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P.K. Subban Deserves Our Respect After Racist Tweets

Montreal Canadien P.K. Subban does not hold Bruins responsible for rascist tweets,

If you’re a fan of the Boston Bruins, chances are that you don’t have many kind things to say about Montreal Canadien P.K. Subban. But, after rising above some idiotic comments made by some idiotic people Subban deserves at least a slight hat tip from Boston fans and residents alike.

Ever since joining the Canadiens in 2011, Subban has been a thorn in the Bruins side. Whether it was his flopping all around the ice like a fish out of water trying to secure a penalty or his above average ability as an offensive weapon from the blue line he just seemed to rub Bruins fans the wrong way. Dislike for Subban is only heightened by the fact that he plays so well for the rival Canadiens.

In the NHL the playoffs, take everything to the next level. This is probably why when Subban scored two goals, including the game-winner in double overtime, in the opening game of the Bruins and Canadiens round 2 matchup, Boston fans were ready to eviscerate him.

True fans of the team were upset and added another feather to the “why I don’t like Subban” cap, but there were others out there that went waaaay over the line. Fans, and I use the term very lightly, went on Twitter and started posting racist, ignorant, rash comments that not only reflected bad on the Bruins but on the city of Boston as a whole. False reports even started to surface that the n-word was trending in Boston.

The comments were so bad that team president Cam Neely, coach Claude Julien and even the Boston mayor made public comments condemning those who would say such things.

Lucky for Boston fans, Subban is actually a class act. And take it from this Bruins fan that writing that was no easy feat. When asked about the tweets, Subban said that he doesn’t blame the Bruins organization or its fans. He added, “They have passionate fans here, a great fan base and since I’ve been in the league it’s been awesome. I’ve come to Boston many times, my family has come here, and it’s been great.”

So as for me, I’m willing to tip my hat to Subban and say thanks for being able to separate the d-bags from the real fans. Now, I hope that your team loses and that you play miserable for the rest of the series. However I do hope that your brother Malcolm, currently with the Providence Bruins, goes on to a very successful career.

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