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Connelly’s Top Ten: Fish Squish

1. Patriots – Gronk’s injury leads to a loss very first game – 1-4 in Red Zone

Tom Brady

* A good game – B+
* Yet another game the other QB has a higher QB rating (120.6 to 85.7)
* 19 incompletions


* McDaniel D- : No screens, no reverses, no hurry up, no nothing but seam routes and slants (couldn’t make an adjustment on Dolphins taking Vereen out of game)
* Just asking with :32 seconds left in the first half and all three TD’s no attempt?
* Uggh – Amendola had that ball – for a second (Welker would get killed for that drop)
* Blount does a great job keeping his feet moving
* Does Julian Edelman go to the Pro Bowl? 89 receptions / 914 yards / 5 TD
* Amazing one handed catch by Hoo-man
* Boyce has to catch the ball with his hands


* Dolphins got down the field for TD’s with 0:32 left in the first half / 1:15 in the second half
* Hightower played a strong game until the coverage on the winning TD
* 4th and five on their own 45 yard line and the game on the line – Dolphins make play – Patriots don’t
* Thought Gregory was running around without much purpose
* Denard’s worst game – seemed to be chasing receivers all game


* 10:47 of the third quarter
* 4:07 of the fourth quarter


* Thought a bad call on Fletcher for interference
* Thought a bad non-call on interference of Hoo-Man at end of the game
* Patriots are 1-2 on interference calls deciding games – need replay on that call


Patriots outplayed Dolphins and didn’t cash in on drives – See #7 below

* First Downs – Pats 29 to Miami 20
* Total Plays – Pats 78 to Miami 64
* Total Yards – Pats 453 to Miami 378


* Better adjustments by Miami, who outscored Patriots 24-10 in last 32 minutes
* Great design by Miami on the two-yard pass to Daniel Thomas with fake reverse and pulling Dolphin the other way (hmmm creativity)
* Gostkowski’s first bad game – huge kick out of bounds (reminded me of a momentum changer by Carolina in the Super Bowl)
* Gostkowski kicked the table with his left foot – smart
* Patriots will get Ravens on short rest against after their game against cheap-shot artist Lions
* Does Vince Wilfork need batting gloves on the sideline (does he donate a portion of his contract for playing out of shape and maybe leading to his injury?)
* 84 degrees and we’re in the middle of an ice storm
* An NFL crowd looks like an episode of Cops
* Another good game for Ryan Allen – with a net over 45 yards
* Four losses by a combined 18 points

2. Around the NFL:

* Denver lets Patriots back in and they give it back
* Matt Cassel a 116.6 QB rating
* Kirk Cousins – 381 yards passing – if it is Washington’s intention to trade him, I would sit him the rest of the year (or do you keep him and trade Griffin for a top ten pick, giving you two top ten picks next year?)
* Cleveland Brown Edwin Baker has career rushing yards of 38 yards and thought he was so good after scoring a TD pointed at his name on the back of his shirt
* Colin Kapernick QB rating 87.0 / Discarded Alex Smith 85.5

3. Around College Football:

* Navy 12 in a row over Army – that’s not good
* The coin used before the Army – Navy game is the same one that President Kennedy was going to flip for the 1963 game
* Baylor’s first game this year it was 120 heat index on the field – last game was under 20 degrees – 100 degree differential
* Will Winston just avoiding rape charge have a tougher offseason than Manziel did?
* Great day for Boston College football to have Andre Williams in New York

4. Middlebrooks/Drew:

Why not take Middlebrooks at third and XB at short and save the money – Middlebrooks vs. Drew second half last year:

Middlebrooks – 41 Games / .276 average / 8 HR’s / $249,000
Drew……………….58 Games / .276 average / 8 HR’s / $4,500,000

5. Red Sox stuff:

* I feel bad for Salty who longed to return to the Red Sox, but why didn’t he take a two year deal and take a club friendly third year option – he took three years at $21mm – why not $13mm to $15mm for two years – if you can’t live off that you don’t deserve the money anyways
* Is Victorino’s contributions this year underrated in Red Sox lore?
* At one point the outfield of the Red Sox future – was Kalish, Moss, Reddick and Westmoreland – injuries and impatience
* Again remind me – when did .253 and 13 home runs became a great season turning the player into a desired free agent?
* Did I hear this wrong the other day on Felger’s show when he said that Gomes was a bad guy constantly complaining

6. The Raiders:

The Raiders since Vinatieri and Brady shoveled snow in their face – 66-126 – that’s a lot of face paint for nothing.

7. Amazing Stats:

Interesting trend of not finishing off drives this year:

First seven games – drives of ten plays or more: 16 drives = six touchdowns / 8 field goals
Last seven games – drives of ten plays or more: 12 drives = one touchdown / 6 field goals

* that’s five drives in second half of ten plays or more with no points and most of the those drive came WITH Gronk

8. Old School:

The Boston Globe following the trade for Danny Cater in which the Red Sox gave up Sparky Lyle

* Bill Lee – “Its dumb – they’ve got Cecil Cooper…or play Yastrzemski at first and Ben Oglivie in the outfield”
* Sparky Lyle – “I hate to leave” – he had just bought a house in Danvers
* Cater hit .262 and 14 home runs for the Red Sox in three seasons – Lyle won the Cy Young

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:


* Scott Boras – Karl Marx
* Terry O’Reilly – JD Drew
* Rick Pitino – Bill Belichick
* Tim Fox – Talib (quiet big stick vs. yapper)
* Coach Tom Heinsohn – Brad Stevens
* Mark Blount and Dave Cowens
* Bob Kraft and John Y Brown

10. Randomocity:

* Shawn Thornton with no prior history at all and maybe (without exaggeration) the most respected player in the league gets 15 frigging games and Matt Cooke gets ZERO for ending the career of the Bruins’ best player Marc Savard – also it should be noted that Orpik is not innocent in all of this (how many games were the refs suspended for allowing that game get out of hand?) – Harry Sinden would be going crazy right now
* Looking at how Seguin and Kessel’s games blossomed outside of Boston, why would a skilled player come to Boston?
* Right now the Celtics would have Atlanta’s 18th pick and their 13th next spring
* Driving test should include a ride through snow to see if drivers should be allowed to leave their houses when a snowflake hits the ground
* Celtics should bring Sherman Douglas into teach their guards the tear drop through the lane shot he perfected
* Funny SNL skit with depiction of Obama and the translator doing sign language behind him (is Obama out of the doghouse yet?)
* What’s more painful – Graig Nettles settling under the pop up or Mookie Wilson’s “slow roller down first”
* Great nickname – Bighouse Moore

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  1. Of course you could look at the Salty deal the other way around: why wouldn’t the Red Sox offer him 3x$7mm? That seems like a bargain.

    REPLY – MPC – They have two catchers in their program they think will make it to the bigs

    Posted by TimU | December 16, 2013, 3:25 pm

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