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Connelly’s Top Ten: Old Celts Back, Officials Ruining Sports, Villians

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1. Someone mentioned this on WEEI and it got me thinking – what do all five of these officials’ calls have in common in the Patriots season:
* The push in the back on the Jets field goal miss
* The non-call on the Gronk interference against Carolina
* The non call on Welker for a pick and then the call on Hoo Man for the phantom pick
* The interference by Cleveland on Boyce
* The interference by Colts on Edelman in the playoffs
* It shows the power of the officials as all calls favored the home team (that is a major problem)

2. Further on this subject – the more I looked into the most controversial calls in sports history AMAZINGLY they are 85% FOR the home team
* George Brett home run disallowed Yankee Stadium
* Jeff Maier steals ball for home run Yankee Stadium
* Ben Dreith roughing the passer – Oakland
* Denkinger calls Royal safe – KC
* 1980 Islanders score on off-sides giving them the Stanley Cup – In Long Island
* Kent Hrbek pushes Ron Gant off base and tags him in World Series – In Minnesota
* Coin Flip on Thanksgiving in favor of Detroit – in Detroit
* Renfro catches ball for Oilers win in AFC championship ruled no catch – in Pittsburgh
* Seahawks hail Mary against Packers with replacement refs – Seattle
* Blown whistle Cutler fumble against Chargers – In Denver
* Rice fumble vs. Packers ruled incomplete – in San Fran
* Roughing Favre to go to the Super Bowl not called – in New Orleans
Controversial Calls
* The Tuck rule – Foxboro
* Music City Miracle – Tennessee
* Immaculate Reception – Pittsburgh
3. KG – Pierce return to Boston thoughts:
* Glad to see KG touched by the sincere ovation – reminds me that he turned down coming to Boston first because of the misconception that he would be unwelcomed in a town mis perceived
* Surprised there wasn’t a video montage of all Pierce’s missed shots at the end of the quarter or game and then finish it with him dribbling out the 24 second clock and then fade to black
* Not his fault but Celtics are 0-4 in Rondo games this year
* What no video and standing ovation for Jason Terry?
* Pierce 2 for 10 / 5 fouls / 2 turnovers
* Jeff Green has a lot of Tony Eason in him (at times)
* Terrible basketball game – teams combined for 38% shooting with 27 turnovers and 41 fouls
4. Quarterbacks with the most Sports Illustrated covers:
* Brady – 19
* Favre – 17
* Montana – 16
* Manning – 14
* Elway – 14
* Marino – 9
* Aikman – 6
5. Players of great achievement not in the Hall of Fame:
* Roger Maris – two time MVP – Home Run King (still)
* Don Larsen perfect game
* Johnny Van De Meer back to back no hitters
* Ron Guidry 25-3 / 1.74 ERA – 1978
* Kirk Gibson home run
* Denny McLain – 31-6
* Scott Skiles – 30 assists
* Donyelle Marshall – 12 three pointers
* Ron Tugnutt 70 saves vs. Bruins
* Vince Ferragamo throws for 509 yards / Elvis Grbac throws for 504 yards
6. Every NBA MVP is in the Hall of Fame if they are time eligible
7. Amazing Stats – Charlie Simmer of the Kings, later of the Bruins, scored on 32.7% of his shots in 1980-1981 (56 goals on 171 shots)
8. Old School – Underrated Boston sports player – Pete Peters
* 91-57 career record
* 40 wins in a season – team record
* 2.99 goals against
9. Just a Little Bit Outside – From – top ten sports villains:
1. Ivan Drago – Rocky IV
2. Cancer – Brian Song
3. Shooter McGavin – Happy Gilmore
4. Ernie McCracken –Kingpin
5. Judge Smails – Caddyshack
6. The Judge – Natural
7. Johnny Lawrence – The Karate Kid
8. Roy Turner – Bad News Bears
9. Bud Kilmer – Varsity Blues
10. Ross Rhea – The Goon (??)
10. Randomocity
* Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts has the 39th greatest painting – The Grainstack by Monet – according to Listology
* Barbara Stevens of Bentley’s Women Basketball – one of the best coaches in town won her 900th game this weekend
* One more week to February and we are halfway to seeing those tulips that are planted along the marathon route
* Nothing like watching golf on a Sunday afternoon and dozing off
* Please let it be slush and snow and cold next Sunday night

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  1. i said the same thing about terry. i wanted to boo. of course he hit a dagger 3 last night when Cs were trying to make a game of it. stiff.

    you would say that about pierce… he looked really sad last night. like a sad snapping turtle. probably wondering why he has to exist in mediocrity anywhere but here.

    REPLY – MPC – Great trade for Celtics

    Posted by tronburger | January 27, 2014, 8:53 am
  2. Economist Tobias Moskowitz examined the home field advantage in some detail in his book “Scorecasting”. He concluded that the home field advantage in team sports is almost entirely explained by officiating. Refs tend to rule in favor of the home team.

    REPLY – MPC – Its really crazy – I read most of scorecasting – great chapter about extra time in soccer favoring home team

    Posted by TimU | January 27, 2014, 11:19 am
  3. Ross Rhea is from the movie “Goon”, an underrated hockey movie with Sean William Scott. Check it out.

    REPLY – MPC – I put it on Netflix list thanks

    Posted by Greg | January 27, 2014, 1:51 pm

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