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Connelly’s Top Ten: Bruins Embarrass to the Last Drop

1. Bruins epilogue

* Thank God I didn’t know that Lucic put the tough guy act on in the handshake line. Are you kidding me? Stop embarrassing yourself! You didn’t get one shot on net and failed to do one thing to change the series and now you get tough!! Good bye. Cam Neely must get infuriated when his name is linked to a guy who is an
* Rask fans don’t get carried away about him – look at the back up goalies over the last two years – it’s the system (is he still sick – missed a pretty big game in the Olympics)
* The picture of the punk Hab fan on the Bobby Orr statue is one of the most offensive you could imagine as a Boston sports fan

2. 194 pitches?

The coach that allowed high schooler Dylan Fosnacht throw 194 pitches this week should have to lie next to him and have his elbow cut while the kid has his

3. Red Sox:

* 20-20 this is who they are: 13-13 in April / 7-7 in May
* Mr. Ortiz there is a Federal Express package here for you
* The averages of the bottom eight Red Sox today in the lineup at the end of the game– .184 / .255 / .238 /.268 / .243 / .171 / .203 / .205
* Buchholz got his ERA down to 6.17

4. Patriots Draft:

After drafting Aaron Hernandez shouldn’t the Florida Gators be off the Patriots list?

5. NBA

Is Wes Unseld still on the Washington Bullets?

6. Ray Allen

Allen scored 701 points this year – he needs 495 next year for 25,000 – that would be the fourth players to score 25,000 points and one time to have played for the Celtics (Havlicek, Pierce, Garnett)

7. Old School

Lowest batting averages for Red Sox with at least 2,500 at bats for the organization:

* Hobe Ferris – .237
* Everett Scott – .246
* Rico Petrocelli – .251
* Heinie Wagner – .251
* Jason Varitek – .256
* George Scott – .257
* Rich Gedman – .259

8. Amazing Stat:

Bruins won 54 games this year – since the 1972 Stanley Cup – the Bruins have won at least 50 games seven times, all resulting in only two visits to the Stanley Cup finals – both of which they lost

9. Over-rated TV growing up:

* Lost in Space
* Banana Splits
* Bewitched
* Adams Family
* Little Rascals
* My Three Sons
* Tom and Jerry
* Gomer Pyle
* Green Acres (border between good and average)

10. Randomocity

* Bruins lost

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