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Louis Corbett and the Tupac Doppelganger: The Highlight of the 2013-14 Celtics Season

Rajon Rondo helped New Zealand native Louis Corbett fulfill his dream of seeing the Celtics play, easily the highlight of the season. (Photo courtesy of Celtics official Twitter account)

Other than the merciful end of the season, there isn’t much to look forward to as a Boston Celtics fan. The Celtics are 20-41, good (bad?) for the fourth worst record in the league. Even if you fully support tanking for the 2014 NBA draft, it’s hard to revel in each additional loss that brings Boston closer to the NBA cellar. It’s soul-numbing to check the box score the next morning and pump your fist in relief that they lost. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve pretty much stopped watching the Celtics. Sorry, the development of Kelly Olynyk doesn’t quite cut it for me.

But Wednesday night’s loss to the Golden State Warriors proved the exception to the rule that is this miserable Celtics season. Even a 20-point drubbing at the hands of the Dubs couldn’t take away from the highlight of the season, which included Tupac’s doppelgänger and, most heartwarmingly, the Celtics fulfilling a New Zealand boy’s wish to see the Celtics before he loses his vision to retinitis pigmentosa.

If you don’t already know the backstory, the boy from New Zealand, Louis Corbett, had dreams of seeing the Celtics play before his condition robbed him of his sight. In a reminder that social media can sometimes be awesome, Twitter mentions helped bring his story to the attention of the Celtics, who granted his wish and brought him to last night’s game in style.

He got to meet Rajon Rondo (so maybe ease up on the BirthdayGate criticism?) —


— and was surprised with an autographed pair of Rondo’s shoes from that night’s game. The best moment of the Celtics season, by far.

A distant second in the power ranking of season highlights is Tupac’s doppelgänger appearing on the jumbotron (hologram technology has come a long way, hasn’t it?):

Tupac's doppelganger! (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)


With the game well out of hand, Tupac 2.0 was a welcome distraction from the dismal showing on the court. Naturally, the TD Garden crowd struck up a “Let’s go, Tupac!” chant, because what else is there to cheer for when your team is down by 30?

It’s moments like these that inspire me to want to watch the Celtics again. Even if it means I have to pretend to care about Kelly Olynyk making strides toward a sophomore season breakout.


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