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Video: Milan Lucic Punched in Bar Fight After Game in Vancouver

Milan Lucic smartly kept his physical play confined to the ice after a man punched him twice at a bar in Vancouver. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Milan Lucic is a tough guy on the ice and on Saturday night he proved he’s a smart one off it, too. A local Vancouver resident punched Lucic twice in the face and the Bruin forward refused to retaliate. He knows that the only time he can legally dole out some physical punishment is when he’s donning the spoked-B on the ice.

The Bruins had just been handed a punishment of their own by the Vancouver Canucks. The 6-2 loss was the end of a brief four-game road trip that took them across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver. After going 3-1 on the trip, Lucic and some of the other Bruins went out in the Granville district following the game to blow off some steam before returning home to the Garden.

At about 3 a.m. Lucic, a Vancouver native, went to a restaurant called Mean Poutine to get the “Lucic Special.” That’s when things got ugly. According to Lucic, a customer inside the restaurant sucker punched him while he was minding his own business.

Lucic decided to leave the restaurant but the man followed and hit Lucic again. The video can tell the rest (caution: there is, not surprisingly, some colorful language used in the following clip):

Lucic was asked about the fight after the Bruins practice on Monday and he said, “I did everything I could to restrain myself and not retaliate.” Vancouver P.D. as said that no arrests were made and no chargers are pending.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who watched the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals as Vancouver fans rioted and destroyed their own city after their team lost to Lucic’s Bruins. It was a complete lack of class on display for national television.

Not shown was how Lucic’s grandparents had peanuts and popcorn dumped on their heads while they watched in Rogers Arena. The Lucic family church was also vandalized with graffiti aimed at the Bruins’ left winger.

Despite all this, he still brought the Stanley Cup back to his hometown where he was booed and even required extra security.

Well, Lucic has finally had enough. “I have no reason left to try and defend my city, and the people of my city,” he said.

Lucic also made this statement, “Other than at Rogers Arena, no one will ever see me in downtown Vancouver again.”

It’s pretty safe to say that no one in Boston is losing any sleep over Lucic’s disavowal of his hometown. And let me be the first to say that Boston is more than happy to welcome you any time you like. In fact, next time you’re out on the town (a la Mike Napoli, perhaps?), we’ll even buy you a beer rather than punch you in the face because we’ve seen firsthand what you can do if you ever do decide to retaliate.

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