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Connelly’s Top Ten: College Football’s Greatest Day, Patriots Win, Turkey Sandwiches

1. Patriots:

The 2013 Patriots remind me of Dice K in 2008 when he went 18-3, but seemingly had the bases loaded against him every inning – how are they doing it?


* Good second half
* Not reading defenses and blitzes as well this year
* Brady’s lack of accuracy caused Thompkins injury
* Touchdown to Gronk – terrible pass forcing an open Gronk to make an amazing catch
* He keeps winning


* How about that Jim Nance run by James Develin
* Edelman as Dan Dierdorf said is a real football player
* Patriots are on pace to win twelve games without one pro-bowler on offense (maybe Solder but his game has depreciated)


* They won’t win a playoff game unless they fix the defensive line – Vellano should just lie down and at least make them jump over him
* Another average game for Hightower
* McCourty took a couple Tebucky angles

Kraft Sighting

* 2:14 of first quarter
* 13:09 of fourth quarter


* Two penalties in game – none on Patriots
* Good to see Ridley not fumble that ball on the sideline – his hat lid was broken?
* Patriots MVP so far is no doubter – Gostkowski
* How boring is it to watch a Patriot kickoff return?
* No flag on the interference on Edelman’s fair catch – big play
* Gronk won’t make it to the playoffs – again.

2. Around the NFL:

* Peyton is motivated never to visit Foxboro again – 5 TD’s
* Rex Ryan just moved closer to his new job working at a women’s shoe store (would you hire Rex Ryan to run the Patriots defense?)
* Happy for Matt Cassel to get a win (I always find it interesting when I feel bad for people making $5mm for playing sports)
* Record of Denver’s remaining opponents 16-32 / Record of Patriots remaining opponents 20-28
* Wes Welker’s last four games 18 receptions / 162 yards / 0 TD

3. Around College Football:

This weekend is why it’s the greatest sport – maybe the greatest weekend in College Football history – certainly the greatest finish in College Football history:

* If you get a chance – YouTube video of fans watching the last seconds
* Look at these games – LSU over Arkansas 41-38 / Oregon over Oregon State 36-35 / Ohio State over Michigan 42-41 / Duke over N. Carolina 27-25 / Auburn over Alabama 34-28
* Although Boston College lost they gained my admiration without their star and a hostile opponent they matched them punch for punch
* Eight team playoff would look like this: Florida State vs. South Carolina / Ohio State vs. Stanford / Auburn vs. Oklahoma State / Alabama vs. Missouri

4. Brady completion % last two minute of a half, last three years:

2011 – 62.4%
2012 – 57.5%
2013 – 47.8%

5. Season pace:

* Celtics 23% through season and on pace for a record of 30-52
* Bruins 33% through season and on pace for a record of 55-21-6
* ML Carr’s Celtics were 5-14 after nineteen games – this year 7-12

6. The amazing power of sports:

Watching the Auburn run-back is one of those really special moments in sports – other sports plays that made me stand from my chair.

* Mickey Ward – Atturo Gatti Round 9 first round
* Hagler – Hearns
* David Ortiz home run in Game 4 vs. Yankees
* Bobby Orr’s end to end goal and behind the net
* Salazar – Beardsley Duel in the Sun 1982 Boston Marathon
* Celtics – Lakers DJ hits shot to win in at Forum
* Bird’s game winner in Dallas after getting hit in the eye and seeing two rims
* Clemens 20 strike out game
* Pedro’s All Star performance
* Tebucky Jones’ return fumble TD vs . Rams that was called back (I thought I was on my way to see Elizabeth)
* Pete Sampras vs. Alex Corretja
* Ryder Cup Brookline

7. Amazing Stats:

From CBS – Patriots are 46-6 in December since 2001 – are you kidding me?

8. Old School:

Red Sox offseason after 1966:

* Managerial prospects: Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Same Mele, Dick Williams
* First thing Dick Williams did as manager – strip Yaz of captaincy / threaten to move him to 6th in line up / it was more likely that Yaz was to be traded than not
* Dick Williams said he wouldn’t be afraid to slap players

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

April 1947 – Jackie Robinson’s first appearance in Boston to play against the Braves – Boston businessman Anselmo Krigger from the West End bought over a 100 tickets and presented Branch Rickey flowers for giving Jackie the opportunity.

10. Randomocity:

* MIAA screws it up again – one of the most unique aspects of Massachusetts high school football (Massachusetts sports) is Thanksgiving games and the overseers of sports rendered them meaningless by playing playoff games before them
* Fast and Furious isn’t so fast and furious – how many kids have raced and crashed after watching those movies
* Gary Danielson about the Alabama team on the field at the end “there are no athletes on the field – just fat guys”
* I like the Tundra pick up truck ad campaign going backwards in time building race track back yard
* It’s outrageous that networks go to commercial after a touchdown and then again after the subsequent kickoff (which is usually a touchback)
* How is there even a discussion – Orr vs. Gretzky?
* Is there a hot turkey sandwich rehab center?
* Pacers on pace for 77 wins this year
* Movie this weekend Philomena with Judi Dench B+ / popcorn A+ (Dedham Community)

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  1. About Tom Brady’s completion rate, it’s hard to compare this year to 2 years ago – he doesn’t have the receivers he used to. Also, the protection is often inadequate this year compared to 2011, causing him to throw the ball more quickly than he may have planned.

    REPLY – MPC – Both fair points

    Posted by Cathy | December 2, 2013, 7:38 am
  2. So Bobby Orr’s last full season was 1976. He was 28 years old. Up to that point, he had won three MVP awards and two Stanley Cups. By the time Wayne Gretzky was 28, he had won NINE MVP awards and four Stanley Cups! So you are right – it’s not even close.

    REPLY – MPC -Gretzky is a one way player who circled the offensive end looking for loose pucks – Orr was physical, fought, the greatest skater of all time, scorer, passer, greatest defender, – gretzky might not even have been the best player on his team of 8-10 Hall of Famers – Orr had Espo – same argument as Montana and Brady – give Brady those receivers he would be at 70,000 yards

    Posted by TimU | December 2, 2013, 11:06 am

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