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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bring on the Colts

Blanket Dinner February 24th – Double Tree in Cambridge

1. Colts Preview:

* Colts lost to the Bengals, Rams, Chargers, Dolphins and Cardinals
* Against playoff teams, including last week, they are 5-2 with wins over Seattle, Chargers, 49ers and Broncos (yikes!)
* Against playoff teams on the road 3-1
* After the Cardinals loss, owner Irsay lambasted them on Twitter, and they have gone 5-1 since
* Rushing – Donald Brown is averaging 5.3 yards a carry / Luck is averaging 6.0 (you can’t let Luck run for more than two first downs!)
* I’m worried about who can cover tight end Coby Fleener (52 receptions / 608 yards / 4td)
* I’m not sure what time the gates open but there is s direct correlation between booze and booing of Adam Vinatieri (I’m giving those dopes benefit of the doubt that they are not just stupid)
* Darius Butler 4 interceptions – the entire team only 15,  so they are no ball hawks

2. Around the NFL:

* To cover – I like New Orleans, Carolina, Colts and Broncos
* Think Pete is pumped and jacked?
* Carolina getting no respect

3. Around College Football:

* Colleges don’t care about integrity, it’s about money – Louisville hires back Petrino just two years after his motorcycle accident with a co-ed
* Quartbacks in this upcoming draft: Manziel, Bridgewater
* Again tell me why fireworks before kick off so the field is smokey is a good idea
* Did you see Tre Mason do the Heisman and point to himself after his “winning TD” with 1:19 left only to have Winston bring Florida State down the field
* By the way Mason could have ran along the goal line and wasted twenty seconds if he wasn’t so concerned about his Heisman pose

4. Around the NBA:

* Celtics are now on pace for 26 wins after losing nine of their last 10 – giving them the draft 8th pick and the 20th pick (Atlanta’s)
* Who do you root for in the Miami Heat- Knicks game?
* Only one Celtic starter is shooting over 45%
* Celtics are 25th in scoring / 21st in turnovers
* Lakers and Celtics are a combined 27-45

5. Around the NHL:

* Still can’t believe the Bruins swept the Penguins
* Detroit is 6-10 at home / 13-4 on the road
* Anaheim and San Jose are a combined 33-1 at home

6. Around other sports:

* Ronaldo salary $21mm euro / Messi $16mm euro
* Liverpool has slid to 4th
* Olympics going to be a glorified X Games?
* Ping Pong under-rated – foosh ball stinks

7. Amazing Stats:

Draft position of Patriots Defensive Starters:

Chandler Jones…….21st
Chris Jones………….198nd
Sealver Siliga………..Undrafted

8. Old School:

Patriot favorites draft position:

116 – Grogan
124 – Coates
187 – Craig James
198 – Troy Brown
199 – Tom Brady
205 – Sam Gash
214 – Lippett
215 – Mosi
232 – Edelman
244 – David Givens
342 – Ray Hamilton
374 – Sam Hunt

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Local Super Heroes – Decorated World War II vets Warren Barnard of West Roxbury who flew 110 missions in Europe and Patrick Cady of South Boston returned home in September of 1945 and joined the Boston Fire Department. Thirteen months later they both died fighting a fire at a Kakas fur store on Chauncey Street. Barnard left two sons under the age of three and Cady’s wife was pregnant – both widows were provided a $1,000 a year pension

10. Randomocity:

* Should Al Gore have to give back that Nobel Prize on global warming?
* All in the Family then Mash then Barney Miller
* With the problems in Russia – isn’t it more likely than not that there will be a terrorist attempt
* Remember the folk lore stories of pitcher Dylan Bundy throwing over 180 pitches in high school because he’s such a farm-fed bull. The Oriole is now recovering from Tommy John surgery – high school coach feel guilty?
* Speaking of that – great move by MIAA to reduce state tournament games to seven innings to protect pitchers from “old school” coaches who don’t care about their pitchers (Tim N.)

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bring on the Colts”

  1. i’m no global warming nut, but they point to these cold snaps and superstorms as evidence of global warming. some hoo haa about the caps warming, and breaking off turbulent air and precipitation, which is causing some of the increased weather we have experienced in the last few decades.

    the bobby petrino thing is so awesome and corrupt. the picture of that guy at the presser when he has his neck brace on is a classic. i have never laughed harder at a sports story.

    i hate FSU… too bad auburn D couldn’t even slow them down at end of game. mason’s father is DJ Maseo of De La Soul fame.

    i fully expect the patriots D to play well. i will be disappointed if they don’t.

    REPLY – MPC – So the tornado in Worcester in the 50’s and ’78 blizzard was also global warming?

    Posted by tronburger | January 10, 2014, 9:06 am
  2. Barnard/Cady = Greatest Generation! Makes the rest of us look like sissy’s.

    Hogan Stanford/Bortles UCF could end up better NFL QB’s than Johnny Football.

    Like Pats, Seahawks, 49er’s & Chargers.

    Referee Pete Morelli assigned to Pats/Colts.

    Referee Pete Morelli’s crew called TWO penalties during the Pats 34-31 victory over the Texans. Morelli’s crew has called an average of 10.4 penalties per game. Fewest in the NFL. Source ESPN stats & information. has tonights officiating crews for all games.

    Global Warming/Climate Change is an extortion racket.

    REPLY – MPC – Maybe Bortles if in right system – yes Global warming and green is a billion dollar business

    Posted by Margo Adams | January 11, 2014, 11:45 am

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