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Connelly’s Top Ten: Habs Might Be a Diving Team – Bruins Are Figure Skating Team

Bruins, Canadiens


* I’d go with Johnson right now
* Tuukaa gave Subban the whole net on a basic breakaway
* Canadiens have scored 10 goals in three games
* Ton of rebounds being left
* Two breakaways – two goals


* Boychuck shooting into defenders pads all the time
* Amazing tip by Bergeron
* In the playoffs would you rather Horton on Iginla?
* Iginla, Krejci, Rielly Smith and Campbell combined for two shots!
* Krejci again underachiving for his talent level – no goals – won 4 of 14 faceoffs
* Bruins are 0 for last 35 on power plays against Habs

Officials and NBC

* NBC coverage – got the JV team
* Eddie Olczyk hates the Bruins – everything was slanted Habs
* When Chara got slashed on the hand and had to miss part of the first period – it was nothing – no call -no “refs missed that one”
* Biggest call of the game was a slash to the face of Krug by Gallagher which drew blood with no call with 4 minutes left in the game- NBC laughed about it
* Gallagher has to be dealt with
* Was that not a knee to knee hit on Marchand in the first period?
* Is that goalie interference on Sodenberg if Price is five feet out of the crease?


* Inexcusable that the Habs had 36 hits to Bruins 34 hits – inexcusable
* Why doesn’t Thornton take some one on at the end of the game as opposed to letting the official manhandle him while Campbell has two guys on him?
* I hate to sound like Don Cherry but too many Europeans on the Bruins – crazy watching them glide into Habs in the corners – if I see Ericksonn throw on the brakes one more time before entering the corner I’m going to go Poltergeist on the TV
* Marchand and Boychuck – ZERO hits in the box score!
* They miss the toughness of Sidenberg and Horton right now


* The next fan that bangs the glass – I hope it shatters all over them – idiots watch the game tough guy!
* Clode has the best record in the league and doesn’t make it in the top three for Coach of the Year?
* 4th line is really struggling
* At least the fans didn’t boo the national anthem – wait to Game 6 – I guarantee it
* The woman who sang the Canadien national anthem was horrendous – worst rendition I ever heard


* The sudden love-fest by Boston fans (and Mike Felger) is insane – a combination of crazy contrarian Felger and white guilt making this weasel, no-guts punk all of sudden Paul Coffey – should be targeting him every time he touches the puck the way Buffalo did with Bourque.
* Ya idiot racist who don’t represent the city wrote stupid things – doesn’t mean that he is an honorable player
* Ya his father bought a diving shirt – doesn’t mean that his actions are consistent with Boston fans and the traits they like in a player

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