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Another Spygate? Texans’ Antonio Smith Suspicious of Patriots

Antonio Smith, Tom Brady

Houston Texan Antonio Smith clearly got his bell rung a few too many times during Sunday’s Patriots’ game. He claims that Bill Belichick somehow secretly spied on the Texans, which helped Tom Brady and the boys win the game in the second half. Correct me if I am wrong, but Belichick and the offensive and defensive coordinators had plenty of time to watch them play live, on the field, in the first half.

Not to mention, they had the full week of tape review before the game. Last time I checked, that was considered doing your homework. Sore loser Smith should have been watching tape on the Patriots last week. The not-so-Patriotic trend all season has been white-knuckle, gritty wins in the second half.  Get a clue, Antonio; crack a book or turn on the TV.

No Miracles Here

The entire second half, the Patriots’ bumbled their way through to a win. There were dropped balls, horrid attempts at runs, balls that were not caught, and a defense that left something to be desired, just as there was in the first. There was nothing “miraculous” about it.

The Texans defense, though strong, was outplayed. Houston’s offense scored because Patriots’ fans all watched their team play a zone defense while the Texans were playing an effective man to man coverage.  After all, the Pats won by a mere three points. This is far from voodoo. If we had magic on our side, perhaps we could get Brady to release the ball sooner as I scream at the TV, “Throw it.” Or, when Shane Vereen tries to literally run through the defenseman, he actually would do so like a ghost.

Smith “kind of silly”

Today, Brady said on WEEI that “he didn’t think much of” Smith’s comments. Rob Ninkovich felt the spying accusations were, “kind of silly,” on WEEI’s Mutt and Merloni show. The truth is something seems to click for the Patriots when they enter the locker room at halftime. Perhaps, there is something magical and miraculous about it. Then again maybe Belichick, Brady, and all the others developing plays and strategy just continued to hit the books, on Sunday, studying and analyzing their way to victory.

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  1. It’s common knowledge the Texans practice facility has been bugged by the other 31 teams. How else to explain their losing streak? Now that they’ve figured it out, maybe they’ll finally win a game.

    Posted by Alan | December 2, 2013, 10:18 pm

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