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Photo: David Ortiz Takes Selfie with Obama, But Was It Staged?

David Ortiz snagged a precious selfie with President Barack Obama - and Samsung seems to have made it even more worth his while. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

If a regular, everyday picture is worth a thousand words, what is a #selfie of David Ortiz and POTUS Barack Obama worth? 2,000 words? 10,000 words? Several Bill Simmons mailbags? Mastercard priceless?

Well, maybe not exactly priceless. It seems as if Samsung might have had a little skin in the game after signing a deal with Ortiz and setting him loose with its Galaxy Note 3 when the Red Sox visited the White House as defending World Series champions. (And no, sadly Samsung did not have any deal with me for their product placement here.)

Still, the image is incredible and never in its wildest dreams could Samsung have hoped for their inevitable retweet to include the words “selfie,” “Big Papi,” and “@BarackObama” all in one. I mean, just look at it!

How glorious is that? Some may quibble with Ortiz’s poor framing (he couldn’t get a smidgeon of the last “a” in Obama???), but it’s pretty perfect as far as #selfies go: radiant smiles from its protagonists, manager John Farrell squeezed right in between them, Koji Uehara and his epic third grade bull cut, Mike Carp looking pretty sharp in the back row.

Also, how lucky is Jackie Bradley Jr.? I’d say the West Wing and a bit part in the Big Papi selfie is a pretty significant upgrade over Pawtucket, wouldn’t you?

But was Ortiz’s selfie (one of many on the day) even the best picture of the day? I think Jonny Gomes and his American flag jacket may have something to say about that…

Which picture do you prefer?

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