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Connelly’s Top Ten: Pumped and Jacked, Ortiz Whines, Confederates Like Manning Not Good in Cold

Blanket Dinner 2/24 Doubletree in Cambridge

1. Super Bowl preview:

* I’m rooting for pumped and jacked over Manning – don’t want him to close gap on Brady
* Seattle needs to go Manchurian Candidate – “Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning”
* Sherman better come up big for his own sake
* Imagine Carroll’s post game speech – “gee willikers, good golley, the boys were really super.”
* Will Seattle be Napoleon and go to Russia in the winter? San Diego and Patriots proved the middle is Denver – got get to the edge
* Score with my heart Seattle 27-21 on an interception return by Richard Sherman (find out the favorite to take the superbowl)

2. Thomas vs. Pierce/KG:

Interesting visits this week Tim Thomas vs Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce – Thomas deserves the bigger hand:

* Each brought a championship to Boston
* Thomas was much more decorated
* Thomas had more to do with the championship than the chest pounder or last-second brick layer

3. What QB has had the most to work with?

Great Quarterbacks and how many pro bowlers they had as weapons:

Manning: 24 pro bowlers

Harrison – 8

Reggie Wayne – 5

Edgerrin james – 4

Addai – 1

D Thomas -2

J Thomas – 1

D Clark – 1

Dilger – 1

Faulk – 1

Montana – 22 pro bowlers

Rice – 13

Craig – 4

Taylor – 2

Tyler – 1

Clark – 2

Brady – 10 Pro Bowlers

Welker – 5

Gronk – 2

Moss – 1

Dillon – 1

Brown – 1

4. Ortiz fun facts:

* Has averaged 130 games over last seven years

* In 2012 he was accused of not working hard to come back – he played 90 games for $14,575,000 or $161,944 a game

* Who would pay him other than the Red Sox – will they bid against themselves?

* Give him two days to sign two years $25mm and to say thank you

* Oh ya – as part of the contract – for every time he complains about lack of security or extension he loses $500,000!

5. Winter sports:

* Hope Montreal doesn’t have Bruins number – that’s five in a row

* Some big losses for the Celtics losing to Knicks and Sixers moving up to the third pick!

* Balance – Bruins on pace for at least 17 goals – Krug, Krejci, Smith, Lucic, Iginla, Bergeron, Marchand, Chara

* Worst plus/minus is Soderberg at MINUS 2 (players over 25 games)

6. First-year WRs:

Some say Aaron Dobson had a good first year (37 receptions / 519 yards / 4 TD) – Great receivers first year:

Moss……..69 / 1313 / 17

Monk…….58 / 797 / 3

Rice……….49 / 927 / 3

Owens…..35 / 520 / 4

Carter……..5 / 84 / 2

7. Amazing Stats:

How come NBA Centers don’t make good coaches or get coaching jobs? Coaches below are from the list of top 25 centers (complex.com). Note Bill Russell is an outlier as he only had to motivate himself with the Celtics so those games excluded:

Bill Russell………….179-207……………(.463)

Dave Cowens………161-191……………(.457)

Wilt Chamberlain..37-47……………….(.440)

Willis Reed………….82-124…………….(.398)

Wes Unseld………..202-345…………….(.369)

Bob Lanier…………..12-25………………(.324)

George Mikan……..9-30………………..(.231)

8. Old School:

In the process of “muscling up” in 2006 for a Red Sox record 54 home runs, the 30-year-old David Ortiz suffered heart issues – he changed his “diet” and hasn’t hit over 35 home runs in the next seven seasons.

9. The Boston Globe had a cool article this week that analyzed bad guys in movies:

Classic / Idiopathic – Alex Delarge – Clockwork Orange / Anton Chigurh – No Country for Old Men / Patrick Bateman American Psycho / Roger Kint – Usual Suspects

Manipulative – Alonzo Harris – Training Day / Maruise De Merteuil – Dangerous Liaisons / Catherin Trammel – Basic Instinct / Henry Potter – Wonderful Life / Noah Cross – Chinatown / Gordon Gekko – Wall Street

Psuedospychopath – Annie Wilkes – Misery / Jimmy Markum – Mystic River / Alex Forrest – Fatal Attraction / Cal Hockley – Titanic

Macho – Vito Cordeleone – The Godfather / Tony Montana – Scarface / Colonel Jessup – A Few Good Men

10. Randomocity:

* There is a school in Boston called CASH? Community Academy of Science and Health

* High school tournaments starting soon – nothing better. Under-rated high school event – the relays at the Reggie Lewis Center

* If there is ever another Civil War again – I say we attack during a one inch “blizzard” – No wonder Richmond fell

* There are 384 Civil War battles listed on Wikipedia – From Christmas to April 1st the Union won 35 of 55 battles (.636 victory)

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  1. *Ortiz is a CHEATER

    Posted by Eli Manning | January 31, 2014, 9:26 am
  2. I’m not worried about Manning–he’ll always be second fiddle to Brady. I’m rooting against Richard Sherman and his team.

    Posted by Alan | January 31, 2014, 11:26 am

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