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Photos: Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork Hanging Out and Looking Fine at Kentucky Derby

Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork looking fashionable at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby. (Photo courtesy of NESN and @KyDerbyJay)

Ah, the perks of being a professional athlete!

No, I’m not talking about the fame, or the fortune, or the ability to turn both into an annual vacation to Churchill Downs as a guest of some famous horse breeder/owner.

Whether it’s NBA players walking into the arena (Exhibit A: Westbrook, Russell), baseball players being hazed as rookies (Exhibit B: Rays, Tampa Bay), or Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork going to the Kentucky Derby, being able to wear whatever the hell you want and call it “fashion” is definitely an overlooked bonus of playing in one of the Big Four sports leagues. How else do you explain the straw hat perched on Brady’s head, or Wilfork’s matching aquamarine shirt and pants cuffs?

A few reactions to what just unfolded before our eyes:

  • Could Tommy Boy look any more awkward and white in those photos? I feel like that’s something I would have worn to a college dorm party after a Saturday afternoon trip to Goodwill. Excepting the fact his hat and sunglasses probably cost more than the entire floor of said Goodwill store.
  • No Gisele sightings, apparently. In light of this being a horse race track, what sort of odds do you think I could get that Brady would dare wear such an outfit in Gisele’s presence? I’d say tho outfit would be the Wildcat Red of the Kentucky Derby field, at 15 to 1.
  • That is the outfit I picture Wilfork wearing when he’s in Heaven Above. (He’s clearly going to Heaven, if only because Bill Belichick obviously will be sweating through his tattered, sleeveless hoodie in Hell.)
  • Props to Mrs. 75. Not a lot of ladies can pull that hairdo off. I guess categorize that under the perks of being married to a professional athlete?
  • This is what they wore the day BEFORE the Kentucky Derby. What does the actual Derby Day hold in store for us fashion-wise? I’m not sure how Wilfork can top the coordinated aquamarine paired with the angelic white pants, collar, and shirt cuffs, but if Brady’s past Derby outfits are any indication, I can’t wait for the Twitterverse to reveal what the two Patriots end up wearing the actual day of the Kentucky Derby.

(h/t and CBS Sports)

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