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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Let Down City!


* I have never seen bounces go so one way in a seven game series as the own goal off Chara proved. The Bruins allowed the Habs to dictate tone, pace, style of play the whole series – that falls on Clode. Its time for a complete overhaul.


* I’m not going to say Grady Little – but Clode got his lunch money taken.

He was so focused on not taking penalties that they Bruins played in neutral the whole series. He was never bold, never did anything to truly change the complexion of games or series and didn’t have the guts to sit a Marchand or Lucic or Rask or Thornton who does nothing for embarrassing the team with his water bottle. Average job. Dan Duquette would say in first place for more days…… but the Habs will be favored to beat the Rangers and now I have to root for the Blackhawks and Kane unless he is beating up a taxi driver again


* Lucic ZERO shots in TWENTY-ONE Shifts
* Someone call MIT and find out how its geometrically possible for Marchand to lift the puck over the net from inside the crease (choke!)
* I guess Krejci didn’t explode as he predicted – twelve games / no goals (by the way two of his four assists were on empty net goals)
* Krejci hasn’t scored in last NINETEEN playoff games
* Marchand hasn’t scored a goal in last TWENTY playoff games (98.5 fm)
* Campbell zero shots yet again – he has a lifetime pass though
* If I watched one more Bruins be in the slot and pass the puck back I was going to
* A desperate push forward Bruins team only had 8 shots on net
* Krejci, Marchand, Thornton, Campbell were 0-79 shooting
* Krejci and Marchand had 351 shifts in the series and never scored


* Bartkowski can’t come back – horrible
* Miller has a problem getting the puck out of his own zone
* Your going to find that Chara has a broken bone in wrist and the HABS (Pacioretty) were targeting it
* Denis Sidenberg a lonely Bruins Nation turns its eyes to you
* He is 7-8 in his last 15 playoff games – should have sat him for one
* Didn’t feel like he was sharp – didn’t track the puck on that first goal
* Where are the Rask fans now – that wasn’t TUUUUU I was hearing

OFFICIALS (We got Ben Drieth-ed)

* Where is Harry Sinden when you need him – Game 7 and the Bruins get hosed in their own building – And Clode doesn’t go crazy – he should have thrown a water bottle or grabbed a stick and banged the boards – something
* Penalty on Marchand for goalie interference should have been on the Habs
* Penalty on Marchand for spraying ice – as NBC said – its Game 7 are you kidding me
* No Penalty on Rielly Smith getting mugged in front of the net – when they should be looking for reasons to make up that bad first call!
* They decide to let everything go in the third period and then allow Boychuck get called for interference thanks to a triple lindy by the Habs
* Meaningless call on Markov late to try to even up calls


* F-ing Fired! Are you kidding me this day and age that they can’t do their only freaking job and produce a quality ice surface for Game 7 that the best players in the world are skating on – if I failed so badly at work they wouldn’t fire me I would quit
* Second game in the post season that saw bad conditions


* Did Bob Barker have the Bruins Spayed and Neutered because they floated around the ice disinterested letting the smaller team take it to them
* You needed to force the issue early in the series and games and force the issue – so what if you took an extra two minutes – Bruins hockey not Habs hockey – watch a Hagler fight one time
* Virtual flag football – that wasn’t Bruin’s hockey – Jay Miller is pissed somewhere
* Weise went right up to Lucic and flexed his muscle in his face (in his face!) and got no response
* Bruins docile play didn’t influence officials 74 penalty minutes to 62 for Habs


* You would have to give Chiarelli a C- for this year – Habs got Vanek they got really nothing (St. Louis, Callahan and Gaborik were available and he got none)
* I move Rask because he has value and you have quality goalies in Providence
* I allow Thornton to go home with his water bottle
* The Marchand and Lucic act has run its course
* Cut Bartkowski


* Bruins 16 giveaways to 7
* Habs 10 takeaways to 4
* Series shots – Bruins 235 to Habs 195


* Has anyone found Kelly yet
* Did you see at the end of the game Price was squirting water on his teammates mocking Thornton
* NBC is pissed – the Habs are boring to watch
* I thought one of the best skaters for Boston all night was the squeegee guy – no one could touch him
* Sequin is going to have a good night enjoying this loss
* For guys making millions of dollars to not commit themselves to the cause 100% is unacceptable – not blocking shots, not taking the body, not impacting the games, floating around the ice – inexcusable and it was tolerated and allowed (Clode went nutty during one practice and change the lines around – that’s great for Wilmington)
* Providence Bruins are still alive

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5 comments for “Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Let Down City!”

  1. i agree on the huge letdown and lack of fight. but rask and lucic aren’t going anywhere. brad marchand… maybe. who would take him, though?

    the Bs will live to fight another day, and maybe next time with more oomph.

    what really depresses me is that it is still over 2 months until training camp even begins for the pats. i can’t watch baseball, anymore. what to do???

    REPLY – MPC – Check out the backup’s numbers its the system not Rask – I move him because of perceived talent – baseball is boring!

    Posted by tronburger | May 15, 2014, 8:15 am
  2. Sorry but Miller is not bad compared to Chara not clearing pucks out of his own end. I cringe every time Chara touches the puck in his own end and he has pressure on him.
    I have been making this statement for a while. This series I focused on Chara and he was absolutely putrid. He gives up more pucks than anyone.

    REPLY – MPC – Chara not the same player but for five games he did shut down Pacioretty

    Posted by Bill B | May 15, 2014, 8:48 am
  3. Could not agree more with your Lucic/Marchand analysis. Both calls on Marchand were bogus, but were made because he’s a reputed punk. I find it impossible to like Marchand and he’s on the only team in the NHL that I like.

    I’m tired of the “Lucic is a tough guy” thing as well.

    I liken it to some DB in football who makes a tackle after getting dragged for 5 yards and giving up a first down, then getting up and dancing and posing.

    What Thornton did was stupid, but at least when he’s on the ice he’s always trying.

    Totally bummed that the season is over. I admit that I’m one of the people who only gets real invested during the playoffs, but it is a blast watching the Bs go all the way to the finals.

    REPLY – MPC – Me also I don’t watch to the playoffs but I love it and do – now weeks of watching three hours Red Sox games – ugh – Lucic was tough in the hand shake line though

    Posted by David H | May 15, 2014, 9:13 am
  4. Untalented bunch of dirty hacks. If the Bruins were playing the Space Jam Monsters, I would be footing for the monsters.

    Posted by El Presidente | May 15, 2014, 9:16 am
  5. Untalented bunch of dirty hacks. If the Bruins were playing the Space Jam Monsters, I would be rooting for the monsters.

    REPLY – MPC – I disagree with you – they are likable and in general work hard and easy to root for but they weren’t the same hungry team this year

    Posted by El Presidente | May 15, 2014, 9:17 am

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