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Connelly’s Top Ten: Welker Picks Broncos to Super Bowl

Looked like a heartless team who was deflated after Talib was cheap-shoted – in the end they looked like they were content making it to the AFC game

1. Talib Injury:

* That was not only a pick on Talib by Welker but actually a dirty play that injured a player (should be a fine – nevermind a F-ing penalty, but instead the game completely changed)
* They don’t call that but they call that pick on Hooman, which took points off the board
* Pic plays were such a factor going into this game that Sports Illustrated wrote about it this week
* CBS refused to comment on the illegal pick, but talked about the Patriots manhandling the Colts receivers ten years ago
* When Talib goes down – Denard goes on Thomas and Logan Ryan on Decker – toast
* Halftime show on CBS didn’t even mention the Talib injury, which was the biggest play in the game
* Thomas before Talib was hurt 1 catch 29 yards / after 6 catches for 105 yards
* Last year AFC championship game – Bolden before Talib injury 1 catch 5 yards/ After injury 5 catches 60 yards – 2 TD’s

2. Brady – C-

* Missed TD pass to Edleman on the playaction
* Overthrew open Collie down sideline to set up points
* His long passes have always been bad – he throws that with too much air
* Why was he so casual in the second half and 4th quarter – huddling and standing over the line – looked like Donovan McNabb running the play clock down
* A 50/50 bomb to Slater on 3rd and 2???? He has one catch in five years!
* Patriots had EIGHT – three and outs in the two playoff games
* I have always thought Tom Brady is the greatest QB in the NFL – but there is at least 15 teams that wouldn’t trade their QB for Tom Brady

3. Wide Receivers – C

* I saw Amendola drinking a Gatorade on the bench and asked myself why – he didn’t do a f-ing thing except drop a ball
* Great year by Edelman – only comment is that he needs to know when to just go up field
* By the way get ready for the press release from Amendola’s agent about having his groin operated on and was never healthy (see Terrell Owens playing Super Bowl with broken ankle)
* Dobson non-entity / Thompkins hurt by inaccurate pass by Brady

4. Running Back:

* I would cut Ridley right now – he ran out of bounds in front of the first down marker, which led to the 4th down failure
* I know no holes but I thought Blount was slow to the line and not much fight coming down at first contact

5. Offensive Line – D

* Denver line manhandled them
* Mankins whiffs on 4th down
* No holes for running back

6. Defensive Line:

* Chandler Jones is the Jim Rice of pass rushers – gets them when they don’t count – fraud

7. Defensive Linebackers:

* Ninkovich an average player who actually gets too much attention for overachieving

8. Defensive backfield – F

* Logan Ryan threw up on himself
* Dennard not so tough now – Nebraska cops loving that toast job
* Gregory no where to be seen

9. Injuries:

* Talib – best cornerback in football this year
* Mayo – best tackler in AFC
* Wilfork – Although he showed up out of shape – he is considered an almost Hall of Famer
* Kelly – one of the best free agent pick ups in years
* Spikes – best run stopper
* Gronkowski – Best tight end in football history
* Vollmer – two time Second team All Pro

10. Coaching:

* Belichick’s defensive plan done when Talib
* Wow Josh McDaniel two play actions, fake end arounds again! Both incomplete – how about f***ing hurry up after 3 points
* At the 39 yard line and they elect to punt instead of try 55 yarder?

11. Refs:

* Not calling pic on Talib / Calling the pic on Hooman / not calling the pic on Logan Ryan and then flagging him which kept a drive alive which scored 7 points
* I’m sure it’s the rule BUT – Denver had a play with two penalties and the Patriots had one penalty and its call offsetting?

12. Broncos

* I love Manning yelling at Fox after coach called a timeout with 25 seconds left in the first half
* Ok, I get it CBS, you wanted to use the nickname Pot Roast
* Manning QB rating 118.4 – ugh
* Denver drives: 10 plays – 73 yards – 4:07 //// 15 plays – 93 yards – 7:01 //// 13 plays – 80 yards – 7:08
* Prater insane weapon (don’t even have him kick off just put the ball on the 20)
* Welker must love beating Bill

13. Stats:

* Plays – Denver 71 – Patriots 56
* Time – Denver 35:44 – Patriots 24:16
* Yards – Denver 507 – Patriots 320

14. Point swing:

* Extending Denver’s drive with non call on Welker pick and call on Logan Ryan gave Denver 7 points
* Punting the ball instead of 55 yarder / going for it on 4th down instead of 49 yarder

15. Spread in Patriots playoff losses:

* Broncos favored by 5
* Ravens underdogs by 7.5
* Giants underdogs by 3
* Jets underdogs by 9.5
* Ravens underdogs by 4
* Giants underdogs by 12.5
* Colts favored by 3
* Broncos favored by 3

16. Randomocity:

* Kraft shown with 0:52 left in the 2nd quarter – as contractually obligated
* Please have anyone in the crowd with a D or a fence put in protective custody
* Nice job by Ryan Allen 3 punts with average of 49
* Kevin Costner is actually a reason not to go to a movie at this point
* Is everyone that sings the national anthem a Recording Artist
* Lost Danny Woodhead for $1,250,000 (Steve Gregory makes $2.1mm)
* NFL Network features Michael Irvin on his Super Bowl coverage – where’s his crack pipe
* That Schwarznegger ping pong commercial better be great – he looks like a sad washed up star looking for some easy money
* Seattle and San Fran killing each other only helps Denver
* Patriots, Bruins and Celtics all lost on Sunday – Red Sox only local team with a winning streak

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7 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Welker Picks Broncos to Super Bowl”

  1. Could not agree more about that Welker play. That was clearly pass interference, and went uncalled immediately after refs called a much milder version on Pats. I saw it live from my chair, never mind replay. Where was the whistle? But Broncos probably still deserved the win.

    REPLY – MPC – After the Talib injury they deserved because they were far superior but if that doesn’t happen its 3-0 and they are 3rd and long – bummer

    Posted by vermont k | January 20, 2014, 9:13 am
  2. Belichick was absolutely bullsh*t about the Welker hit. He called it one of the dirtiest plays he has ever seen.

    It absolutley kills me to say this but .. Brady’s legacy took a hit in this game and has gone on the decline for several seasons. Manning undressed him yesterday.

    It’s frustrating that the Pats came out with that game plan/product yesterday. In hindsight, allowing 26 points against that offense on the road isn’t THAT bad. Granted, they gave up a ton of yardage – but a lot of that changed with the Talib injury. I completely blame our offense for that loss. Play calling was horrible. Ugh.

    REPLY – MPC – Brady losing his game? Lack of talent on that side of the ball and horrendous play calling all combined for a loss

    Posted by Jamie | January 20, 2014, 11:21 am
  3. Interesting write up. I think you were too hard on a lot of the like, ninkovich and jones… As much as I hate to say it, Brady lost this game he left 14 points on the board with overthrows. Bills stupid 4th down play calling didn’t help either, and of course talib’s injury had a huge impact. With talib out our offense needed to step up, they didn’t…

    Confused about this line though
    “* Prater insane weapon (don’t even have him kick off just put the ball on the 20)” Do you really not think Gotkowski could kick it out of the endzone every time in denver if that was the play?

    REPLY – MPC – Yes Gostkowski could hammer it / but it takes a whole play away from the game in Denver and many other places just serving as a border for commercials / In the playoffs Ninkovich and Chandler Jones COMBINED for 6 tackles in two games and no sacks – thanks for the reply

    Posted by Vanquished | January 20, 2014, 11:30 am
  4. Don’t understand these pick plays. Sometimes they throw a flag sometimes they don’t. That said, I don’t think Welker’s intent was to injure, just impede. But should’ve been flagged.
    The call on Hooman was ridiculous.
    NFL Referees were horrendous this year. Made the Replacement Refs look tolerable.
    Watched game with a guy who said he thought Brady was missing those deep routes due to thin air in Denver.
    Am I the only one that wishes Josh McDaniels takes the Cleveland job?
    Every player Josh brought to the Pats were a huge disappointment. Fells, Tebow, Amendola, Loyd, Hoomanawanui, Salas
    Can’t whine too much. It’s been a great run!

    REPLY – MPC – McDaniel D / Brady has played in Denver five times he should know better / NFL should release their evaluations of officials to appease fans that they are working on a broken machine

    Posted by Margo Adams | January 20, 2014, 12:52 pm
  5. for someone so cynical, you sure seem much angrier than myself, that fully expected the patriots to play well (they didn’t) and hopefully pull out a road win in the AFC championship game (so many plays left on the field).

    so now we are going to hear all this stuff about brady’s legacy taking a hit. what a joke. whether you win all the super bowls at the end (elway) or beginning (brady), it doesn’t matter. the patriots have won 3 with brady at the helm. he’s a winner, and the greatest of all time in my opinion. he’s getting up there, but i think if you switched the QBs in this game, you would have seen an even more ridiculous score.

    if the pats can win 1 before he’s done, doesn’t all that nonsense stop immediately? it’s just crazy. people don’t understand how lucky we are. to this day, no one understands how miserable it is to live in cities like st. louis, cleveland, houston… heck, even cincinatti – which makes the playoffs 3 straight years and can’t win even 1 game because of absolutely deplorable, miserable play by its QB. wake up people. you are LUCKY.

    that being said… he sucked and didn’t get any energy until the 4th quarter and by then, too late. what worries me is that there has to be some amount of tension with the coach/gm that keeps giving him mediocre talent in critical spots.

    welker went after talib with clear intent to hit him. i don’t know if injury was intent, but if you just watch the replay from the broncos side of field, it’s beyond argument he was steamrolling right for him. it should have been, at worst, a flag. given that the nfl is so allegedly concerned with player safety, he should be fined. no on suspension.

    26 points to that offense, despite all the yardage, is definitely not that bad. the pats could have easily won that game had the playcalling been better (fire mcdaniels…) and brady played even a B-type game.

    you are way too down on chandler jones (he was drafted as a project, you know that right?). give him 2 more years, minimum. i do think you’re about right with ninko – in the sense, that he shouldn’t be a top-3 defensive cog… maybe top-7. still a good player.

    Posted by tronburger | January 22, 2014, 8:25 am
  6. The *Pats lost to a better team. Whay are you making excuses for them. Manning was better than Brady. The Welker hit was totaly legal. Get over it

    Posted by Eli Manning | January 23, 2014, 2:15 pm
  7. ha, eli. that’s funny.

    Posted by tronburger | January 24, 2014, 1:41 pm

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