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Connelly’s Top Ten: Pumped and Jacked, Ortiz Whines, Confederates Like Manning Not Good in Cold

Blanket Dinner 2/24 Doubletree in Cambridge

1. Super Bowl preview:

* I’m rooting for pumped and jacked over Manning – don’t want him to close gap on Brady
* Seattle needs to go Manchurian Candidate – “Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning, Must knock down Manning”
* Sherman better come up big for his own sake
* Imagine Carroll’s post game speech – “gee willikers, good golley, the boys were really super.”
* Will Seattle be Napoleon and go to Russia in the winter? San Diego and Patriots proved the middle is Denver – got get to the edge
* Score with my heart Seattle 27-21 on an interception return by Richard Sherman (find out the favorite to take the superbowl)

2. Thomas vs. Pierce/KG:

Interesting visits this week Tim Thomas vs Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce – Thomas deserves the bigger hand:

* Each brought a championship to Boston
* Thomas was much more decorated
* Thomas had more to do with the championship than the chest pounder or last-second brick layer

3. What QB has had the most to work with?

Great Quarterbacks and how many pro bowlers they had as weapons:

Manning: 24 pro bowlers

Harrison – 8

Reggie Wayne – 5

Edgerrin james – 4

Addai – 1

D Thomas -2

J Thomas – 1

D Clark – 1

Dilger – 1

Faulk – 1

Montana – 22 pro bowlers

Rice – 13

Craig – 4

Taylor – 2

Tyler – 1

Clark – 2

Brady – 10 Pro Bowlers

Welker – 5

Gronk – 2

Moss – 1

Dillon – 1

Brown – 1

4. Ortiz fun facts:

* Has averaged 130 games over last seven years

* In 2012 he was accused of not working hard to come back – he played 90 games for $14,575,000 or $161,944 a game

* Who would pay him other than the Red Sox – will they bid against themselves?

* Give him two days to sign two years $25mm and to say thank you

* Oh ya – as part of the contract – for every time he complains about lack of security or extension he loses $500,000!

5. Winter sports:

* Hope Montreal doesn’t have Bruins number – that’s five in a row

* Some big losses for the Celtics losing to Knicks and Sixers moving up to the third pick!

* Balance – Bruins on pace for at least 17 goals – Krug, Krejci, Smith, Lucic, Iginla, Bergeron, Marchand, Chara

* Worst plus/minus is Soderberg at MINUS 2 (players over 25 games)

6. First-year WRs:

Some say Aaron Dobson had a good first year (37 receptions / 519 yards / 4 TD) – Great receivers first year:

Moss……..69 / 1313 / 17

Monk…….58 / 797 / 3

Rice……….49 / 927 / 3

Owens…..35 / 520 / 4

Carter……..5 / 84 / 2

7. Amazing Stats:

How come NBA Centers don’t make good coaches or get coaching jobs? Coaches below are from the list of top 25 centers ( Note Bill Russell is an outlier as he only had to motivate himself with the Celtics so those games excluded:

Bill Russell………….179-207……………(.463)

Dave Cowens………161-191……………(.457)

Wilt Chamberlain..37-47……………….(.440)

Willis Reed………….82-124…………….(.398)

Wes Unseld………..202-345…………….(.369)

Bob Lanier…………..12-25………………(.324)

George Mikan……..9-30………………..(.231)

8. Old School:

In the process of “muscling up” in 2006 for a Red Sox record 54 home runs, the 30-year-old David Ortiz suffered heart issues – he changed his “diet” and hasn’t hit over 35 home runs in the next seven seasons.

9. The Boston Globe had a cool article this week that analyzed bad guys in movies:

Classic / Idiopathic – Alex Delarge – Clockwork Orange / Anton Chigurh – No Country for Old Men / Patrick Bateman American Psycho / Roger Kint – Usual Suspects

Manipulative – Alonzo Harris – Training Day / Maruise De Merteuil – Dangerous Liaisons / Catherin Trammel – Basic Instinct / Henry Potter – Wonderful Life / Noah Cross – Chinatown / Gordon Gekko – Wall Street

Psuedospychopath – Annie Wilkes – Misery / Jimmy Markum – Mystic River / Alex Forrest – Fatal Attraction / Cal Hockley – Titanic

Macho – Vito Cordeleone – The Godfather / Tony Montana – Scarface / Colonel Jessup – A Few Good Men

10. Randomocity:

* There is a school in Boston called CASH? Community Academy of Science and Health

* High school tournaments starting soon – nothing better. Under-rated high school event – the relays at the Reggie Lewis Center

* If there is ever another Civil War again – I say we attack during a one inch “blizzard” – No wonder Richmond fell

* There are 384 Civil War battles listed on Wikipedia – From Christmas to April 1st the Union won 35 of 55 battles (.636 victory)

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  1. *Ortiz is a CHEATER

    Posted by Eli Manning | January 31, 2014, 9:26 am
  2. I’m not worried about Manning–he’ll always be second fiddle to Brady. I’m rooting against Richard Sherman and his team.

    Posted by Alan | January 31, 2014, 11:26 am

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