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Connelly’s Top Ten: Get Out the 2001 Playoff Playbook, Run and Brady Manage

1. Patriots:

Tom Brady

* Not one completion of Brady’s was thrown more than ten yards
* Yet another bad QB with a better QB rating than Brady – 95.0 to 68.4
* Last two games COMBINED (yes, they won both): 28-50 – 56% / 294 yards / 2 TD to 1 INT
* Passes to those other than Edelman: 5 receptions, 57 yards
* Punt not his best effort but better than Ken Walter


* Blount are you kidding me wow (I think he is pushing Ridley also)
* Edelman finishes with an amazing 105 receptions / 1056 yards / 6 TD
* Finally some kick off returning worthy of Mack Herron, Michael Haynes, Bethel Johnson and Raymond Clayborn


* Great game for Talib again – never saw him
* Another top notch game by Sealver Siliga
* Gregory doesn’t even try to wrap up on tackles


Players helped off the field

* Spikes
* Arrington
* Siliga
* Mankins – he got a needle no doubt
* Dobson

KRAFT SIGHTING – as contractually obligated

* Two seconds left in first quarter
* End of first quarter
* 12:14 of second quarter


* Again Patriots not converting drives of ten plays or more: 13 plays – field goal / 12 plays – field goal
* Buffalo 0-3 on 4th down
* Pats 8-0 at home
* Patriots were 2-2 against playoff teams
* Patriots were 0-2 against playoff teams on the road
* Patriots 5-2 with Gronk – 7-2 without Gronk
* Four fumbles, lost none
* Amendola finishes with 54 receptions / 633 yards / 2 TD – played in 12 of 16 games (Brandon Lloyd last year 74 receptions / 911 yards / 4 TD)


* Team MVP – Stephen Gostkowski – 5 of 6 touchbacks and 4 for 4 on field goals
* Blount almost picked up a taunting penalty on first TD – was spoken to by Coach Fears
* When McDaniel went to the towel late in the game – he was going for the Lawrence of Arabia look
* Spikes walk off the field after getting hurt was as slow as an Ortiz HR trot
* Some of the face painters in Foxboro had to fight off the rain all day – wow!
* Bills wide receiver TJ Graham caught a TD pass, pointed at his name on the back of shirt and talked trash to Foxboro crowd – they he goes on to the drop pass for end of the game
* Under Belichick: 1 x 16 game winner / 3 x 14 game winner / 1 x 13 game winner / 2 x 12 game winner / 2 x 11 game winner / 2 x 10 game winner

2. Around the NFL:

* What’s the odds that Chiefs kicker Succop will get death threats from Pittsburgh fans?
* Tell me that wasn’t the ultimate tease for Steeler fans – Miami loses, Ravens lose, Chiefs dominating Chargers…..
* Unbelievable afternoon for the Red Zone
* What are the odds that Brett Favre was rooting for the Bears?
* I’m not kidding when I say every Raider should donate Sunday’s paycheck to a charity
* Mantai Teo’s best game with 10 tackles
* Luke Kuechly’s first two seasons – 166 tackles / 156 tackles
* Miami only had to win one of two games against either Buffalo or Jets who had a combined record of 12-17 – they lost both
* Danny Woodhead is a stud with over a 1,000 total yards this season
* Great coaching job by Rex Ryan to go 8-8 with that team
* Crazy Green Bay TD on a fumble that no one knew was a fumble

3. NFL Season Stuff:

* Texans get the first pick and it looks like Bill O’Brien
* If I was the Cowboys and Atlanta I would trade quarterbacks (because of age Dallas would have to give a 3rd round pick also)
* Value of Belichick – Detroit’s talent level far exceeds the Patriots and Patriots had 5 more wins than Detroit
* The three best teams in the NFL are Carolina, Seattle, San Fran – all in the NFC

4. Celtics:

Celtics have lost the last five fourth quarters by a total spread of 33 points

5. Michael Shumacher:

Michael Shumacher was in 369 races and survived insane speeds and danger only to find potential death on the ski slopes

6. Riley Smith versus Tyler Seguin:

* Seguin – 19 goals / shooting percentage 17.1% / Salary Cap – $5,750,000
* Smith – 14 goals / shooting percentage 20.6% / Salary cap – $900,000

8. Old School:

Last time it rained like that in Foxboro Joe Washington went off against the Patriots on Monday night September 18, 1978 – compared to Blount

* Rushing-Receiving: Washington 94 yards / Blount 189
* Kick off returns: Washington 112 / Blount 145
* Touchdowns: Washington 2 / Blount 2
* Total Yards: Washington 259 / Blount 334
* Other: Joe Washington had a 53 yard TD pass

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Great movie soundtracks

* Braveheart
* Hoosiers
* Natural
* Grease
* Terms of Endearment
* Deer Hunter
* Saturday Night Fever

10. Randomocity:

* The Papa John commercials are Peyton Manning’s worst effort
* Not sure that the DUI message is properly delivered in a RoboCop commercial about a fictional character (unless he becomes Robo Cop because of a DUI)
* Gronk’s brother Glenn at Kansas State in the bowl game: 1 reception – 46 yards
* Remember Zach Sudfeld was the next coming of Gronk? Pre-season – 8 catches, 101 yards, 1 TD

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