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2014 MLB Expert Picks

This year's season kicks off a week early in Australia with the Dodgers and, appropriately, the Diamondbacks. (

The MLB season is now underway, and with plenty of big signings, trades and new contracts, it should be a great season. And we’re here to bring you our writers’ predictions for how the season will turn out. After a surprise championship season, the Red Sox aren’t as under the radar to begin this year, though the Tigers and Rays look to give them some stiff competition. The Dodgers are the only team unanimously picked to win a division, but what seed that will get them is a matter of disagreement. After a rough season for the Upton brothers, the Braves are down, but not necessarily out. There’s a good amount of variety in our picks, so anyone could win.

Scoring for the picks is as follows:

  • Correctly guessing a team to make the playoffs is worth one point, or two points instead for correctly guessing a division winner.
  • Correctly guessing the #1 seed in each league is worth five points, then four points for correctly guessing the #2 seed, and so on.
  • Correctly guessing which #1 seed will finish with the best record in the majors is worth two points.
  • In the event any of us finish tied, the first tiebreaker will be picking the team that finishes with MLB’s worst record. The next tiebreaker is MLB’s second-worst record, then third worst, then the most teams in the worst three in any order, and finally lowest combined record of all three picks.

And with that, all that’s left is to check out the picks. So check below, and feel free to comment with your choices. And check back once the regular season concludes to see how everyone did.

Name Jamie John Josh KC Nick B Nick G
#1 Tigers Red Sox Red Sox Tigers Tigers Tigers
#2 Red Sox Tigers Athletics Rays Red Sox Red Sox
#3 Athletics Rangers Indians Athletics Athletics Athletics
#W1 Rays Rays Rangers Red Sox Rays Rangers
#W2 Royals Angels Rays Yankees Rangers Rays
#1 Dodgers Cardinals Pirates Cardinals Dodgers Cardinals
#2 Cardinals Nationals Braves Dodgers Cardinals Dodgers
#3 Nationals Dodgers Dodgers Nationals Nationals Nationals
#W1 Braves Reds Cardinals Reds Reds Braves
#W2 Reds Giants Nationals Braves Braves Giants
Best Record Tigers Cardinals Pirates Tigers Dodgers Cardinals
Tiebreaker Worst
Astros Astros Astros Astros Astros Phillies
Rockies White Sox Cubs Marlins Marlins Astros
Marlins Cubs Twins Cubs Cubs White Sox

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