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Connelly’s Top Ten: Masters, Sox Struggle, Liverpool Getting Closer

1. Red Sox

* Don’t like Grady Sizemore’s fluorescent batting gloves – that’s for Seattle where pot is legal

* Victorino has played in 122 of 175 possible regular season games (70%) – that is Drew-ish

* Why is Carp, with 2 career stolen bases, stealing yesterday in the 7th down 6-4 with Napoli on third?

* I think the Dubront experiment should come to an end

* Pedroia, Uerhera, Middlebrooks and Victorino all hurt – not a good start (Vegas knew something at 88 wins)

2. Masters

* What Dixie car is Bubba gonna buy now

* Previous winners that made the cut – Couples, Mize, Langer, Weir, Olazabal, Watson, Scott, Singh

* Masters without Tiger is swim suit issue with just sand / Sundae without ice cream /

* Jim Nantz practice his quiet voice

3. Celtics – Bruins

* Hats off to Bruins and “Clode” amazing run – playoffs will be fun – Detroit ugh

* Two costly wins for the Celtics this weekend – could put the program back another year

* Bergeron amazing 12 month run – with his gutsy playoff run / Olympic gold / 30 goals

* Bob Ryan spoke of this – Jeff Green 14 games this year with less than 10 points / 10 games over 25 points

4. Never won the big one:

MLB – Mariners, Astros, Tampa, Brewers, Padres, Rockies, Rangers

NHL – Ottawa, Columbus, Washington, Vancouver, Phoenix, San Jose, Winnipeg, Nashville, Minnesota, St. Louis, Florida

NBA – Cleveland, Toronto, Nets, Indiana, Charlotte, Atlanta, Pelicans, Memphis, Sacramento, Phoenix, Clippers, Utah, Denver, Minnesota, Oklahoma

NFL (Super Bowl) – Bills, Eagles, Lions, Vikings, Bengals, Browns, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Panthers, Falcons, Chargers, Cardinals, Rams

5. Baseball salaries – Forbes Magazine

1. Ryan Howard – $25mm //// .220 avg

2. Cliff Lee – $25mm //// 5.50 ERA

3. Joe Mauer – $23mm /// .267 avg

4. Robinson Cano – $24mm /// .316 avg

5. Price Fielder – $24mm /// .159 avg

6. Zack Grienke – $24mm //// 2.76 ERA

7. Albert Pujols – $23mm /// .239 avg

8. CC Sabathia – $23mm /// 6.63 ERA

9. Miguel Cabrera – $22mm /// .250 avg.

10. Mashiro Tanaka – $22mm //// 3.21 ERA

6. What athletes were must watch TV:

Tiger, Fidrych, Pedro, Michael Jordan, Jeremy Lin, Hershel Walker at Georgia, Ali, McInroe, Nolan Ryan, Bo Jackson

7. Amazing Stat:

From reader Top Cat – Derek Jeter in 1993 at Greensboro – 137 games – 65 errors

8. Old School:

Why I have turned into an old foggie

* When I’m offended (the other team isn’t) Red Sox slugger David Ortiz managed to set a new record for slow on Wednesday evening by taking 32.91 seconds to round the bases

* The three point has stolen offense from the game

* Replays take away from the flow of a game

* I’d rather not watch 3-hour baseball games (never mind 4 hours)

* I wonder why track and field is just an Olympic watch (the end of Wide World of Sports)

* I long for the game of the week and not a game every week

* It was more fun listening to games on the radio

9. Just a Little Bit Outside:

I want to kiss you:

With Kapernick being accused of sexual assault – other QB’s accused or guilty of such crime:

* Florida State – Jameis Winston

* Pittsburgh –  Ben Roethlisberger

* University of Montana – Jordan Johnson

* Yale – Patrick Witt

* Texas – Case McCoy

* USC – Mark Sanchez

* USC – Matt Lienart

* Kansas State – Ell Roberson

10. Randomocity

* Hockey champions – Union College has an enrollment of 2,200

* Whats the story with Logan Airport parking maybe going up to $30 a day – robbery

* Whats the ramifications for officials / umpires that get calls wrong and are reversed by replay

* TV excellence on Sunday night – 8:00 Amazing Race / 9:00 Game of Thrones / 10:00 Mad Men

* Pujols, Cabrera, Ichiro – career average .320 / .320 / .319

* Cool scene prior to Liverpool game when the crowd sings Never Walk Alone

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  1. Rams beat the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, when Kevin Dyson was tackled a yard short of the end zone as time expired.

    Posted by Brian | April 14, 2014, 7:35 pm

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