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Connelly’s Top Ten: Back from Writers Rehab – Opening Day and Snow on the Ground

Grady Sizemore

26.2 Miles to Boston – now available on Amazon

1. Red Sox Opener:

* Over/Under for Red Sox is 88 wins in Vegas – under would be a sad season (I will be consistent and go under)
* Red Sox were were pardoned from paying $26.5mm in salary with Dempster walking away and Drew getting misguided advice by Boras
* Great story in Grady Sizemore – get the bubble wrap out
* How would you like to be Brian Rose, who lives wondering about his unfulfilled career only to pick up the Sunday Globe and see a doll of himself and the words “Huge Expectations – Zero Results”
* Victorino over / under games 125 – Under
* I would not extend Lester (Kershaw already on DL) – Capuano will win 13 to Lester’s 16 for $18mm less
* Did I really read in Nick Cafardo’s Sunday article that Ortiz might be “kicking himself” for signing the contract extension?
* When does Ortiz ask for another extension / crash into Farrell’s press conference

2. Around the Major League:

* The entire Globe team picked Tampa Bay to win East
* Want the Yankees to spend $300mm a year and still lose
* Dodgers over under 95 wins – take under (I would trade Puig today!)

3. Celtics/Bruins:

* B’s – Eighteen games since the Olympic break 15-1-2 / Bruins haven’t lost in regulation since March 1 / won nine in a row on the road /
* B’s – Iginla 30 goals / Bergeron 27 goals /
* No Bruin will have 70 points (only Crosby will have 100 points in NHL)
* What a great hockey game the other night against the Canadiens
* Lucic two goals last 15 games – he needs to skate all the time
* Loui Erikkson not getting it done
* Celtics – losing is the only way to win (right now the 4th and 15th pick)

4. College hoops:

* How about Roxbury’s Shabazz Napier – how does he get out of town
* Who do you root for in a Calipari – Pitino match up?
* Basketball officials the worst – how can they call something that doesn’t happen
* Why is Greg Anthony on the telecast over Clark Kellogg
* Kentucky just sends two monsters crashing toward the hoop and then they clean up the offensive board – 17 offensive rebounds to Michigan’s 10
* Bad news that Boston College can’t get a legit coaching candidate to even sniff the job – when does AD Bates get concerned about his own job – He should thank Jerry York for carrying athletics

5. Contracts:

* Ortiz – The same people who are OK with the huge extension and options will be the same one’s complaining they aren’t getting free agents
* Wilfork – He showed up out of shape last year and got hurt – Ted Williams gave money back one year
* Cabrera – A bad body, drinking problem and only has two tools (granted they are great) – Detroit unemployment is 8.0%
* Trout – In a relative sense – paying him $100mm + (anyone getting over $20mm a year should have to post a bond with a bad behavior clause).

6. Bentley Women are National Champions!

* I listed Coach Barbara Stevens as one of the top New England coaches ever in Boston’s Greatest Sports Lists
* In a National Championship game – three officials tried to steal the game from the players calling FORTY fouls in a Forty minute game

7. Amazing Stat:

Johnston and Johnson – Back up goalies:

Ed Johnston – 1972 Stanley Cup 30-6-2 – GAA 2.53 / Chad Johnson 2014: 17-3-1 – GAA 2.04

8. Old School:

Facing a weather crisis a week before opening day in 1967, the Red Sox called upon the Marines and Navy to lay 90,000 square feet of sod

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

Remy and the N word

* Jerry Remy – The fact that he played any role in his son’s horrific spree of animal behavior – he should announce today that he will only commit monies to his son’s defense if his son takes responsibility immediately and pleads guilty – anything less than that should compel NESN to demand his instant removal
* Let me get this right – the NFL and the “white” owners and “white” commissioner try to outlaw the N-Word – the most abrasive word in African American history – and somehow Michael Wilbon and others feel that that is racist – crazy world we live in. Harriett Tubman is rolling in her grave while rednecks laugh all the way to the still.

10. Randomocity:

* Separated at birth – Carol Vadinas and Brian Fantana from Anchorman
* I would make Johnny Manziel top pick – there is no reason to think he isn’t going to be magical
* Batkid is still alive – thank you!
* Court cases coming up over the next year or so – Aaron Hernandez, Marathon bombing, Jared Remy
* In February of 1884 – Teddy Roosevelt lost his 48-year-old mother from typhoid and then walked up stairs and lost his 23-year-old wife from kidney disease two hours later

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2 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Back from Writers Rehab – Opening Day and Snow on the Ground”

  1. Nice to have you back Mike! Reading your Top 10 is a great way to start the week!

    Posted by Golden Eagles | March 31, 2014, 7:46 am
  2. for me, lucic has actually had his most consistent season. even in the month of march, he tallied 3 goals and 8 assists while also leading the team in hits for month. he registered 2+ hits in every game except 2 in the month. he’s also top-6 in NHL in hits on season.

    don’t forget – while lucic had those numbers, his linemate iginla lit it up for pretty much the entire month.

    i see far less loafing on a daily basis from him, and i credit that directly to iginla.

    how does the situation with NESN and Sox resolve re: Remy? they can’t fire him… wish they could. that article in the Globe was sickening.

    Posted by tronburger | April 1, 2014, 10:30 am

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