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Connelly’s Top Ten: Dog Pound to Get Pounded

1. Patriots preview:

QB – Weeden is 0-5 / Hoyer was 3-0
Rushing – No running back over 400 yards
Receiving – Josh Gordon was the 5th wide receiver taken in 2012 draft
Defense – They have 33 sacks, which means Brady will be knocked down at least 6 times
Kicking – Bill Cundiff has a long of 51 and is 11-15 from 30 yards and out

2.Red Sox Salaries:

Sox have no players over $15.5mm – see #4

3. College playoff predictions:

* Florida State 54-17 over Duke
* Missouri 24-21 over Auburn
* Stanford 27-13 over Arizona State
* Ohio State 17-10 over Michigan State

4. Yankees top contracts for 2014 (seven players $151mm):

* A Rod – $25mm
* Vernon Wells – $24mm (Angels paying part of deal)
* Teixeira – $22.5mm
* Sabathia – $23mm
* Ellsbury – $22mm
* Soriano – $18mm (Cubs paying part of deal)
* McCann – $17mm

5. Patriots draft picks from last 14 years and players still on roster:

2013 – 5
2012 – 4
2011 – 5
2010 – 3
2009 – 2
2008 – 2
1999-2007 – 1 (Brady)

6. Matt Young:

When Peter Gammons found out about the Red Sox signing Matt Young in 1990, he said “His history is that pressure has been cruel,” to which Young responded, “I know he’s a God of baseball….when was the last time he put a glove on?” —– he finished 3-11 for the Red Sox in 24 starts

7. Old School:

First time the Browns and Patriots played

* 11/21/71
* Score 27-7 Browns win
* Jim Plunkett 13-32 for 169 yds / 1 TD to 4 INT
* Jim Nance 62 yards / Carl Garrett 56 yards
* Leroy Kelly for Browns 113 yards rushing

8. Amazing Stats:

Cedric Maxwell shooting in 1979-1980

Regular Season 457-750 (.609)
Playoffs 59-93 (.634)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

In honor of the Nelson Mandela – Invictus facts:

* Grossed $37mm USA / $85mm Foreign
* Budget $60mm
* Nominated for two Oscars – Morgan Freeman Actor / Matt Damon Best Supporting Actor
* Celtics 8-12 / Brooklyn 5-14

10. Randomocity:

* Did you see where my favorite artist Norman Rockwell sold a painting for $46mm!
* Less than three weeks to Christmas – that’s insane
* Finally watched end of Breaking Bad – B+ finale (not gonna spoil for anyone)
* Turkey – I need my fix!

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Dog Pound to Get Pounded”

  1. Doesn’t Michigan State win either way? They lose? Rose Bowl bound, if they win, Rose Bowl bound. Big pay day for the Spartans.

    I’ll take Michigan State tomorrow night. Only negative to that game….Gus Johnson will yelling and screaming.

    Will Alabama sneak their way into the BCS Champ. Game if Ohio State and Auburn lose? They could get rewarded for not playing.

    Totally agree with you on your prediction with FSU and Duke. Noles will pound them.

    McCann and Ellsbury have combined to miss more than 250 games in the last three seasons. Is Guidry pitching for NY in 2014?

    REPLY – MPC – Red Sox off to a great start and Yankees in panic – perfect / Michigan State boring but efficient coach has done a nice job there

    Posted by Brian | December 6, 2013, 8:47 am
  2. Wilfork in 2004 correct?

    REPLY – MPC – Yep you’re right he fell off my list because he’s not on active roster but you are right

    Posted by Greg | December 6, 2013, 12:53 pm

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