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Connelly’s Top Ten: Did You Leave Early OR Turn off TV?

Peyton Manning

1. Patriots – As they say in the Princess Bride – Incomprehensible


* Great game in cold BUT – he gets heated up after the non-call and then just fires the ball 50 yards out of bounds in OT – then threw a deep pass again and cost the team a valuable down
* Brady didn’t have the arm strength at end of first half to reach end zone (got Cromartie hurt) in the future bring Mallett in for Hail Mary’s
* Who looks worse trying to make a tackle on a turnover – Brady or Bledsoe
* When Brady hustles the team up to the line – they run left 95% of the time


* Ridley can’t play anymore – and if you going to have a mohawk and big ass earrings then hold on to the frigging ball (notice my cranky words at 12:35 AM)
* Solder might have cost himself the Pro Bowl – make an adjustment and widen splits or something
* I think McDaniels is the most unimaginative coordinator in the game – that run into the line wasn’t working


* Joe Vellano just had the worst game in NFL defensive line history – he got manhandled, turned and tricked almost every time
* Ninkovich huge penalty to almost cost game – he’s not same player with Mayo out
* No Mayo, Wilfork, Kelley, Gregory, Dennard
* Hightower is just not stepping up – Collins making more of an impact


* If you are Manny Ramirez from Broncos, don’t you change your name?
* Welker a couple of drops


Shown at 1:12 of second quarter and 0:28 left in 4th quarter


* Dopes who went to the peppermint Shnapps to stay warm instead of Busch beer booed Welker and did a mocking cheer – idiots
* Gutless non call for interference
* How many fans left at halftime? (I would have)
* I thought I saw some quit on them
* Mistake not to throw the replay flag on the grounding by Manning that ball did not get back to the line of scrimmage
* Can you call #18 on the Patriots without saying the Son of Jackie Slater
* Why wasn’t that a helmet to helmet call on the Blount fumble?
* Anyone ever seen Talib and Snoop Dog at the same time
* 11 fumbles in the game
* Last year the medical staff brought Gronk back to early and were clearly wrong / this time Denard – two weeks after surgery and he gets hurt again

2. Patriots scoring against Denver and San Fran last year:

1st Half – 3
2nd Half – 65

3. Around the NFL:

* I love the punks in Detroit losing again – biggest underachivers in sports right now
* In eleven games Manit Teo has 39 tackles
* Alex Smith is a better QB right than Colin Kapernick

4. Around College Football:

* Johnny Manziel lost the Heisman Saturday
* Amazing week of College Football coming up – Alabama – Auburn / USC – UCLA / Arizona State – Arizona / Clemson – South Carolina
* How the first round of the playoff would look right now: Alabama vs. Stanford / Florida State vs. Oklahoma State / Ohio State vs. Clemson / Auburn vs. Missouri

5. Andre Williams:

Andre Williams of Boston College should be invited to Heisman – if you get a chance find the straight arm by him on Saturday

6. Old Celtics:

Paul Pierce is shooting 38% / Kevin Garnett – averaging 22 minutes

7. Old School:

On January 5, 1920 – Yankee Owner and brewer of beer Jacob Rupert signed Babe Ruth from the Red Sox but on the same day lost his appeal in the Supreme Court to overturn prohibition.

8. Amazing Stats:

Barstool Sports had these stats last week that confirms Brady is better than Manning:

Super Bowls: 3-1
Winning % .766 / .677
Postseason record 17-7 /// 9-11
Head to head – 10-2
Interceptions – 12-20
AFC Championship appearances Brady is 7 to 3

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Before the game, they asked three Hall of Fame coaches who is better – Brady or Manning – of course Don Shula, the most overrated coach in sports history, picked Manning

10. Randomocity:

* I would never have an official on TV talking about an official – what’s the use
* Top three music from a musical – 1. King and I / 2. Phantom of the Opera / 3. Les Mis (4. Sound of Music)
* The Globe’s upgrade on their Patriots coverage has been impressive
* Speaking of the Globe – its like a gift to open up the Sunday page and see Leigh Montville (were we spoiled in the old days – Will McDonough, Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan, Ray Fitzgerald, etc)
* How can BC’s Chase Rettig only complete six passes when opponents have eight and nine up to stop the run
* Videos – Hyde Park on the Hudson – C+ / Life of Pi – C+
* I read a great idea for a Boston Marathon charity – “a California woman Liz Kosearas organized Random Acts of Pizza, a thread where people worldwide can arrange via GrubHub for Boston pizzerias to deliver pies to needy people or places where people are working around the clock such as Boston hospitals, fire houses and police stations.”

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6 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Did You Leave Early OR Turn off TV?”

  1. I was at the game. We didn’t really consider leaving at halftime, but certainly don’t begrudge those who did. Any score by the Broncos would have sent us to the exits. For those of us who do things right by tailgating and staying until the end, we were outside in the single degree wind chill for roughly 11 hours. Don’t ever tell me the Patriots fans are soft now because of success!

    REPLY MPC – hats off to you – I could hardly bring out the rubbish yesterday – yikes – there isn’t enough anti-freeze to get me through three hours.

    Posted by Jeff Christenbury | November 25, 2013, 8:25 am
  2. Mike,

    I know that you wrote this at 12:30am but …savor this win. We’re all second guessers and I didn’t like some of the play calling down the stretch but last night proved (in my opinion) without a doubt why Brady is a better QB than Manning.

    This has been a crazy season. It’s strange that, given his supporting cast this year, Brady seems to have gotten his swagger back with regards to comebacks.

    If Pats D was fully healthy, we would be marching to New York. Last night proved that we at least still have a shot to get there with small steps.

    REPLY – MPC – It was an amazing win and Brady put another stamp on his superiority – their talent level is so low they have no right being in the playoff mix but Brady and Belichick find a way

    Posted by Jamie | November 25, 2013, 9:13 am
  3. Ninkovich’s call, at least when compared the later non-calls, was an abomination. Also, that was the Pats gameplan all night long… keep the contact, the officials can’t call ’em all. Unfortunately, they called that softie.
    But, can’t believe I just read the all-time misquote on possibly one of the best movies…. I’d have to say it was ‘InCONCEIVABLE’ (followed by, ‘You keep using that word, I dona-thinkit means what you think it means’). But it was early AM, I know, cheers!

    REPLY – MPC – thanks for the pass on time of entry – I think Ninkovich got lazy there and just reached

    Posted by Holt | November 25, 2013, 9:48 am
  4. Best, most exciting, win of the year and all you can do is complain. You must be a blast to hang with.

    Posted by Mark | November 25, 2013, 9:49 am
  5. Last week’s loss to Carolina (one play here or there changs the outcome) and we had to read all the Cam Newton & the changing of the guard, the Pats & Brady are fading articles.

    This week the shoes on the other foot. Brady and Manning are both great, don’t particulaly care who is deemed better.

    The national media has to turn every game into a three part Greek tragedy. Don’t believe their hype…

    REPLY – MPC – Manning is a top five QB – Brady is #1

    Posted by Orange Julius | November 25, 2013, 11:57 am
  6. Epic Game!

    Belichick is light years ahead of his coaching brethren. Pats injuries would’ve devastated any other team.

    This game seemed like last years Texans game where as they were dominating the NFL until the Pats game. Now Texans are a shell of their former selves. Don’t be surprised if the Broncos are psychologically concussed.
    Belichick just mentally destroys teams.

    REPLY – MPC – I don’t think it is hyperbole to say the Patriots have the lowest level of talent on defense in all of the NFL

    Posted by Margo Adams | November 25, 2013, 12:02 pm

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