manning projected for 54 TD passes

* Demaryius Thomas projected for: 1,462 yards/ 14 TD / 96 receptions

* Shaun Phillips has 9 sacks

2. Patriots RB History:

Highest yards per carry (at least 25 attempts) – Darryl Stingley, 8.7

3. Kickers:

The two kickers in the Denver-Patriots game are a combined 36 for 38 in field goals (one kick was 52 yards that was missed)

4. Football deaths across the country in the early 1930’s:

1931 – 50
1932 – 38
1933 – 36
1934 – 26

5. . Cuckoo Juice? Darrin Erstad high in hits going into 2000 season was 177 – and then he went off for 240 hits

6. Peyton in Foxboro:

Peyton Manning is 2-7 at Foxboro

7. Amazing Stats:

The Fumbler compared to BJGE

Ridley – 510 carries/ 20 TD / 2,266 yard / 8 fumbles

BJGE – 508 carries / 29 TD / 2,176 yards / 0 fumbles

8. Old School:

In 1956, The Celtics traded for the rights of Bill Russell after Rochester passed on him and took Si Green because of Russell’s anticipated salary demands. The only competitor for his services was the Globetrotters. Red Auerbach said after the draft “he’s the greatest defensive center I have ever seen. Sure he has weaknesses but they will be remedied. He gives me a big man for the future.”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Is James Henry still alive? If so why isn’t there a statue of him in City Hall? When his green line train went on fire on August 5, 1958, “despite severe burns” he battled through the flames to release the doors saving 500 lives!

10. Randomocity:

* Arch criminal and fraud king Charle’s Ponzi’s wife was the book keeper at the Cocoanut Grove
* Dr. Dre has donated $70mm to USC football – I should have learned how to rhyme
* Si Green who was taken over Bill Russell career average 9.2 points / 4.3 rebounds / 3.3 assists
* Has Napoli found his shirt yet?
* Has Kenny Anderson found his car yet?
* Has Zeke Mowatt found his pants yet?
* Has Carl Everett found a dinosaur yet?
* Has the Ranger fan in Madison Square Garden got his shoe back?
* Has Pervous Ellison found his uniform yet?

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  1. Michael, Is there anyplace else to see your documentary on The Presidents Team other than CBS Sports?

    I think Ridley will be OK. BJGE was an exception to the rule.

    It seems as though McDaniel is playing it too conservative on offense.

    Once again enjoy reading your “Top Ten” Thanks!

    REPLY – MPC – thanks for reading – I will check to see if the CBS documentary goes to youtube

    Posted by Margo Adams | November 22, 2013, 5:20 pm

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