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Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Stink but Exciting; Poor Gronk

1. Patriots

Gift of interference evens out the non-fumble call at beginning of game, which was a 10-point swing and changed the entire complexion of the game


* Failed to score in the first quarter six times this year
* Didn’t score a touchdown in the first half six times this year
* Failed to score in thirteen different quarters this year
* Have been shut out in three halves
* From CBS – Patriots have scored 10 points in the last four first halves!
* Brady off target with first pass to Gronk down the seam
* Brady 0-3 on passes of 20 yards or more in first half and all three receivers were open
* In consecutive plays in the second quarter– Brady misses Edelman for a TD, called for grounding, throws an interception
* The Brady fumble was Bledsoe-like and he sat their like Willie Mays getting thrown out at the plate for the Mets
* Brady yelling at Amendola after he threw the ball into the ground – what did he want him to do?
* Brady on pace to get sacked 44 times this year – most ever for him
* Yet another QB with a better QB rating than Brady – 116.8 to 91.7
* I predicted 6 QB hits on Brady and that was the number
* No hurry up?
* Why was Vereen only part of the offense in the second half?
* When Cleveland did a reverse did Josh McDaniel ask someone what that was?
* Edelman on pace for 94 receptions
* Blount is tough – Ridley not bad as a change of pace
* Crazy mid-air collision between Mulligan (Pats new #1 tight end) and Haden
* They didn’t want to make an adjustment on Gordon and double team him?
* First play of the game, Cleveland up the middle for seven yards
* Talib’s worst game as a Patriot
* Bad week for Dennard – had his prison sentence doubled and hurts his shoulder
* Did Chandler Jones dress?
Kraft Sighting – As contractually obligated
* 10:15 of the third quarter
* 1:37 of the third quarter
* End of game
Refs – horrendous
* Missed fumble call early – huge play, ten-point swing – changed complexion of game
* Missed illegal contact on Amendola
* Allowed Bill Belichick to talk them into an illegal grounding call
* The interference call at end was terrible
* Spear on Blount by Taylor
* Patriots ten of thirteen games decided by one score or less
* From CBS – first recovered on side kick in 330 games for Patriots
* Will Gostkowski get some MVP votes?
* Nice job by commentator Steve Tasker
* Good job by punters – 11 punts – 6 total yards in return
* Interesting camera angle introduced lower to the field
* There were five touchdown drives in the game that took less than two minutes
* Dennard, Develin and Gronk all left the field with injuries
* Don Criqui is old school
* Who chirps more Talib or Blount?
* Browns coach looks like Lumpy from Leave it to Beaver
* Patriots winning the Tebow way – terrible three quarters and finish strong (have to mention Tebow every week somewhere)
* Patriots win the way the Canadians used to – it tears your heart if you are the opponents’ fan
* Next week – of the seven Patriot receivers that caught at least ten passes last year – only Edelman will be on the field

2. Around the NFL

* Welker almost toast – second concussion – I wonder if the Patriots had baseline tests that told them he was becoming more and more susceptible
* In the first eight weeks Tampa and Jacksonville were 0-16; over the last five weeks Tampa and Jacksonville are 8-2
* Insane end to Pitt-Miami – Brown can’t step out of bounds on the Stanford play
* 12-7 Ravens with 2:06 left in game – game finished 29-26 in regulation
* Cordarrelle (type writer must have got stuck at town hall) Patterson running in for Vikings with TD and 45 seconds left – he should have stopped at the goal line and wasted time before putting ball in
* Detroit had SIX fumbles in the first half
* Redskins quitting
* Bad autumn for Gary Kubiak – stroke and fired
* Concussions are only part of the problem the NFL has – players are getting dragged off every 10 plays

3. Around College Football

* Washington Huskies lost their coach to USC but actually upgraded with Chris Petersen from Boise State
* Great Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma game – silly TD at end impacted the over-under
* Eight team playoffs – Florida St vs S. Carolina / Auburn vs. Ohio St / Alabama vs. Baylor / Stanford vs. Michigan State
* Weird to see Nick Saban’s team and Urban Meyer’s teams looking unprepared

4. Danny Ainge’s Best Trades

1. Garnett, Pierce, Terry, DJ White for Wallace, Humphries, Joseph, Brooks AND two first round picks (and right to switch one year)
2. Szczerbiak, Jeff Green, Delonte West for Ray Allen and Glenn Davis
3. Gomes, Green, Jefferson, Telfair, Ratliff for Garnett
4. Kendrick Perkins and Luke Harangody for Jeff Green
5. Big Baby Davis for Brandon Bass
6. Barbosa and Collins for Crawford

5. So the Yankees virtually traded Cano for Ellsbury – the two of them the last seven years:

Cano – averaged 160 games /  5 All-Star games / Top 6 MVP voting: 4 / .309  average /  Players statistically closest to – Nomar, Chase Utley, David Wright
Ellsbury – averaged 102 games / 1 All-Star game / Top 6 MVP voting: 1 / .297 average / Players statistically closest to – Shane Mack, Paul Reiser, Angel Pagan

6. Most wins between the 18 pitchers chosen number one in the MLB draft:

* Mike Moore – 161
* Andy Benes – 155
* Tim Belcher – 146
* Floyd Bannister – 134
* Ben McDonald – 76
* David Price – 71
* Kris Benson – 70

7. Amazing Stats – # of Games per TD of the greatest tight ends in NFL history (Gronk was on pace to be the most prolific tight end of all time):

Gronk – 42 touchdowns / 49 games = 1.16 (games per TD)
Gates – 86 TD / 159 games = 1.85
Carmichael – 79 TD / 182 games = 2.30
Gonzalez – 108 TD / 266 games = 2.48
Jerry Smith – 60 TD / 168 games = 2.80
Ben Coates – 50 TD / 158 games = 3.16
S. Sharpe – 62 TD / 204 games =  3.29
Russ Francis – 40 TD / 167 games = 4.18

8. Old School

In the great 1981 Eastern Finals against the Sixers, Bird averaged 27 points to Erving’s 20 (remember when Erving suckered Bird?)

9. Just a Little Bit Outside

One reason USA can’t get ahead in soccer – they keep getting screwed by world soccer – the average FIFA ranking of each group in the World Cup this June:

F – Argentina – 20
H – Belgium – 19.6
E  – Switzerland – 16.6
A – Brazil (host country and a great draw – hmmmm) – 15.3
C – Colombia – 11
D – Uruguay – 8.6
B – Spain – 8.3
G – USA – 7 (they have two top FIVE teams in group in Germany and Portugal)

10. Randomocity

* I’m liking my June 28th prediction of 40 wins for the Celtics (i.e. if Rondo comes back and they are worse that will be a sad indictment on him) – I said they are a better team without Pierce and Garnett!
* Love the piece on the Rudy soundtrack on by Alan Siegel
* With the bullying in the Miami Dolphin locker room how was that different than Kevin Garnett making Glen Davis cry?
* For $32mm Napoli can buy a shirt
* Pearl Harbor Day this weekend – the USS Arizona is STILL leaking oil
* Houses that were destroyed during D-Day were paid for by USA for re-construction – some residents billed Germany also and received double
* UMass Amherst put up 105 points on BYU Saturday night (by the way I was wrong about the BC hoop coach – he’s not getting it done)
* Tyler Seguin is on pace for 46 goals / Phil Kessel on pace for 44 goals
* Hate to be a Told you so, but I predicted last weekend Gronk would not make it to the playoffs

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3 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten – Patriots Stink but Exciting; Poor Gronk”

  1. RE Tebow: Time to let it go and move on, man.

    REPLY – MPC – Good conquers evil – he will be back!

    Posted by Alan | December 9, 2013, 9:56 am
  2. the 1981 eastern championship series was excellent. But I remember Andrew Toney owned the Celtics, First 5 games he averaged 23.4/game. 5 of 7 games settled by less then 2 points, AMAZING

    REPLY – MPC – I say that is the greatest series in Boston sports history followed by Sox-Yankees 2004 / Toney got hurt I think and it slowed him down – Birds first real big shot the banker on a Sunday afternoon

    Posted by KevinR | December 9, 2013, 10:26 am
  3. your adoration for tebow is hilarious.

    not to ruin your parade, predicting gronk won’t make it to playoffs… is that even a prediction? i feel it’s just a reality, right? like, we now know he can NOT be counted on for a full season.

    although, to always be fair and objective, anyone incurring that play would have ligament damage to their leg, no matter how indestructible he or she believes themselves to be.

    no super bowl again… reality bites.

    REPLY – MPC – Tebow for PResident / Poor Gronk 18 months of therapy if no deer antler

    Posted by tronburger | December 9, 2013, 12:13 pm

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