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Connelly’s Top Ten: Huge Win in Poe Land

1. Patriots:


* First half: Fifteen flags, three injuries, one long replay of Amendola fumble, Twelve penalties, four timeouts,
* Second half: long replay on Ryan interception
* Missed catch by Pitta another replay
* Refs influenced three times to change calls
* Crew should be suspended

Tom Brady

* He managed the game like 2001: 14-26 / 172 yards
* Surprised he was snapping the ball with so much time left on the clock
* Brady to receivers not Edleman – 7-15 for 98 yards
* Goes home from Baltimore uninjured


* First half – Nineteen runs / 13 passes
* Second half – 15 runs / 13 passes
* Blount running with good feet and vision and determination
* Cannon’s worst game as a Patriot – got beat for two losses and two penalties
* Got a break on pass interference
* Flexed muscles on that last drive running the ball down the Ravens’ throats


* I think the difference between Spikes having a good game or not is picking the right gap to shoot
* Good push by Nickovich
* Logan Ryan with four interceptions last four games (big deflection on 4th down also) – looking like a good pick in the third round
* McCourty dropped two interceptions / Hightower one
* Gregory doesn’t push a receiver out of bounds / pass interference – isn’t Harmon better?
* Nice game by Sealver Siliga


Already without Vollmer, Solder, Wilfork, Gronk, Thompkins, Boyce, Kelley, Mayo

* Steve Gregory – too small for this game with the speed and force – leg
* Hightower – ?
* Shane Vereen – leg
* McCourty – head
* Arrington – Shoulder

KRAFT SIGHTING – As contractually obligated

* 6:36 of third quarter


* Give the Cleo award right now for the I Phone Christmas commercial in which the teenager makes the family video
* Allen is almost outkicking the coverage – amazing tackle by Slater
* Insane for Ravens to go for field goal (which they missed) down by three TD’s
* Ravens showing their true colors at end of the game with some late hits and chirping
* Over-Under was 43 – under looked great until Ravens allowed 21 points in last 2:10

2. Around the NFL

* Painful to watch Manning beat Brady’s record
* Lions losing – biggest underachievers in sports – coach should be fired now
* Red Zone is amazing
* Why was Schaub playing instead of Case Keenum in Houston
* Legit passes made by Cam Newton to beat New Orleans – Rob Ryan completely overrated slob
* Matter of time before a ref or camera man gets hit in the face by some crazy spike

3. 50 TD passes+ – Brady TD passes / Manning TD passes

Brady 2007: Moss 23, Welker 8, Watson 6, Gaffney 5, Stallworth 3, Kyle Brady 2, Vrabel 2, Faulk 1
Manning 2013: J. Thomas 12, D. Thomas 12, Welker 10, Decker 10, Caldwell 3, Moreno 2

4. Players who deserve our respect for a sincere job well done:

* Drew Bledsoe
* Mike Greenwell
* Brian Daubach
* Al Nipper
* Sam Gash
* Darren Lewis
* Gary Doak
* Randy Burridge

5. Early at bats of touted prospects in honor of Jackie Bradley’s 18-95 (.189) so far:

Scott Cooper – 1990-1991 – 16-36………(.444)
Fred Lynn – 1974 – 18-43……………………..(.419)
Greenwell 1985 – 10-31………………………(.323)
Jody Reed – 1987 – 9-30………………………(.300)
Fisk – 1969-1971 – 15-53………………………(.283)
Tim Naehring – 1990 – 23-85……………….(.271)
Jim Rice – 1974 –18-67………………………. (.269)
Dwight Evans 1972 – 15-57………………… (.263)
Nomar – 1996 – 21-87………………………… (.241)
Pedroia – 2006 – 17-89……………………….. (.191)
Marty Barrett – 1982-1983 – 11-62………..(.177)
Reggie Smith – 1966 – 4-26…………………. (.154)

6. Rooting for players on other teams:

* Jeremy Lin with Knicks
* Mark Fidrych
* Olga Korbut
* Ray Bourque with Colorado
* Other NHL teams when they were playing the Russians during their tour in the 1970’s
* Franz Klammer

7. Choo:

Shin-Soo Choo was paid the sixth highest outfielder contract in MLB HISTORY despite never……

* Making an All Star team
* Being top ten in MVP voting
* Hitting more than 22 HR’s or knocking in more than 90
* Hitting over .300 more than once
* Having total bases over 285 (Rice was over 400!)
* Winning a Gold Glove, Silver Slugger

8. Old School:

Bruins Edmonton Triple Overtime 1990 – winner no doubt would win series

* Third overtime started at 12:30 AM with Garden Temperatures soaring – Michael Madden from Globe “fans fanned themselves like characters from a Tennessee Williams play”
* Zamboni had to be refueled
* Green line ended before game
* Game ended at 1:22 AM
* Craig Janney taken by ambulance for dehydration
* Bourque played 58 minutes
* Michael Madden on Wesley’s miss of an open net “Wesley has the entire net to himself, Ranford sprawled, aiming to the top of the net with his short backhander, but Wesley’s shot goes so high that it lands — this is what I dreamed — high in the net behind left field at Fenway Park instead of high in the net behind the Edmonton goalie.”

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

On my Christmas List:

* To go back in time and really appreciate one more Bobby Orr end to end rush and a Larry Bird dagger three pointer
* For MLB to put a $125mm ceiling and a $75mm floor on payroll (with a surplus of funds going to fund Little League, high school sports in that town, etc)
* For the 2014 Marathon to go off with no problems and be the greatest day in Boston history since VJ Day
* For Bill Belichick to sign a 10 year extension
* For Josh McDaniel to run a reverse or something –have some fun with it
* For Tom Brady to be in the pocket for five more years
* Dustin Pedroia stay healthy and make it to the Hall of Fame to affirm playing the right way had a good ending
* For Jon Lester to smile more much like his closer
* For Tom Warren to stay away from the microphone
* For Danny Ainge to pull off a Red deal
* For the Olympics to be fun and not a running commercial and failed drug tests
* For snow at the Super Bowl
* For Cam Neely to pull a Harry Sinden

10. Randomocity:

* The Fighting Henry’s of Liverpool are in first place and his problem child Luis Suarez who has been suspended for both racism and biting is on fire with 19 goals
* What a great decision by David Stern to force sports coats on non uniformed players on an NBA bench
* Bowl season – the end of the Colorado State – Washington State game Saturday looked fixed
* Do you think Rich Garces would like a gift certificate the Outback Steakhouse?

PS: Heroes among us (using the Celtics theme) – In 1910, ten year old John Carley of South Boston dove into the waters of a dam in Whitman at Hobart Pond pulling nine year old Harry Dyer from below the 12-foot waters, saving his life.

February 24th – Blanket Dinner – Doubletree/Hilton near Fenway – Guest to be announced

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  1. The kid in the I phone commerical looks like a big time loner and if he’s in high school..look out. Brutal commercial.

    If the Lions hire the right coach, they’ll be a force. Stafford has loads of talent. Whisenhunt? O’Brien at Penn State? Two ideal fits in Motown.

    Somewhere Pete Rozelle is smiling. He wanted “parity.”

    Posted by Brian | December 23, 2013, 10:36 am

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