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Marlins ‘Outraged’ at Red Sox Over Spring Training Lineup


Marlins officials are “outraged” that the Red Sox fielded only one player from the projected starting nine Thursday in a Marlins home spring training game. The team plans to file a formal complaint with Major League Baseball, according to the Sun Sentinel.

In the lineup for the Red Sox were familiar faces Jackie Bradley Jr. and Ryan Lavarnway. Pitching for the Red Sox was Allen Webster, but that wasn’t enough for the Marlins, who actually MARKED UP the price of admission by $12 for field seats, by $11 for loge seats and by $10 for bleachers in calling it a “super premium” game.

In other words, the Marlins thought they’d take advantage of a big Red Sox fan base in Florida and mark up tickets for an exhibition game that means nothing.

John Farrell hopes the Marlins take a chill pill, telling the Providence Journal:

“You deal with travel,” Boston manager John Farrell said. “You deal with availability of players. You deal with what we’re trying to get done. Today is an enormous workday for our entire infield with Brian (Butterfield) back at home. We earmarked this day on the calendar to do just that. The integrity of the game and for what the fans are going to come and see, we certainly take that into account, but our team is the priority, the individual needs guys have.”

It’s even funnier considering the complaint comes from the Marlins, a 62-win team who routinely fielded a b-squad team for games that actually mattered last season.

But, it’s worth noting that MLB policy requires a team to start at least four players who either were or are projected to be big-league regulars. While the rule is rarely enforced, the Red Sox could be subject to a fine.

They actually played the game, by the way. It ended in a 0-0 tie due to rain.

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  1. You’d think the Marlins execs would have been outraged that their team only got 2 hits against minor leaguers.

    Posted by Dave | March 6, 2014, 8:58 pm

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